Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 14 part1


Chapter 14- Part 1- A more night to remember

He gracefully retreated to the other side of the chair, but because of his toward pulled, she had almost rushed past to him. The embarrassed and panic was at it's to the extreme!

Xia Xingchen fell on him, her soft lips from his cheek seemed nothing like rubbed, he felt hot dumb crossing to his whole body to let his eyes had some deep color. Xia Xingchen was shocked and felt hot too, her face was red. She moved backward and wanted to avoid.

However, the body was unstable, suddenly, the whole person fell backward. ‘Ahh’ her loud sound, instinctively grabbed the man’s sleeve. Bai Yeqing eyebrows were as cold as he leaned down, his one arm hooped her waist slightly and pulled her back.

At this point, Xia Xingchen was held by him and sat down on his lap.

His generous big palms were branded on her waist.

She gripped. The man’s palm was very hot. Through her thin cloth, flipped to her skin.

Two people, close well near. The car was full of ambiguous atmosphere.

His eyes were as deep as a sea, and she felt his once glanced was about to indulge.

Her hands on his shoulder were slightly bent and curled up together.

This man is really dangerous! She was about to jump out from his chest. Her heart jumped fast and chaos. But even he was so close, he didn’t do anything, she was lye toward him and confused.

“At the moment, the front of the partition was suddenly opened. The voice of Leng Fei appeared: “Your Excellency! Are you all right?” I heard voices inside, so……..”

Suddenly, Leng Fei stopped talking about it, when he saw the inside of the scene.


What happened? Two people here……Mr. President and Miss Xia Xingchen……

He was so out of his head, but it was really damn!

On Leng Fei eyes, Xia Xingchen was suddenly struggled to hold down from Bai Yeqing legs. Her face was red, Bai Yeqing did not let her go, she muttered: “You let me go.”

Behave yourself, don’t move!” Bai Yeqing voice of command, his face had some bad look.

He gave a cold glance to Leng Fei. “Don’t put your head out if you’re not called.”

“Yes, sir.” Leng Fei quickly put his head obediently recovered. He really did not think that Miss Xia and the President would have seen it like this, they couldn’t have really come together.

Identity disparity.

Inside the car.

Although the partition was lowered again, the drunk Xia Xingchen woke up a lot at the moment.

“Sorry, I am.”…… I was some rude.” Xia Xingchen discreet apology. She looked at his neck, the bite marks were still on bleeding, she is just really now a drunk loaded with craziness.

“Do you like him?” Bai Yeqing asked her. “If that is the case, I can find a way to get him to marry you. It’s a compensation for you.” He looked and added that to her.”

“You mean Xu Yan?” “Xia Xingchen reaction.”

“Uh huh.”

“No, I don’t want him to marry me.” …Xia Xingchen eyebrows secretly lapped and said: “I don’t like him.” She thought him and Xia Xingkong.

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