Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 24 - She Must Give Birth to My Child!

Chapter 24: She Must Give Birth to My Child!

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“You are so full of nonsense!” Long Sijue sounded rather impatient.

“All right, all right, what I said was nonsense.” Tang Zui’s expression became wild and unrestrained once again. He bent down and picked up the “childbirth agreement” from the ground as he let out a lewd laugh. “Jue, you’re really something. You actually came up with a childbirth agreement for a young woman who’s not even twenty years old. What makes you think that she’ll sign it?”

“She must give birth to my child!” Long Sijue’s gaze turned dark.

“Of course I know that she must give birth to your child… But couldn’t you have made her fond of you first? Then, wouldn’t it have been easier to make her give birth to your child? Now that you’ve scared her away, what are you going to do?”

“Do you think that everyone’s like you?” Long Sijue glanced scornfully at him. “Exploiting women’s hearts?”

“Since when have I exploited women’s hearts? I just need to stand still, and there will already be women throwing themselves at me. What can I do? Ahem… I don’t need to prove my charm to you. Say, how do you plan on settling this chick named Su Qianxun?”

Long Sijue was silent. He took a cigarette from the side, lit it, and started to smoke. The rising smoke clouded his handsome face, and Tang Zui was unable to decipher the emotion in his eyes.

“Why don’t you draw up another agreement with better terms and conditions to deceive that chick into signing it first? Our first step is to settle things her. Once that’s done, wouldn’t it be convenient to make her give birth to a child? I find it rather strange, is this chick short-sighted? Any woman would want to throw herself at you when they see a man like you. She, on the other hand… every time she sees you, it’s as if she’s seen a… ghost.”

“It’s none of your business!” Long Sijue glared at him in annoyance and extinguished the cigarette in the crystal ashtray beside him.

Tang Zui was speechless. Why was he always given the cold-shoulder? He was only speaking the truth.

Ye Gu, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, listened to his subordinate’s report. When he lifted his hand to adjust his earphone, he felt a sharp pain in his forearm. He touched the painful spot with furrowed eyebrows.

He thought of how Su Qianxun bit him out of anger when he tried to catch her just now.

Ye Gu then came to his senses. He opened the partitioned window and reported the attack earlier to Long Sijue.


Su Qianxun fled back home, almost as if she was escaping a warzone. She only relaxed completely the moment she stepped into her house.

She wanted to take a shower first to wash away all of that man’s scent. After that, she wanted to go to sleep… to forget the misfortune that had happened throughout the past two days, then try her best to proceed with her life.

She was no longer the lady of the Su family. People used to show concern to her even when she took a tumble. Now, even when she had lost her innocence, everyone would just think that she deserved it…

When she thought about the king-like man, Su Qianxun felt extremely suffocated!

She quickly stood underneath the showerhead and washed herself meticulously. When she was brushing her teeth at the sink, her gaze fell upon the butterfly mark at the top part of her chest. She touched the butterfly mark lightly with her fingers. ‘Huh, why does the color of the butterfly look darker now in contrast to a few days ago?’

The butterfly mark suddenly appeared on her body two years ago. She did not know what it was. The butterfly was too lifelike and beautiful to be a birthmark. It was also not a tattoo, since she had not done something as rebellious as that…

Later on, because the butterfly’s appearance did not bring about any changes to her body, she stopped caring about it.

It was just that there had never been any changes to the butterfly for the past two years. It had always been a very pale blue. But now, its color seemed to be a little darker…

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