Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 13


Chapter 13- Xia Xingchen play tricks

She stepped forward and her heartfelt tightened. Suddenly there was a tight grip on her hand. She and Xia Xingkong suddenly stopped.

“Two of you, please, stop.”

“A dressed black man.”

A tall black man with black clothes was taller than Xu Yan.

In fact, it was a top order command that no need a tone of the discussion.

Xia Xingkong eyebrows light wrinkled, uninformed looked to each other. “Who are you? “

It was serious and silent.

Xu Yan slighted his eyebrows when he saw a person walked in the front of Xia and a group of people directly thrown around her. He looked at the one who passed and figured out who took Xia but he only saw a tall figure awe inspiring and could not see Xia in the end.

“What are you doing?”

See Xia Xingchen has been taken away, Xu Yan struggled on how to earn but not to open each other’s containment. “Who are you people, where you want to take Xia?” he asked loudly in the end.

“Mr. Xu, that was not something you can ask.”

“Do you know me?”

Xu Yan suspicious looked to each other.

The other party did not answer, “but the two of you had nothing to be nervous too.” Miss Xia is our gentleman’s woman sir, we must take her home.

“Who are you, gentlemen?” “Who is your gentleman?” Xia XingKong looked at the group and asked.

“Miss Xia doesn’t need to know too well.”

The black dress man with walkie talkie turned away and walked out. He issued an order and waited until Xia Xingchen was held on the car.

Xu Yan’s face was not very good, he did not go back but rather keep it up with.

“Xia Xingchen”! Xu caught up.

When the two men came to the door they gradually disappeared in the car. He only saw a tail of the line of six cars convoy.

“Who the hell is that?” the travel was bound to the big guy so much, Xu Yan eyebrows wrinkled.

“Mysterious”, But the man just said that her sister was his woman. A big man took my sister with a child already? “I see, even if it is a big man and certainly could not see the gloomy of the people”, Xia Xingkong tone quite disdained.

Xia was just a simple with child, not suitable for such a man like that. It would be even worse if it was something that could not be seen.

Xu Yan thought, his face more dignified.

Xia Xingkong also saw him stared at the direction of the disappearance of the team. Her heart hatred and her face jealousy red but she just held his hand: “Well, brother Xu Yan, we did not come out for Xia Xingchen just too spoiled there were so many guests waiting for us! We must in a hurry to go!


Luxury car.

Bai Yeqing personally held up Xia Xingchen.

Just tonight in a hotel downstairs with a special guest, cold brown eyes looked to the instability of her.

In this case, the footstep stopped. He was supposed to leave her alone, but he came over to saw her at a glance.

Xia Xingchen was never been drunk like now. She easily got dizzy. Even she did not see clearly, her hands hooked his neck docile and laid in his arms.

Until the car waited to an engine, Bai Yeqing put her down on the bench but she refused to let go.

“Xia Xingchen?”

He called her in a low voice.

She delicate back already arrived in the leather chair, but her hands still firmly hang up to his neck, so that now his posture is half stopped, two people face unusually close.

Her smell of wine came near to him…

She heard someone called her, “Hmm?” she made a sound and slowly opened her eyes.

Drunk dim eyes looked at him for a moment, suddenly she raised his hand, white fingers gently stroked his face.

The girl’s fingers were so soft.

He felt like in a hot temperature, like with a small current from his eye channeling, let him feel numb.

“Xia Xingchen, let go!” This feeling made him feel…Pretty uncomfortable!

“Why did you let me dream that five years ago?” Her faint suddenly opened.

Bai Yeqing squinted up.

She continued to mutter, “Do you know how I came here over the last five years?”


“I always tell myself that when I’m older, my life is perfect.”…… But, you let me not to experience being an 18 years old youth and lost my love and let me betrayed my first love but not only outsiders even my family members looked down upon me.

She drank too much and her voice was some light broken. She talked to Bai Yeqing but her vision was blurred to see him and her eyes was a little moist.

“You were drunk.” Bai Yeqing looked at the shiny light of her deep eyes.

“Is it?” She endured a smile with a blink of an eye. Suddenly, she fell and buried a bite on his neck. He doesn’t know how to face her up.

This woman, what a crazy? Bai Yeqing was surprised at the moment.

On the back of her head he loosen his big palm to lower her head.

Xia Xingchen like to exclaimed but at that moment she wanted also to revenge, the bit bite was very heavy and bleeding.

Bai Yeqing was annoyed to the extreme, his big palm buckled back of her head, he opened an easy job to do it.

“What’s crazy about it?” He pinched her chin, she looked down.

Her lips with his blood red, did not feel terror, but had some erotic sexy.

Xia Xingchen misty eyes stared at him. She sat and looked up very innocent and very behaved like, “this is revenge.”

“What about revenge?” His voice was low. Slightly bent, approached her.

She drank too much and was not afraid. She raised her head and boldly greeted him with the hidden vision of danger. “Who made you to bully me? do not think you are president, I can not bully you back.”

“Your revenge is to bite me?”” Bai Yeqing glanced at his neck and collar with the stained of woman’s lipstick, he quietly asked: “How? Why did you bite me so hurt?”

“I didn’t bite you…” She leaned on it, it seems seriously to recall: “But you had hurt me at the moment.. … it was very painful … …”

Five years ago, the first night was really hurt. Even if she felt that it was a dream, but that pain was real.

Bai Yeqing bowed and looked at her carefully. She was now in the same way, not really looking for him, but a little childish.


How could she use such a trick to bite like a children? This woman is also biting while awake and drunk.

He leaned over and lifted her chin and looked at the beautiful face, whispered: “so many years ago, do you remember some thing clearly?”

“You don’t remember?”

“What if it was?”he asked.

She grunted, “of course you did not remember, you don’the feel the pain because it was not you, you had been not bullied.”

She said it with angry and stretched out her hand and pushed him away.

He pulled back her wrist.

He gracefully retreated to the other side of the chair, but because of his toward pulled, she had almost rushed past to him. The embarrassed and panic was at it’s to the extreme!

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