Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 4 - Isn’t That Breakfast Too Good for a Carer?

Chapter 4: Isn’t That Breakfast Too Good for a Carer?

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Luosang had no choice but to go downstairs to get water for Nian Junting. Meanwhile, she told herself that she needed to come up with a solution. Staying up every night might lead to sudden death, even though she was young.

The next morning, the breakfast was ready when she went downstairs. The long dining table was laden with all kinds of food, including both Chinese and Western cuisine. It was like a buffet breakfast served in a five star hotel.

Sister Lan, who worked in the kitchen, was responsible for Nian Junting’s breakfast, so Luosang could finally rest for a while at this time.

“Luosang, your breakfast,” said Sister Lan while pointing at the portion served on an end of the table.

“Thank you, Sister Lan,” said Luosang as she grabbed her food and sat down.

Sister Lan was an amiable middle-aged woman. She prepared sweetcorn, eggs, xiaolongbao, and milk for Luosang. Luosang had a sleepless night, so when she saw the rich breakfast, she felt so hungry that her stomach began to gurgle.

However, instead of eating right away, she waited until Sister Lan filled a bowl with porridge and began feeding Nian Junting. Then, she started eating slowly.

Nian Junting didn’t get enough sleep either, so he was in a bad mood. After finishing half a small bowl of porridge and a fried egg, he couldn’t eat anymore food.

From the corner of his eyes, he cast a quick glance at Luosang sitting in front of him, and found that she was eating like a prisoner. He saw her take a bite of the sweetcorn and then take a swig of milk. She had a very good appetite and was eating happily indeed.

‘She’s so unpleasant to look at,’ he complained silently to himself.

When he was in a bad mood, he didn’t like the look of anyone he saw.

He knocked on his lap with his long and slender fingers, pointed at Luosang with his chin and said to Sister Lan, “She’s just a carer; isn’t that breakfast too good for her?”

Sister Lan paused briefly, then responded, “I… don’t think so. We all have the same food.”

“Is she comparable to you?” said Nian Junting flatly. “She claims to be my carer, but she has been here for three days and I’m not feeling even slightly better. She has done no work at all. From tomorrow and onwards, she’ll only have a steamed bun for breakfast.”

Hearing this conversation, Luosang choked on an egg and almost failed to swallow it.

Sister Lan glanced at Luosang sympathetically. She summoned up her courage and said to Nian Junting, “Young Master, you said yourself that she’s only been here for three days. How can you recover in just three days? The doctor said you need at least a month to recover. Don’t you think you’re being… too stingy? Like people said, breakfast needs to be nutritious. She needs some good food for breakfast, or she won’t have the energy to take care of you.”

Nian Junting’s face darkened severely as he responded with, “Sister Lan, if I am stingy, how could you have become so chubby? I remember that you were skinny when you first came, and now you’re like a ball. One ball is enough for this house, I don’t want two balls.”

Sister Lan’s chubby face dropped immediately, as if ten-thousand arrows had pierced through her heart.

“If she doesn’t find the food good enough, then she can make her own. You’re here to work for me, not to cook for a carer,” said Nian Junting. He then added, “From this day on, she’ll have only cabbage and tofu for dinner and lunch.”

Sister Lan knitted her brows into a frown.

Luosang put down her chopsticks, shook her head, and said to Sister Lan, “Sister Lan, it’s alright. Let’s just do what Mr. Nian says.” Cabbage and tofu was better than nothing. Back when she first came to Xia City, she survived on steam buns and pickles.

Sister Lan sighed helplessly.

After breakfast, Steward Wu walked in while coughing and said, “Young Master, I don’t feel well today. I think I have a fever. May I take a leave to go to the hospital?”

Recalling what Luosang said yesterday, Nian Junting frowned, lowered his head, and responded, “Go. When will you be back?”

“I’ll be back as soon as possible if there’s nothing serious,” said Steward Wu.

After Steward Wu left, Nian Junting turned back to look at Luosang, who was eyeing him with her lips pressed together.

The corners of her mouth turned up in a faint smile, as if she was telling him—’See, I didn’t lie; Steward Wu really is feeling unwell’.

Nian Junting curled his lips downwards and said, “Now you’ve got a perfect excuse to take advantage of me.”

Luosang was again speechless.

[1]Xiaolongbao: A type of Chinese steamed bun (baozi)

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