Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 5 - Let Luosang Give You A Sponge Bath Tonight

Chapter 5: Let Luosang Give You A Sponge Bath Tonight

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‘Well, he can think whatever he likes. Steward Wu will be back from the hospital this afternoon anyway,’ Luosang thought.

However, in the evening, Steward Wu called Sister Lan to tell her that even though his fever had been brought down, he still felt awfully enervated, so he went back home and was being looked after by his wife.

Sister Lan told this to Nian Junting, who felt utterly bored and had been watching TV on the bed. “Young Master, I think we should let Luosang give you a sponge bath tonight,” said Sister Lan.

Luosang shuddered.

“Her?” Nian Junting turned his head to look at Luosang, eyes immediately filled with vigilance. “I heard that women over thirty years old can be exceptionally horny, especially the unmarried ones like her. I’m afraid that she might defile my young body.”

Luosang honestly didn’t know what to say when she heard him.

“In fact… It’s not hot these days, and Young Master didn’t sweat, so I think it’ll be fine if we skip the sponge bath for a day. But, if Young Master really needs it…” Luosang thought for a moment and said, “Sister Lan, maybe you should do it…”

Sister Lan was also discomposed because of what Nian Junting said. Hearing Luosang, she automatically waved her hand and said, “No, no, no, I definitely can not do it. I’m over forty, and I got divorced. I’m more afraid of defiling Young Master’s young body than you.”

Luosang had to clench her teeth quite tight to prevent herself from laughing out loud. She raised her head to look at Nian Junting and found his face extremely dark.

After finishing her last sentence, Sister Lan found the atmosphere a little weird, so she added with a flushed face, “And… I’m heavy-handed and may accidentally hurt Young Master, so it’s just not appropriate for me to do it,” and then hurriedly went downstairs.

The air in the bedroom became even thinner because of the chill that emitted from Nian Junting.

Feeling it a little hard to breathe, Luosang tucked her hair behind her ears and said, “I… I’ll go get the water.”

As Nian Junting didn’t say no, she now knew that she would have to give him that sponge bath tonight.

Soon afterwards, she came up with a basin of warm water. After taking a deep breath, she unbuttoned the buttons of Nian Tingjun’s pajama top one by one. His skin was olive-colored, and his muscles were beautiful. Even his lower abdominal muscles were clearly shaped and were obviously filled with strength, rising and falling slightly along with his breath. He had absolutely no extra fat on his waist even though he had been lying down all day. The only blemish of his body were some small scars which were not deep, but seemed to have existed for a long time.

That wasn’t strange though. Almost every man used to be a naughty little boy, and it was inevitable for a boy to leave some scars on his body.

Yi Jingxi had similar scars, and according to him, he was scratched by some twigs when climbing a tree, so those scars were left on his body.

Thinking of him, Luosang’s suddenly sensed a sharp pain from her heart. She felt it hard to breathe because the pain squeezed at her internal organs.

She closed her eyes for a moment, then reopened them and calmed back down.

She first wiped Nian Junting’s upper body with a towel, then slowly took off his pants. She didn’t dare to look at him, but only focused her eyes on the TV while randomly wiping his lower body.

On TV, was an annual award ceremony of a TV station.

“Now, let me announce the winner of the “Best Newcomer” award this year… Zhong Yi! Let us welcome her on stage with applause!”

A woman wearing an elegant blue dress and impeccable makeup slowly walked onto the stage with an innocent smile on her face.

Luosang quivered and scrubbed Nian Tingjun’s body slightly harder.

Zhong Yi.

Zhong Yi.

The same as Yi Jingxi, that name had been torturing her like a bone-corroding poison the past year since she left An City. At first, she couldn’t even sleep at night.

Who would have thought that this glamorous girl on TV used to be her best friend, and that she had taken away her fiance and all the glories that were supposed to belong to her, just when she thought she was at the happiest moment of her life?

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