Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 6 - Should Have Died Long Ago!

Chapter 6: Should Have Died Long Ago!

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The moment he said those words, Tang Zui found that he was probably being delusional. The bite mark on Long Sijue’s shoulder from two years ago was inflicted by Lan Qingcheng.

Long Sijue shot him a cold glare. “Do you want me to poison you and turn you into a mute?”

Tang Zui was so horrified that he trembled violently. He quickly shook his head. ‘No, no, not at all.’

He raised his hand in front of his mouth and made what looked like a zipping motion, implying that he would not speak anymore.

“Ye Gu,” Long Sijue called out softly.

In less than a second, Ye Gu appeared in the wide, empty room. He bowed respectfully. “Young master!”

“Did you see her?” Long Sijue asked flatly. His expression was so cold that it was rather unnatural.

“Yes!” Ye Gu’s long bangs drooped and covered his eyes, making it impossible to discern the look in his eyes.

“Why didn’t you bring her back?!” Long Sijue sounded displeased.

“Young master, your humble subordinate did not dare to act upon his own decision without your instruction.” The look on Su Qianxun’s face as she ran away flashed across Ye Gu’s mind.

“Hm?” Long Sijue narrowed his eyes in a murderous fashion.

Ye Gu immediately kneeled on one knee. “Your humble subordinate deserves death!”

“Get me the security footage! I want all the information on her!”

Ye Gu immediately carried out Long Sijue’s instruction.

Long Sijue walked into the bathroom. As he looked into the mirror, his gaze fell upon the bite mark on his shoulder. He furrowed his gorgeous eyebrows slightly. It was an expression rarely seen on his face.

He turned around and went into the shower. He pulled off the bath towel around his waist, turned on the faucet, and let the cold water wash over his sturdy body…

When Su Xianqun saw some men in black near the elevator, she was rather worried that they would be subordinates of the man from yesterday. She turned and took the stairs.

Su Qianxun moved very slowly down the stairs because her legs were even weaker than when she was drugged the day before. Moreover, there was excruciating pain in her private part.

After much difficulty, she finally went one floor down. She planned to take the elevator on the other side of the cruise ship. It was early in the morning, and there were still very few people in the corridors. As Su Qianxun walked forward, she saw the last person she wanted to see on earth, much to her surprise.

It was her half-sister—Qiao Yiren!

When Qiao Yiren saw Su Qianxun, a meaningful smile appeared on her face.

She wore a classy, two-piece custom-made outfit from Chanel and a pair of heels which were at least four inches in height. She crossed her arms and walked towards Su Qianxun in a haughty manner.

Su Qianxun subconsciously remembered the phone call she made to ask Xia Chuxi for help the night before. The female voice on the phone…

‘No! It can’t be! No matter who it was, it can’t possibly be Qiao Yiren!’

“Sis, it has been a while.” Qiao Yiren looked at her and sneered in a condescending manner.

“Get out of my way. I have nothing to say to someone like you!” Su Qianxun bypassed her and prepared to leave.

As she walked past Qiao Yiren…

“You’re here for Chuxi, am I right?”

Su Qianxun stopped in her tracks. Her body froze. She asked in disbelief, “How did you know that?”

“Because… I was the one who sent the text message inviting you to meet Chuxi yesterday. Of course I would know. Su Qianxun, do you really think that Chuxi will still marry you after he sees you in your pathetic state?” Qiao Yiren walked towards Su Qianxun. She had a patronizing look on her face.

“It was you! So, everything that happened last night was planned by you!” Su Qianxun clenched her fists tightly.

“So what if it was me? How was it? Did you enjoy getting f*cked by a fatso? Tsk-tsk, I should have gotten you a couple more men, and let everyone see what a slut the incorruptible lady of the Su family is!”

When Qiao Yiren gazed at Su Qianxun’s beautiful, small face, she was driven mad by jealousy. ‘This b*tch is getting prettier by the day, and she has no physical imperfections.’ She wanted to slash her face with a knife so badly!

She came here with the purpose of witnessing the moment when Su Qianxun would be ruined. It was an occasion she had been dreaming of!

“Qiao Yiren, are you even human?”

Su Qianxun raised her hand and swung it angrily at the woman before her.

Qiao Yiren quickly raised her hand and grabbed Su Qianxun’s wrist with a vicious expression. “Su Qianxun, you should have been dead long ago. Someone like you deserves to be savagely soiled by a gross man like him. What makes you think that you can compete with me? You are father’s daughter, but I’m also father’s daughter. Why is it that you got to live a wealthy life for eighteen years, but I had to bear the shame of being born out of wedlock?! You, your mother, and your nasty brothers should have been dead long ago!”

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