Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 20 - Did Someone Crank Up the Air Conditioning Again?

Chapter 20: Did Someone Crank Up the Air Conditioning Again?

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Su Qianxun could clearly see the greed in the manager’s eyes. It seemed like she would not be able to keep the job anymore.

However, she needed to hang in there for a little longer regardless because she had to get a new source of income before she could quit her current job.

She could only brace herself to face whatever that night would bring.

Su Qianxun made sure that she was mentally prepared before she opened the door and entered the lounge. Even though she had been working there for two years, she still could not get used to the environment.

In the lounge, every man was accompanied by one to two women who were dressed in revealing clothes. Those women were flirting intimately with the men and playing R-rated games with them.

Su Qianxun drew the attention of everyone inside the lounge the moment she showed up. There was a moment of silence in the previously-noisy lounge.

The young woman looked eighteen or nineteen years old at most. The black dress made her look even frailer, and her waist was so slim that it seemed like it would snap if someone touched it.

Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail, and a few strands of hair fell by her ears. The wind from outside the door swept those strands of hair onto her face. Not a trace of makeup was on her small, bare face, and she looked like an elf: clean, pure and beautiful…

Su Qianxun felt as if she had walked into a world she did not belong to at all. She did not realize how big of an impact her appearance made on the men in the lounge. They were all frequenters of red light districts.

As soon as she entered the room, Su Qianxun sensed an unusual gaze falling upon her. It subconsciously made her want to flee!

She knew that the gaze was coming from the corner of the lounge. However, the lounge was a little dark, so she did not dare to look around. She was extremely anxious because of the intense, oppressive gaze, which made her feel like she was suffocating!

“Qianxun, you’re finally here. Come and sit next to me.” Boss Zhou’s eyes brightened once he saw her. The young woman was so beautiful that he felt a trickling sensation below his abdomen just by looking at her.

Su Qianxun could only brace herself and walk towards him. That gaze followed her very closely as she walked, giving her the sensation of someone holding a knife against her back.

There was already a woman accompanying Boss Zhou. He pushed the beautiful woman away and asked Su Qianxun to sit beside him.

Su Qianxun still kept a distance from Boss Zhou when she sat down. But the moment she sat down, Boss Zhou eagerly put his arms around her.

That aside…

Why did everyone in the lounge find that the place had become a few degrees Fahrenheit colder? Did someone crank up the air conditioning again?

Tang Zui looked at the man next to him with caution. Long Sijue was holding a beautiful crystal glass in his hand and stirring it slowly. The blood-red wine in the glass swirled according to his movements.

He looked like he did not notice the young woman at all, and there was a look of utter indifference on his face…

The others did not understand Long Sijue, but Tang Zui did. If he looked so calm as if nothing was happening, it meant that he was in an extremely bad mood, to the point that he wanted to kill someone…

When she was embraced by Boss Zhou, Su Qianxun quickly leaned forward and picked up a wine glass on the coffee table. “Boss Zhou, let me toast to you.”

“You just came. Don’t be so eager to make a toast. Come, let me give you a smooch first.” Boss Zhou inched his smelly mouth towards her.

Su Qianxun suppressed the urge to vomit and stopped him. “Boss Zhou, I’m only here to accompany you drinking. I’m not responsible for other activities. Why don’t we drink first?”

“All right, then. Qianxun, you’ve been working here for quite a while, and you should know the rules of this place, right? You’ve seen how the other women serve drinks to their clients, haven’t you?”

Boss Zhou was very fond of Su Qianxun. Now that she was finally right by his side, he would certainly like to have a taste of her to satisfy his lust.

“Boss Zhou, the manager said…” Su Qianxun’s face became a little pale. It seemed that she had underestimated how shameless these people were.

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