Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 29 - That is A Deadly Humiliation to A Man

Chapter 29: That is A Deadly Humiliation to A Man

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Luosang didn’t know how to respond. In the meantime, she had sensed a bone-piercing coldness from the man beside her.

“Nian Xi, shut your mouth!” Nian Junting yelled. He was so angry that he even wanted to thrust Nian Xi back into their mother’s womb.

‘What are you talking about, you bad little girl?’ he complained quietly.

‘Luosang carried him up…”He was like a bird which needed protection…’

That was a deadly humiliation to a man. “Say one more word, and I’ll let the police station fire you, believe it or not,” he threatened his sister.

“Brother, isn’t that too much? I came here in such a hurry because I’m worried about you!” Nian Xi pouted, but didn’t dare continue.

Nian Junting sighed and responded with, “Yeah? Why haven’t I heard you say one word to console me since you came in?” He felt that his little sister was exactly like his mother, and that those two women would make him angry enough to kill himself sooner or later.

“Don’t say that. I’m just so excited to meet my new idol,” said Nian Xi while glancing at Luosang with admiration.

Luosang didn’t know what to say, as she felt that it was not exactly a good thing for a woman to be called ‘manly’.

She didn’t know that Nian Junting had a younger sister who was a policewoman.

“Ms. Nian, have you caught the people who attacked Mr. Nian this morning? Who are they?” She asked.

“Speaking of which, brother, you should really thank me. For your safety, I spent an unprecedented amount of effort and found the people behind the whole thing in a mere two hours,” said Nian Xi proudly. “I found out that the man who poured the piss on Sister Luosang works in a building site that belongs to Gao Jian. We’ve hunted him down already. According to him, he and his colleagues didn’t receive their salaries at the end of the year, and heard that it was because your company took their money and even sent their boss to the hospital. They believe that their company is on the verge of bankruptcy because of you, and they might not be able to get their salaries for the latter half of this year. They were so angry, so they decided to find you. That man has been in prison before, so he fears nothing. The other people were all encouraged by him.”

Nian Junting didn’t seem too be surprised when hearing his sister. Instead, he snorted coldly and said, “Great. Gao Shengyuan just can’t stay peaceful even when he’s in the hospital. Since he’s taken the heartless move, I don’t need to be nice to him anymore.”

Looking at the grim look in her brother’s face, Nian Xi understood that he was about to do something awful to his enemy, so she said soft heartedly, “Brother, why don’t you just teach them a lesson, and then let it go? I heard that the owner of Gao Jian is quite old and is sick in the hospital. In fact, if anything happens to him, his employees will be the only ones who will really suffer.”

“What do you know?” Nian Junting’s voice was cold. “I invested in Gao Jian singlehandedly, and I am the reason they have achieved what they have today. Don’t I know how much money Gao Shengyuan has? He just doesn’t want to spend it. He wants to save it for his children who’re abroad. Earlier this year, I found out that he has been transferring large sums of money overseas. He’s planning on leaving. He never thought about giving the shareholders the profits that they deserve, or paying his employees. He just wants to pass the buck. Now he’s desperate, so he wants to throw the blame on me. I was too nice to him. I’ve paid him my respect, but he didn’t want it. He played a dirty trick with me and thought me an idiot.”

“Luosang, get my phone,” he then said to Luosang.

Luosang paused in surprise when hearing him. Yesterday, at the meeting, she felt that Nian Junting acted a lot like a capitalist, but, she could understand it, as all investors value their own profits. However, today, she learned that he had shown his mercy indeed.

She had seen too many entrepreneurs these years. Some of them refused to pay their employees, but took the money and fled abroad with their families as their businesses failed. They lived a happy and safe life overseas, but the poor people who worked hard for them suffered the consequences.

Nian Junting called Lu Kang and said to him, “Spread Gao Shengyuan’s personal accounts and his room number at the hospital right now. Let Gao Jian’s employees know; the sooner the better. Inform the shareholders that Gao Shengyuan has falsified the company accounts and attempted to pocket the profit without sharing it with anyone else. When his employees go to him for an explanation, you should send some people to go with them. Tell them to bring a few buckets of shit and piss; they better make him eat those.

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