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Chapter 8 - The Agreement

Chapter 8: The Agreement

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Su Qianxun suddenly started to laugh, burying her face in her hands. ‘Apparently everything can change…’

For instance, not only had the loving father she adored colluded with her uncle to seize her grandfather’s business assets, but he also had an affair with her aunt, whom she respected. It was as if he had become a completely different person in the blink of an eye…

The daughter of her father and Su Manni was born only half an hour after her, which meant that twenty years ago, Qiao Bonian crept into Su Manni’s bed right after he had gotten out of her mother’s.

Her grandfather only had one biological daughter—her mother. Her uncle, Su Qingyun and her aunt, Su Manni were orphans adopted by her grandfather. He loved them like his own children, and her mother treated them like her own siblings too…

In the end, it turned out that they had invited trouble into their home, and their family was torn apart.

The Su family’s one-hundred-year-old business was seized and carved up between Su Qingyun, the adopted son, and Qiao Bonian, the son-in-law who married into the family.

And the adopted daughter had been sleeping with the son-in-law all along.

Su Qianxun’s grandfather was so angry that he had a stroke, and had been comatose and lying in the hospital ever since.

Qiao Bonian locked Su Qianxun’s mother inside the house, and because of the resulting trauma, she completely shut herself off. Everyone said that she had become mentally ill.

Her elder brother was framed by these people, and his reputation was utterly destroyed. His whereabouts remained a mystery to this day, and no one knew if he was still alive.

She and her younger brother were chased out of their home and had no one but each other to depend on.


The sound of steady, irregular footsteps approached from afar, and Su Qianxun put down her hands frantically. When she saw a group of men in black heading in her direction, she ran away almost out of reflex.

She was no longer the lady of the Su family, and the man from last night was not an ordinary person. Because she could not afford to anger him, her only choice was to run.

Su Qianxun did not even know how she persisted until she arrived at the cruise ship’s exit. It was early in the morning, and there were many people getting off the ship. She could only keep her head down as she queued up and waited for her turn to disembark the ship.

When she reached the jetty after walking down the stairs, she finally breathed a loud sigh of relief.

Her expression froze the moment she raised her head and saw the man she just met this morning.

Ye Gu was walking towards her. He had a cold aura which made all the tourists distance themselves from him without being aware of it.

Even though Su Qianxun wanted to escape, she could not move her feet at all, as if they had been nailed to the ground. This continued until Ye Gu stood before her.

He raised his hand and handed her a few sheets of papers.

The sunlight that day was especially bright, and the light that reflected from the white sheets of paper made Su Qianxun’s eyes a little sore.

She only managed to discern a number of words that were printed in large fonts after narrowing her black eyes.

‘Childbirth Agreement!’

“What is this?” Su Qianxun only regained her ability to speak after a long while. She forced herself to deal calmly with the situation.

“Sign this.” Ye Gu shoved the agreement closer to her.

Su Qianxun did not intend to take it but when she recalled the dignified, king-like man from last night, her hands acted against her will and took the sheets of paper.

“I’ll take a look at it when I get home.” After she said that, she wanted to bite off her own tongue so badly. The sheets of paper already seemed like trouble at first sight. Why would she want to read them?

Ye Gu nodded and left.

Su Qianxun sprinted off as she held the baffling agreement. She turned around to look at the man after she ran for a short distance.

After making sure that the man had left, she walked to an empty spot at the edge of the jetty. At first, she wanted to toss the agreement into the sea to feed the fishes straightaway. But for some unknown reason, she flipped it open to take a look.

When she saw the content of the agreement clearly, she tore it into shreds right away and tossed them into the sea. She then turned in an unrestrained manner, her long, waist-length hair drawing a magnificent arc in the air.

Behind one of the windows on the top floor of the cruise, Long Sijue’s eyes darkened with desire as he watched the little thing…

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