Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 22 - I Really Did Not Mean to Displease You

Chapter 22: I Really Did Not Mean to Displease You

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Ye Gu extended his long arm to grab her, and he pulled her towards him.

When she saw the pale face before her, Su Qianxun instantly had an ominous feeling.

Ye Gu dragged Su Qianxun along with him. Half a minute later, they stopped in front of a black limousine. Su Qianxun turned pale at the thought of that man.

She turned around, wanting to escape, but she was pushed into the vehicle before she even managed to take a stride.

Su Qianxun tripped, staggered, and fell into the car on her knees. Her upper body continued to tip forward, and darkness engulfed her vision…

“Are you done kissing me?”

A pleasant but cold male voice rang from above. He sounded like he was holding back from kissing her.

Su Qianxun raised her head abruptly. When she saw the spot where her face had been buried in earlier, her frightened and pale petite face instantly reddened…

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it,” Su Qianxun unwittingly apologized.

The moment she said those words, she bit her lower lip glumly. ‘Why did I apologize to him? He was the one who took me here by force.’

“Mister, I really didn’t mean to displease you. Would you be so kind as to let me go?” Su Qianxun nervously inched backward as she sat on the floor and begged him for forgiveness.

“You’d rather entertain all sorts of men than sign an agreement with me?” Long Sijue crossed his long legs to cover the awkward bulge on his groin.

When she heard that, Su Qianxun raised her head abruptly and clenched her small hands into fists. She stared at him with reddened eyes. “I didn’t!”

“What didn’t you do? Become an escort? Hehe…” Long Sijue sneered. The meaning behind the look in his eyes was obvious. ‘Do you think that I’m blind?’

“I was forced to! If not for survival, who would willingly trade away their dignity and pride…” Su Qianxun had not cried for a long time. Ever since she was kicked out of the Su family, she never allowed herself to cry. But now, for some unknown reason, tears were rolling down her face. She lifted her hand and wiped her tears away with force. “Why am I telling you this? It’s impossible for a rich man’s son like you who has never suffered a day in his life to understand.”

“Do you think that everyone’s born with a silver spoon in their mouths like you, Miss Su?”

Long Sijue sneered. There was an emotion in his eyes that Su Qianxun could not decipher.

“You… ran a background check on me?” Su Qianxun furrowed her eyebrows.

“I’m giving you another chance. Sign this!” Long Sijue tossed the childbirth agreement at her.

“There are probably many women who are willing to bear children for a man like you! Why does it have to be me?” Su Qianxun found the man totally inconceivable.

“You don’t need to know the reason.”

“I won’t sign it!” Su Qianxun did not want to know the reason either. Whatever it was, she would definitely never sign the agreement.

“Don’t challenge my patience again!” Long Sijue suddenly leaned forward and grabbed her neck.

“Let go of me!” Using both hands, Su Qianxun tried her best to remove his hand from her neck. But like a pincer, his hand hardly budged.

There was a loud bang, and the car suddenly shook violently. Everyone in the car was caught off guard. Before Su Qianxun managed to react, Long Sijue had already pinned her to the car cushion.

A series of gunshots followed. Su Qianxun’s eyes widened. ‘Am I in the middle of the kind of shootout that I’ve only seen in movies?’

Su Qianxun was utterly terrified. She did not want to die, for she still had to take care of her family members. Her family members would be in a worse situation if she were to die!

As she panicked, something pressed itself against her lips. Su Qianxun was in disbelief. ‘How can he still be in the mood to kiss me in this sort of life-and-death situation?’

She immediately pushed him away, but Long Sijue was completely unfazed and continued to kiss her. The man forced her legs open and unbuckled his belt…

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