Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 19 - Write Off Whatever Happened Before This

Chapter 19: Write Off Whatever Happened Before This

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Everything that happened during the past two days felt unreal to her, as though she had been in a dream. But the physical pain reminded her that everything was real!

Su Qianxun’s cell phone rang and she quickly whipped it out. When she saw the incoming call displayed on the cell phone, her beautiful eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Su Qianxun did not want to pick up the call at first. However, after she thought of her current predicament, she had no choice but to answer it, “Hello, manager.”

“Su Qianxun, do you still want your job? You skipped work for two days without even applying for leave! I’m telling you, if you don’t want to work, there are many more people out there who want this job!”

Su Qianxun knew that her manager would be roaring like a lion, so she already held her cell phone a little farther away from her ear in advance. She waited for him to finish shouting before she placed the cell phone back against her ear again. “I’m so sorry, manager. I had a family emergency over the past two days. I really didn’t do it on purpose!”

“If you still want to work, you better get your butt over here right now! I’ll give you half an hour. If you’re still not here by then, you’re fired!”

The manager hung up. Su Qianxun felt a slight urge to cry as she lowered her cell phone. She tightened her grip around it. ‘No matter how horrible things are, life must go on!’

She had no choice but to endure and persevere.

On her way, Su Qianxun called Gu Mian several times but no one picked up. She was rather worried as she lowered her cell phone. ‘What on earth happened to Gu Mian?’

Su Qianxun reached her workplace, MG Club on time. The moment she arrived, she prepared to change into her work attire to start working.

“Su Qianxun! You still know your way back, huh?” The manager walked over with a very displeased look on his face.

“Manager, I’m not late.” Su Qianxun felt rather upset as she held her work attire.

“Do you think that everything’s fine just because you’re not late today? I can’t write off the fact you were absent from work for no reason just like that.” The manager had a righteous look on his face.

“What can I do then?”

Su Qianxun was currently attending university, and she still had to raise her younger brother. Plus, there were her living expenses along with her younger brother’s medical bills. The salary of this job was comparatively higher than those of her other jobs, and she could not afford to lose it.

“Boss Zhou will be coming tonight. You’re aware of how difficult it is to satisfy him. He’s liked you for quite a long time, so go and accompany him for a while. As long as you’re able to please him, I’ll just write off whatever happened before this. I’ll also pay you triple the money, how about that?” The manager finally switched to a cheerful expression.

Su Qianxun was filled with anger. Boss Zhou was an infamous old pervert, and whoever accompanied him was always met with a terrible fate!

“It’s also fine if you don’t want to go. Just get your paycheck and leave!” The manager put on a fearsome expression again.

Su Qianxun clenched her teeth and agreed, “All right, I’ll do it!”

“Ah, that’s the way to go. Quick, go and change your outfit. Just choose whatever you want from those pretty clothes over there.”

“There’s no need. I’ll just wear whatever I’m wearing,” Su Qianxun refused flatly.

Those clothes were prepared for the ‘escorts’, whose jobs were specifically to accompany clients. Even though she felt that no one occupation was nobler or lowlier than another, she was not used to wearing clothes that had been worn by others before.

The manager sized up the clothes on Su Qianxun—it was a long black dress. It was definitely a little conservative, but with her lovely face that was enough to make all the men in the country swoon, why would Boss Zhou care about what she was wearing?

In front of those old perverts, regardless of what she wore, it would be as if she was naked!

Compared to when she first started working, the young woman’s beauty had increased by many folds. Her prepubescent body had matured too. Despite her still thin frame, all the parts that mattered had already bloomed.

Her face was especially beautiful. Even though her features were exquisite and enchanting, they were contrasted by a pair of pure eyes. From her eyes to her aura, she looked so pure that anyone who saw her would be fond of her.

It was no wonder that so many clients had lusted after her for a very long time. The manager thought about the possibility of Boss Zhou deflowering the young woman that night. She would then become his cash cow in the future. After that, he could ask for as much money as he wanted from the clients who wanted to sleep with Su Qianxun!

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