Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 6 - When Are You Gonna Stop Eye-raping Me?

Chapter 6: When Are You Gonna Stop Eye-raping Me?

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Luosang would never forget how Yi Jingxi framed her father in court for molesting a student and sent him to prison a year ago. Yi Jingxi took away her family business, built single handedly by her father, and kicked her out of Xu Family. Afterwards, he made the entire dubbing circle ban her, and had her college put all sorts of obstacles in her way. He put Luosang through endless bullying and humiliation, which all forced her to finally drop out of college and leave An City at last.

After that, Zhong Yi became famous like a dark horse with Yi Jiangxi’s help. She took a voice role in a blockbuster film, which was supposed to belong to Luosang. Yi Jingxi even spent massive amounts of money to make her the leading actress of a blockbuster fantasy film, directed by a famous director. Because of that film, Zhong Yi catapulted to fame, and in just a year she won the “Best Newcomer” award.

As for Luosang, the daughter of Xu Family, and someone who used to stand high above the masses, she was now working humbly away from home as a carer.

She started her dubbing career in junior high and had voiced in over a hundred films. In the eyes of others, she was a talented young dubber with a bright future.

She truly didn’t understand how everything changed so quickly. She used to see Zhong Yi as her best friend. At first, when there was no one willing to work with Zhong Yi, Luosang even asked around to find opportunities for her. And Yi Jingxi, what did Luosang ever do to him? Why did he send her father to prison and take away everything she had? He didn’t even leave her a place to stay in An City?

Those two people…

An intense hatred rose from the bottom of Luosang’s heart.

“Don’t you know what shame is? You are scrubbing my skin off!” shouted Nian Tingjun’s as his icy-cold voice burst right next to Luosang’s ear. He cried, “How much longer are you gonna scrub that place for?”

Luosang paused, then lowered her head to look at his body. When she saw the place that she had been scrubbing, she felt blood flooding towards her face. She was trying to remain calm even though she felt as if she wanted to die.

She used to have a boyfriend, and was once engaged, but she never had that kind of intimacy with Yi Jingxi. This was her first time seeing a man’s private part so clearly.

That little thing was on the verge of raising its head.

“When are you gonna stop eye-raping me?” screamed Nian Junting. His handsome face flushed a dark-purple at the moment. If a fierce gaze could kill, Luosang would have died countless times in that moment.

“I… I’m sorry,” murmured Luosang as she heard his yell, and hurriedly pulled up his pants with shaking hands. However, she was too nervous and accidentally touched his private part.

“You…,” countered Nian Junting who suddenly widened his eyes and stared at Lusang with his whole body tightened.

“I didn’t do it on purpose… I was watching TV just now, the award winner is… too pretty, so I got distracted,” Luosang stuttered while trying to explain. She asked, “The skin isn’t broken, is it? I tried to check just now but, but it’s all dark… I… can’t tell…”

After saying that, she just wanted to bite her tongue off.

Why did she say that? Why on earth did she say that?

“What is dark?” said Nian Junting as he stared at Luosang like an angry hedgehog with standing sharp thorns. His eyes were like a pair of invisible sharp daggers, preparing to slice her into a thousand pieces. “You meant to say that I’m not clean, didn’t you?” he asked.

Even though he hadn’t showered since he was injured, he still had a sponge bath every day. How could Luosang say that? Did Steward Wu not wipe him clean?

“No…I…don’t know,” Luosang’s face flushed scarlet as she responded. Probably because her brain wasn’t working well at that moment. Then she added, “I’ve never seen a man’s private part before.”

“You’re a thirty-year-old woman, don’t play innocent with me,” said Nian Junting, extremely irritated.

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