Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 19 - What Do You Want? I Don’t Need You

Chapter 19: What Do You Want? I Don’t Need You

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She silently helped Nian Junting to put on his pajama pants. Then she nicely asked him, “Don’t you… feel a little uncomfortable… like this?”

A little uncomfortable? He felt extremely uncomfortable.

He raised his eyebrows and asked alertly, “What do you want? I don’t need you.”

Luosang didn’t know how to respond.

Why on earth did he always feel that she was lusting after him?

“I mean… Do you need me to bring you the magazines you told me to throw away this afternoon?” She asked.

Nian Junting’s cold face turned even colder as he responded, “What do you mean?”

“I think you have to find a way to channel it, as staying like this isn’t a solution. Don’t worry, I won’t laugh at you.” With a warm smile and tone, Luosang tried to let him know that she could understand him.

Nina Junting fixed his eyes on her. His face seemed to be covered in frost. A few seconds later, he let out two words in an exceptionally cold voice. “Piss off…”

Luosang immediately picked up the basin and left, as if being told to piss off was such a relief.

Nian Junting laid stiffly on the bed alone and miserably found that he felt more and more uncomfortable. However, he had just yelled at Luosang, so now he couldn’t convince himself to talk to her again.

Luosang came out of the bathroom after pouring away the water. Seeing the painful look in Nian Junting’s face, she turned her lips up slightly.

‘He deserves this; he’s been so determined to save his face,’ she thought.

Having suffered through the night, Nian Junting woke up the next morning with two dark circles under his eyes. His handsome and nicely shaped face was so sour that he seemed to be on the verge of losing his temper. “I need to go to the company today. Go and find me some clothes,” he said to Luosang.

“What kind of clothes do you like to wear?” She asked.

Luosang didn’t know what to pick because he had way too many clothes in his closet.

“What do you think?” Nian Junting threw the question back to her with a weird tone.

Luosang didn’t know how to proceed with this conversation.

She had only been here for a couple of days, and he wore loose-fitting pajamas all the time, so how was she supposed to know about his preference for clothes?

However, Nian Junting didn’t seem to want to answer her question at all. Luosang had no choice but to silently turn and walk into his closet. Fortunately, she used to help her father and Yi Jingxi match their clothes. At last, she picked a grey suit and an overcoat in the same color. She had considered picking this set of clothes before. It was the end of the year, so she assumed that he needed to go to the company to meet with top managers or join a conference today. For such occasions, he should dress in a formal and cool tone so that he will have a strong presence.

A while later, Nian Junting’s cold eyes sparkled with surprise when he saw the clothes in Luosang’s hands.

He asked her to pick his clothes for no other purpose but to make it inconvenient for her, but to his surprise, she made good choices even though she only wore old-fashioned clothes herself.

After putting on those clothes with Luosang’s help, Nian Junting looked like an elegant and successful man with a cold vibe, although he was sitting in a wheelchair. The clothes were comfortable enough too.

When he came downstairs, Sister Lan’s eyes glowed as she praised him. “I haven’t seen Young Master dress so gorgeously for a long time,” she said.

Nian Junting glanced at her coldly.

However, the sharp-eyed Luosang noticed that the corners of his mouth twisted up slightly.

‘He seems to be cold only on the outside,’ she thought.

After breakfast, Luosang sat in Nian Junting’s Rolls-Royce as she was heading to his company with him. About half an hour later, the car drove into the parking lot of a skyscraper. Luosang had passed by this area when she was on a bus and heard that this area had the most listed companies in the city and that the people who lived here were all white collars and top managers. She couldn’t believe that Nian Junting actually owned such a giant company.

She couldn’t help but glance at the man sitting beside her. His eyes were closed, as he was resting, and his handsome side profile seemed mysterious in the dim light of the parking lot.

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