Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 28 - You Are so Manly!

Chapter 28: You Are so Manly!

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Han Ming felt speechless as well.

He remembered that the day before yesterday, Nian Junting excitedly told him that his erectile dysfunction was gone for good after some woman touched him.

After the medicine was applied, Luosang felt a nice coolness on her wounds, which already felt less painful than before. Seeing that Doctor Han was packing his things and preparing to leave, she hurriedly said, “Doctor Han, why don’t you stay for lunch?”

She regretted it immediately after saying this, as she realized that this wasn’t her home and she had no right to invite a guest to stay for lunch.

She waited for Nian Junting’s taunt, but he said coldly, “Make what lunch? You’re injured! I’ll call a restaurant and ask them to deliver food.”

“Some of the food from restaurants are unhygienic. I’ll just cook for you. Besides, Sister Lan has prepared all the ingredients, so I only need to stir-fry them. It won’t take too long,” replied Luosang. She really didn’t want to waste those ingredients, so she hurriedly headed to the kitchen after saying that.

Before walking into the kitchen, she turned back to glance at the man in the wheelchair. From her angle, his side profile was as beautifully shaped as an art piece, with his full forehead and straight nose. However, his knitted brows radiated a grim coldness.

After what happened today, Luosang felt that she had seen him in a different light.

Some people simply looked hard to get along with, but behind their indifference was carefulness and gentleness.

Because of her experience with the hypocritical Yi Jingxi, Luosang now felt that people like Nian Junting were quite rare.

Luosang prepared five dishes and a soup in about half an hour.

When she went to serve the dishes, Doctor Han had left already.

After setting the table, she wheeled Nian Junting’s chair to the table and served him with a bowl of rice and asked, “Mr. Nian, which dish would you like to taste first?”

Nian Junting looked at the dishes on the table expressionlessly, but was very surprised in fact. He didn’t want to admit that the stir-fried shredded potatoes she made last time weren’t bad, yet he couldn’t help but to be appetized by all these dishes she made. Every dish looked delicious and smelled appetizing.

But of course, he could never admit that. However, since she protected him today, he decided not to criticize her.

“Fish,” he said.

Through these days spent with Nian Junting, Luosang had learned that he liked fish dishes.

She picked up a piece of fish with a pair of chopsticks, and then lowered her head to carefully pick the bones out for him.

Her shiny black hair fell from behind her ears, and formed a sharp contrast with her pink lips.

Nian Junting felt bored, so he looked at her. He suddenly discovered how full her lips were. Those lips turned up slightly while pressed together, and looked like fresh juicy cherries. It made him even want to take a bite of them.

He suddenly recalled that he once heard from Xiao Si that sucking the full lips of a woman felt like sucking jelly: too good to stop.

With that thought in his mind, Nian Junting felt extremely uncomfortable.

He believed something must be wrong with him, as he had been sex-starved for too long.

However, wasn’t that strange for a thirty-year-old woman to have such a beautiful lip color without wearing any lipstick?

All of a sudden, a silvery voice was heard from the outside. Luosang raised her head to see a beautiful girl in police uniform rush in like a gust of wind, shouting, “Brother, my dear brother, I’m here to see you! I heard that someone tried to pour a bucket of piss on you today! My boss sent me here to take a witness statement.”

Nian Junting’s face darkened. Nian Xi abruptly fixed her eyes on Luosang, and then her eyes glowed as she rushed over excitedly and grabbed Luosang’s hands. She said, “Are you Sister Luosang? My mom has talked about you! I’ve seen the surveillance video in the hospital today and saw what happened. My god, you were so brave! You handled that dangerous situation so calmly, and actually carried my brother and threw him into the car. You’re so manly! At that moment, for the first time, I felt like my brother was like a little bird needing protection…”

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