Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Unforgettable old feelings

Xia Xing Chen felt drowsy and was about to fall asleep when she vaguely heard the door’s sound. The room is very dark, there are no lights, but she could vaguely see a tall man was slowly walking toward the bed. Then, he silently leans and kisses Xia Dabai’s forehead. Xia Dabai kicked off the quilt, but he carefully placed it back.

The moonlight outside the window shone on the man’s face. His expression is always as indifferent, but, just like before, he’s more handsome than in the television news and in addition, his temperament is a bit colder.

Xia Xingchen smiles.

It seems that Xia Dabai misunderstood him. How could he not want to see him?


The next day morning.

After washing Xia Xingchen took her son downstairs. The two of them were bouncing their body on the stairs while talking and laughing all the way to the dining area. But, when the servants opened the elegant doors and they were brought inside, they immediately became silent when they saw a person was sitting on the table.

The atmosphere suddenly becomes cold.

With his powerful aura, a person will not dare to act arbitrarily.

“Good Morning Young master and Miss Xia.” The butler that was standing behind the man greeted them.

“Good Morning.”

At first, Xia Xing Chen carefully greeted and pulled the chair for Xia Dabai. When she look at the man who was quietly sitting and reading the newspaper, she suddenly remembered the last night’s event and felt embarrassed.

“Good morning, Mr. President,” she said uneasily.

“Mmm,” he said

“……” That’s it?… … Xia Xingchen felt more embarrassed and thought that this man is quite bad in communicating.

“I thought you wouldn’t come back.”

“Why?” Bai Yeqing put away the newspaper and respond rather different to Xia Dabai unlike to Xia Xingchen.

The difference in treatment is rather obvious.

Xia Xingchen secretly murmur.

“You didn’t come back for a long time. I thought you regretted it and no longer want me, are you not?” Xia Dabai asked.

Xia Xingchen was eating a cake for breakfast, she stops for a bit and subconsciously looks at Bai Yeqing’s eyes. Apparently, Bai Yeqing didn’t expect his son to ask such a question and got startled for a moment, then said: “You will always be my son, I never regretted that I brought you here and will never be.”

“Really?” Xia Dabai frowns his thin eyebrows while looking at him. Xia Xingchen also thinks if he was saying the truth.

“Don’t worry, your father said so. I’m sure what he said is true.” Xia Xingchen touched her son’s small head to appease his sensitive heart. “Ok, eat your breakfast now.”

She speaks very gently to Xia Dabai. Bai Yeqing couldn’t help but look at her eyes. This pair of eyes of her is very difficult to look at when he thinks that she is the same woman that slap him in the face.

Xia Xingchen put a small cake in front of Xia Dabai. She smiled when he started eating the cake and said: “It’s delicious, right? Little Bai, if you listen to your father always certainly he will like it.”

“Really?” Xia Dabai asked. But, Xia Xingchen was uncertain so she looks at Bai Yeqing. However, He has already withdrawn his eyes and just quietly read the newspaper again in an elegant posture. The mother and son didn’t bother him anymore and just continued eating in a lively atmosphere.

In just one look, you will think that they aren’t living in the same world.

In the end, Xia Xingchen gave him a cake and a green tea for him to have breakfast. He lifted his eyes to take a look, but he didn’t say anything.

“Miss Xia, I’m sorry but did you wash your hands first?” When the butler saw her action, he quickly took the gloves and started disinfecting the teacup and the saucer plate. Then, he personally and carefully handed it in front of the President.

So, that what is it? He’s suspecting that I’m dirty?

Xia Xingchen got stunned and felt embarrassed. He completely didn’t appreciate her thought, but it’s not like she can force him to do so. She doesn’t dare to do that nor has the ability. At that moment, Xia Xingchen thinks that maybe it’s better if they will just throw it outside!

“Since Mr. President think that it is dirty, then I’ll just eat it.” Xia Xingchen opens up her mouth wide and eats the cake.

Bai Yeqing looks at her but didn’t say a word. He had never seen a woman that dared not pay attention to their image. And which women didn’t bother to chew the cake that they were eating ah?

Xia Dabai felt a little depressed and thinks that the chance for her mother to get his father’s attention is very slim!


After a few days, President Bai Yeqing became busy once again. Xia Xingchen becomes quite busy herself too.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will meet the British Prime Minister. Xia Xingchen is only an intern but was not left out.

On the same day, the British Prime Minister’s car slowly came. She followed behind the staffs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to greet and welcome the visitors near the entrance.

The car stopped and a bunch of British Prime Minister’s follower gets off from the car. Among them was an eye-catching easterner person. And that man is …

Xia Xingchen was standing at the back of the crowd but recognized the man immediately.

After Five years, he looks more mature and stable than before. He was standing in the row of outstanding Westerners, but whether his temperament or height didn’t make him look inferior.

On the side, Chi Weiyang suddenly pulled her shirt’s cuff and quietly said: “Xu Yan … …”

Xu Yan.

Yes, that man is Xu Yan.

Xia Xingchen’s eyes got fixed upon him and didn’t get separated. He was following the crowd and was getting closer and closer to her. And then … …

He just slightly turns his head and yet his sight immediate landed on Xia Xingcheng.

When the man saw her he got surprised. The man’s footsteps stop and they look at each other. Xia Xingchen pinches her fingers until it turns red.


Fortunately, Xia Xingchen and Chi Weiyang are just an intern so they didn’t need to attend the state meeting so their next work is much easier. At around midday, they finally finished their work and they can finally relax.

Xia Xingchen holds her chopsticks and slowly eat her rice.

Chi Weiyang who was sitting across from her look at her and ask: ” Are you all right?”

“Mmm, do you need anything?” Xia Xingchen smiled and pretending to relax.

“That ‘s fine, I know you better than anyone else.”

“… …” Xia Xingchen no longer speak. It will be foolish if she will continue to debate with her.

“Xu Yan is really handsome ah! I was listening to all those little girls while they are talking about him. But, I guess he has a girlfriend now.”

“That’s not surprising because he is really handsome and kind. That’s why there are a lot of girls that chase after him one after another.” Xia Xingchen gently said.

Chi Weiyang coldly snorted: “That year, if only that bastard didn’t get you pregnant, you and Xu Yan wouldn’t break up. In the end, we still don’t know who that bastard is. And if ever you will find out his identity just tell me immediately and I will make sure to take off my shoes and slap it in his face!”

“… …” Bai Yeqing cold image immediately pops up in Xia Xingchen’s mind. She was about to laugh but still control herself and just smile when she imagines the scene where Chi Weiyang slapping that man’s face. That scene will certainly be exciting!

Chi Weiyang stared at her: “I mean it, but you dare to laugh at it!”

“Ok, If ever I will find out who’s Xia Dabai’s father is. I will tell you immediately. So don’t forget to give him a good slap for me.”

“Trust me, I will really do it!”

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