Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 25 - You Truly Have No Shame!

Chapter 25: You Truly Have No Shame!

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The following day, an exhausted Su Qianxun took the bus to the hospital.

She had the same dream, which had been haunting her for more than two years, again last night. When she had that dream in the past, she would always wake up the moment she was torn apart…

However, last night was different. There was actually a… follow-up.

Those enticing scenes, the man’s strong and powerful body as well as those passionate kisses were all so real.

Su Qianxun abruptly snapped back to reality. ‘No, I mustn’t think about it anymore!’

When the bus arrived at the station, she grabbed her backpack and got off the bus in a hurry, ready to visit her younger brother.

Her younger brother, Su Jiye was only a little more than a year her junior. He had suffered from severe autism since he was young. Just like her, the amount of flattery he had received since he was a child up until two years ago was equivalent to the amount of disdain and cold-treatment he had received throughout these two years.

After she was chased out from the Su family, Su Qianxun could only bring her younger brother to a new doctor because she did not have much money. The new doctor was very young and recommended that she admitted her younger brother into the hospital for three days every month so that he could be treated more effectively.

When Su Qianxun reached the ward where her younger brother was placed in, she did not see him there. Her heart skipped a beat, and she quickly went to inquire the nurses about it.

“Nurse, where’s my younger brother? Why isn’t he in the ward?” Su Qianxun asked anxiously.

“I don’t know. I’m looking for him too. He’s been missing since this morning.” The nurse’s attitude was rather nonchalant.

“You… He was in the hospital. Why didn’t you tell me that he went missing?”

Su Qianxun did not have time to argue with the nurses. She turned and proceeded to search for her younger brother.

Her cell phone rang. It was a call from the Su family. She immediately picked up the call, “Hello!”

“Su Jiye is at my house now.” Qiao Yiren sneered as she watched a group of servants make fun of the foolish Su Jiye from a distance.

Su Qianxun held her breath. She hung up and rushed out of the hospital.

After a while, Qiao Yiren noticed that the servants were almost done making fun of him. With her high heels on, she walked towards the kennel while holding a bowl, which was supposed to be used to feed the dog. She took it to Su Jiye, who was curled up in the corner due to fear. She squatted down and placed the bowl on the floor. Then, she took some soured food from the servant beside him and poured it into the bowl.

“Jiye, you’re hungry, right? Quick, eat up. Sis prepared this breakfast especially for you,” Qiao Yiren cajoled Su Jiye.

Su Jiye was truly hungry. His stomach had been growling from hunger for a long time. When he saw the food, he immediately took it and stuffed it into his mouth with his hand.

Qiao Yiren had purposely left the food outside so that it would turn sour. The food only stayed in Su Jiye’s mouth for a moment before he spat it out. He then lay on his stomach and started to gag.

Qiao Yiren laughed happily when she saw what a sorry figure he cut. Next to her, the servants were also rocking back and forth from laughter. It was obvious from the look in their eyes that they were taking pleasure in his misfortune.

This was the scene Su Qianxun saw when she arrived. She dashed over like a maniac and shoved Qiao Yiren away. She then ran over to embrace her younger brother, who was curled up in fear.

Su Qianxun was so pained by the sight that she became teary-eyed. She turned around and screamed at Qiao Yiren, “Qiao Yiren, you truly have no shame! How can you treat a sick person like this?”

Qiao Yiren almost fell from Su Qianxun’s shove. The servants beside her immediately supported her body.

Qiao Yiren felt extremely delighted when she saw how flustered and miserable Su Qianxun and Su Jiye looked.

“Why don’t you just directly say that he’s a fool? I was just teasing him. Who knew that he’d be so foolish to the extent that he would eat soured food from a dog’s bowl.” Qiao Yiren tossed her exquisitely permed long hair.

“Shut up! Jiye is not a fool!” Su Qianxun supported Su Jiye as he slowly stood up. She stared furiously at Qiao Yiren.

Qiao Yiren looked at Su Qianxun who stood before her; a simple white shirt, a pair of washed-out jeans, and soft hair that casually fell on her shoulders… Even with the cheapest attire, she still looked incomparably alluring and beautiful.

That was exactly why Qiao Yiren became jealous of her to the point of insanity. Qiao Yiren had to rely on disguises for her beauty so that she could appear delicate and lovable. Su Qianxun’s beauty, however, was completely natural, and there was an inherent grace as well as elegance about her.

She needed to find a way to destroy the slut. She could not give the slut a chance to threaten her position whatsoever!

“Why are all of you quarreling early in the morning? Where are your manners? Come into my room!” Qiao Bonian’s loud and clear voice rang out.

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