Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 7 - Let’s Break Off Our Engagement!

Chapter 7: Let’s Break Off Our Engagement!

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Su Qianxun’s entire body trembled when she heard Qiao Yiren’s shameless remarks, which was why she did not hear the sound of the door opening…

Even though Su Qianxun did not hear it, Qiao Yiren did. Qiao Yiren leaned backwards and deliberately fell on the ground. From the perspective of the person coming in, it looked like Su Qianxun just shoved Qiao Yiren onto the ground.

Qiao Yiren immediately cried like a weeping beauty, “Sister, I know that I’m at fault. I also know that you hate me and my mother, but this really isn’t our fault… My mother did it all because of me. She wants me to have a complete family. If you’re angry, you can hit and scold me all you want…”

Su Qianxun was stunned by Qiao Yiren’s dramatic change in attitude. ‘The newly-crowned best actress indeed… Her acting skills are already the acme of perfection!’

Xia Chuxi bumped into Su Qianxun when he walked over. As Su Qianxun was already weak in the legs, she almost fell over when he knocked into her.

Su Qianxun watched helplessly as Xia Chuxi carefully helped Qiao Yiren up from the ground. He lifted his head and stared at Su Qianxun with an abnormally cold gaze.

“Su Qianxun, that’s enough! You clearly know that all these are not Yiren’s fault!” Xia Chuxi stared at Su Qianxun in annoyance.

“Chuxi, don’t… It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have played a prank on her yesterday and sent her a text asking her to come over… I deserve getting hit and scolded by her.” With a pitiful expression, Qiao Yiren nervously clutched onto Xia Chuxi’s clothes.

“You… actually knew about her sending a text to trick me?” Su Qianxun tried hard to suppress her pain and fixed her gaze on the man before her.

Xia Chuxi was her fiance and her childhood friend. All these years, the two of them were almost inseparable.

When Xia Chuxi was sick, she stayed up late to take care of him!

When Xia Chuxi was bullied, she threw caution to the wind and stood up for him. As a result, her head was injured.

When Xia Chuxi was unhappy, she tried all means to cheer him up. She even dressed up as a clown just to make him laugh.

She always thought that she was the person who knew Xia Chuxi best, but the man before her eyes felt so unfamiliar to her…

“So what if I knew? It was merely a joke. Who knew you really had the guts to go…” Xia Chuxi stared at her, his face devoid of emotions.

Joke? Haha…’

This woman’s malicious plot caused her to lose her virginity, but her fiance just casually dismissed it as “merely a joke”.

“Where were you last night? That woman who was with you… was it her?” Su Qianxun’s voice had a slight tremble to it.

Xia Chuxi was rather angry and ashamed when she saw the overbearing anger and blame in Su Qianxun’s clear, black eyes. “That’s right, Yiren and I are truly in love. Let’s break off our engagement!”

‘What right does she have to blame me? Does she still think that she is the lady of the Su family, and that everyone must flatter and dote on her?’

Su Qianxun really wanted to laugh. “If both of you are truly in love, then, what am I? Xia Chuxi, you… What am i to you!”

Qiao Yiren framed her into having sex with a man she did not know, while her fiance spent the entire night with this woman framed her.

“I never wanted to marry you. The person I love has been Yiren all along.” When Xia Chuxi looked at Su Qianxun’s pale face as she teetered, his heart felt inexplicably heavy.

When Qiao Yiren saw that the two of them were gazing at each other, she pretended to be in pain as she cried, “Chuxi, my stomach is hurting a lot. Is there something wrong with our baby?”

Xia Chuxi immediately became nervous. He carried Qiao Yiren off the ground and glared angrily at the young woman in front of him. “If anything happens to Yiren or the baby, I won’t let you get away with it!”

Xia Chuxi left with Qian Yiren in his arms. Su Qianxun staggered as she took a few steps back, and leaned against the wall behind her…

‘Baby… She’s even pregnant with his child already. How long had they been together?’

She clenched her fists tightly. She always thought that even if the whole world changed, he would still stay the same. And that even if she lost the entire world, she would at least still have him…

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