Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 23 - You Do Not Have Much Time Left

Chapter 23: You Do Not Have Much Time Left

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‘Why is this man still thinking about s*x at a moment like this…’

While Long Sijue kissed the butterfly mark on the top part of her chest, Su Qianxun took the opportunity to shout, “No! You can’t do this! I didn’t agree to sign the agreement with you! This is rape!”

Long Sijue stopped in his tracks. He raised his head and gazed at the little thing beneath him. Her face had turned pale with fear. He extended his hand to pinch her cheek. He pinched it so hard that her face almost went out of shape…

Outside the car, the gunshots continued. However, they were not as frequent as before, with only a few scattered shots.

“So, are you saying that if you sign the agreement, I can rape you all I want?” The look in Long Sijue’s eyes was rather threatening. There was even a hint of bloodthirst in it.

Su Qianxun’s cheek hurt a lot from his pinch. When she recalled how he easily fractured Boss Zhou’s wrist earlier, she was a little frightened. She was afraid that he would tear her cheek into shreds…


“Get out of the car!” Long Sijue suddenly released her cheek. He rose and sat down in the car seat.

As though she had just received a special pardon, Su Qianxun almost tumbled while she scrambled towards the car door. “Stop the car!” she yelled in a panic as she anxiously pushed the car door open.

However, she was unable to open the car door since it was locked. Besides, it was impossible for the driver to follow her order.

When Long Sijue saw how much she wanted to escape, a violent surge of anger rose within his chest. “Get over here!” he said coldly.

“You were the one who told me to get out of the car, so I’m leaving immediately. Can you get the car to stop first?” Su Qianxun looked anxiously at the cab.

“You can leave if you want to… I unbuckled my belt for you… I’ll let you go if you buckle it up for me,” Long Sijue said in a devilish manner.

When Su Qianxun heard his request, she immediately felt a rush of dizziness in her head. She bit her lower lip hard. She was so nervous that she did not even know what to do with her hands.

Even the air in the car seemed like it had frozen. Su Qianxun inhaled deeply. “If I buckle your belt… will you let me get out of the car?”

“Mhm,” Long Sijue answered in agitation. This little thing was the only person in this world who could make him lose control!

Su Qianxun knew that the man was not an ordinary person. If he refused to let her leave, she might never be able to leave.

She could only summon up her courage to do it. She rose, went over, and kneeled down in front of him.

Su Qianxun only dared to take a quick glance before she extended her small hands to buckle his belt.

Instead of the belt, her small hands touched his private part. As if she had just touched something burning hot, she withdrew her hands and yelped.

When Long Sijue looked at her small, slightly-parted mouth, which was swollen red from his kisses, his Adam’s apple bobbed a few times. His breath grew a little heavier.

When Su Qianxun saw how er*cted the man’s private part was, her face was immediately flushed. She averted her gaze in a panic.

“You only have thirty seconds. If you can’t buckle it by then, don’t ever think about getting out of the car!” Long Sijue was slightly infuriated. How was this a torture to her? He was obviously the one who was being tortured.

Su Qianxun gritted her teeth and extended her hands. ‘It’s just buckling a belt. It’s still better than staying here with this temperamental demon.’

Even though she thought that it would be easy, she was unable to buckle the belt even after a few tries.

“Stop the car!” Long Sijue ordered.

The driver quickly stopped the car by the roadside.

“I… Can I leave now?” Su Qianxun did not even dare to breathe. She was afraid that he would raise some other request.

“Get the f*ck out of the car!” Long Sijue had never been so upset in his life!!

Su Qianxun dashed towards the car door in a hurry. The moment she pushed the car door open, the man’s voice rang out like that of a phantom behind her.

“Long Sijue—remember this name!”

Su Qianxun’s breath immediately froze. ‘Long Sijue… He’s Long Sijue!’

After Su Qianxun left, Tang Zui got into the car and sat down. He asked, “Jue, that chick still refused to sign the agreement?”

Long Sijue ignored him. He took the laptop next to him and turned it on. It was obvious that he was in an extremely bad mood.

Tang Zui gazed at the man’s handsome face. Even he, as a man, had felt his heart flutter on many occasions when he laid eyes on Long Sijue, much less the women. God really was too unfair.

“Jue, you don’t have much time left. You need to settle things with this chick as soon as possible!” Tang Zui’s expression suddenly became extremely solemn.

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