Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 27 - Why Didn’t You Tell Me Earlier that You Got Injured so Badly?

Chapter 27: Why Didn’t You Tell Me Earlier that You Got Injured so Badly?

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Luosang blinked in confusion and asked, “Isn’t that what you want? This seat is very expensive, so I thought you gave me the coat so that I don’t soil it.”

Nian Junting sighed speechlessly while staring at the knitted shirt resting against her skin. The coat was for her to wear.

He decided not to explain, as he assumed that no man had ever offered her a coat in her life.

However, he discovered that Luosang was actually busty. Normally, she only wore loose-fitting clothes, so he had never noticed her body shape.

He had no time to think about that though. After the doors were closed, the car was filled with the foul smell of urine. Nian Junting knitted his brows and hurriedly told the chauffeur to open the window.

“Should I… just get out of the car?” Luosang felt a little uncomfortable sitting in the car, especially after she was told that the coat under her butt was worth tens of thousands. ‘He won’t let me pay for this coat, will he?’ She wondered.

“Shut up,” Nian Junting responded to her coldly, then said to the chauffeur, “Drive faster.”

About forty minutes later, they arrived at the villa. Luosang pulled the coat off of the seat and ran into the villa to take a shower.

Looking at her back, Nian Junting finally let out the breath he had been trying to hold in the whole time, then coldly said to the chauffeur, “Wash the car inside and out. Throw away the seat cushions and the floor mats.”

“Will do,” the chauffeur responded.

Luosang took a shower as quickly as she could, but still spent fifty minutes in the bathroom. She scrubbed her skin red, yet she still felt disgusting.

However, she didn’t dare take longer, as she still had to cook Nian Junting’s lunch.

After coming out of the bathroom, she found that Nian Junting seemed to have taken a shower as well because his hair was half-dried, and he was wearing clean pajamas.

Hearing Luosang’s footsteps, Nian Junting turned back to look at her. His pupils shrank when he saw her, but he failed to notice it.

Luosang had changed into a maroon sweater, and her wet hair hung freely over her shoulders. Her skin was white and tender; it reminded Nian Junting of the steam bread just out of the steamer.

He suddenly felt hungry; maybe it was because it was lunchtime.

Seeing that Doctor Han was sitting on the couch, Luosang hurriedly greeted, “Nice to see you, Doctor Han. Let me make you some tea.”

Doctor Han raised a hand to stop her. “No need. I’m here to check on you.”

Luosang eyed Nian Junting confusedly. The doctor wouldn’t show up for no reason, meaning Nian Junting had probably called him. But how could he be so nice?

“We need to treat your injuries in a timely fashion. I don’t want you to come to me for compensation when they get worse,” said Nian Junting. He felt a little uncomfortable under her gaze, so he then said to Doctor Han coldly, “Doctor Han, check her shoulder. Earlier, I saw a bucket hit her there.”

Luosang was surprised again, as she didn’t think that he would notice under such a chaotic situation.

“Ms. Luosang, can you please tell me where the injury is? Can you pull down your sweater to show me?” Doctor Han asked, gently and politely.

Luosang hesitated slightly, then pulled the sweater near her right shoulder slightly down.

As her nicely shaped shoulder was exposed, Doctor Han frowned. Apart from the large bruise, her shoulder was also covered in dark-red scratches.

Nian Junting saw it too. His face darkened immediately as he said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you’re injured so badly?”

“These are just bruises and scratches,” said Luosang carelessly.

Nian Junting paused. He didn’t know what to say. Other women would have started weeping long ago if they suffered the same injuries.

‘Do relatively older women all need to live like men?’ He wondered.

“Han Ming, apply medicines to her wounds. Don’t leave scars on her skin,” said Nian Junting. “She hasn’t gotten married yet. It’s already difficult for someone like her to get married, and it will become even harder if she has scars. It’ll be troublesome if she wants me to take responsibility for that.”

Luosang was quite touched when she heard the first sentence he had said, but after that…

She really didn’t know what to say.

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