Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 21 - : Resort to Physical Violence During a Disagreement

Chapter 21: Resort to Physical Violence During a Disagreement

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“You… come here and show her how it’s supposed to be done.” Boss Zhou ignored Su Qianxun and instructed the woman who was accompanying him earlier to make a demonstration.

The woman immediately picked up the wine glass with a coquettish smile. She took a mouthful of wine, kissed Boss Zhou, and passed all the wine inside her mouth into his.

“It’s your turn, baby. Aren’t you in need of money? Feed me some wine, and all this money will be yours!” Boss Zhou generously took out twenty thousand RMB from a bag beside him. He then slammed the wad of cash onto the coffee table.

Su Qianxun suppressed the urge to vomit, and said with a smile, “Boss Zhou, there are actually many ways to drink. Why should we do it in the most old-fashioned way?”

“You think that this is old-fashioned, huh? All right, let’s try one that’s not old-fashioned then. I don’t need you to feed me anymore!”

When she heard that, Su Qianxun heaved an internal sigh of relief.

“I’ll feed you!” Boss Zhou said. He picked up the glass and took a mouthful of wine. He then inched his oily lips towards Su Qianxun.

Su Qianxun drew back, trying to dodge him. But why would Boss Zhou let her escape? He put his hand behind her back and pulled her forward…

Su Qianxun could no longer take it. She slapped Boss Zhou on the face. *Slap!* The loud sound shocked every single person in the lounge.

Tang Zui did not expect this chick to be so bold to the point that she would resort to physical violence during a disagreement.

Su Qianxun angrily shoved Boss Zhou away and stood up. She thought that she may as well double down and make her point clear. She poured the glass of wine in her hand onto the bald spot in the middle of Boss Zhou’s head!

Her actions completely infuriated Boss Zhou.

“Do you want to die?”

Boss Zhou stood up, lifted his hefty arm and swung it at Su Qianxun’s face…

‘To embarrass me in front of so many other businessmen, this slut is really digging her own grave!’

Since she had fallen into his clutches tonight, he would definitely torment her without mercy!

Su Qianxun did not expect Boss Zhou to move so quickly and was unable to dodge his attack. She knew that she was doomed this time, and she could only accept her fate and prepare for the pain.

However, even after a while, she had yet to be struck by Boss Zhou. Instead, she heard a cracking sound followed by Boss Zhou’s painful yelp.

Su Qianxun turned and saw that Boss Zhou’s wrist was being clutched by a large, well-proportioned hand. Boss Zhou’s wrist was bent backward at an odd angle. It was obviously fractured.

When Su Qianxun turned around and saw Long Sijue’s emotionless face, her breath froze. Her heart skipped a beat.

Long Sijue shifted his gaze away from Boss Zhou and lowered his head. His chilly gaze then fell upon Su Qianxun’s small, panicked face.

At that moment, her back was already closely pressed against his chest, and the burning heat from his body radiated through the thin fabric of his clothes. The familiar warmth caused her to become flustered…

Su Qianxun abruptly came to her senses and quickly took two side steps away from his chest. She then turned and ran out of the lounge.

The sound of the thick, heavy door being slammed shut muffled a string of painful screams…


“I’m leaving this to you.” Long Sijue took a piece of alcohol wipe, which Ye Gu handed to him, and carefully wiped his hands clean.

“Jue, didn’t we agree to lure the enemy first? Now that you’ve dealt directly with them, your next step will be difficult.” Even though Tang Zui had a distressed look on his face, he was in fact secretly delighted.

‘Seems like I’ll get to witness something entertaining soon.’

“You couldn’t even do this right. What good are you?” Long Sijue tossed the alcohol wipe into the trash can before he turned around and left the lounge with his other subordinates.

Meanwhile, Su Qianxun was too afraid to use the front entrance anymore. Instead, she planned to escape from the back door. Once she sprinted out from the back door in one breath, she could not help but turn to look behind her. She only felt slightly relieved when she saw that no one was chasing after her.

*Thud!* Su Qianxun ran into something. She stumbled a few steps back and almost fell down.

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