Hail the King

Chapter 1275.2 - The Grand Finale (Part Two)

Chapter 1275: The Grand Finale (Part Two)

Also, from the heroes who returned lived, people learned that the Human Emperor had become the God of Creation. Like the stars in the sky, he inspected every corner of this giant land, and no evil could hide.

No one could challenge the Human Emperor’s status and doubt his decisions.

Now, Fei represented unprecedented power and prestige in everyone’s mind. He united the church and the state, and he was also the most powerful being who ever existed. No one could challenge him in this dimension, let alone on the Azeroth Continent.

With Fei on the continent, the chaotic period after the war soon passed, and Azeroth started to flourish in only half a year.

At the same time, Earth also got reorganized.

Under the push of Akara, Cain, and their disciples such as Oscar, the science civilization on Earth and the magic civilization on the Azeroth Continent collided and created bright sparks.

After getting invaded by the bugs, the laws of nature on Earth changed, and people could start cultivating warrior energy and magic energy.

The interesting thing was that compared to how the people on Earth were intoxicated by magic and other supernatural powers, the technology trend on the Azeroth Continent was even more hyped. For a while, many nobles on the Azeroth Continent were proud to have a TV, a fridge, a smartphone, or a tablet from Earth. It felt just like how Europe reacted when initially trading with ancient China and getting things like porcelains and tea and vice versa.

Such situations naturally boosted the trade between the two worlds.

Former Bishop of the Beast God Palace, Zhong Dajun, had become the only authorized dealer of Apple products on the Azeroth Continent.

Fei’s father-in-law, Bast, decided to retire from his position as the head minister of the empire and became the biggest dealer of magic items on Earth.

Since Bast didn’t cultivate warrior energy or magic energy, his hair was already all white. However, he was still a dashing old man. After Fei injected his body with godly power, Bast’s life was greatly extended, and he played with his grandchildren every day, enjoying his life.

Although this old man was no longer the Head Minister of the Azeroth Empire, he still had a ton of influence. He was the Human Emperor’s father-in-law, and his daughter was an official queen. His acquaintances and students were all over the world, and no one dared to mess with him.

Most of the 12 gold saints became supreme gods who were stationed at important locations even though the star power that empowered them during the Holy War disappeared. Brook who once controlled almost all the military forces on the continent also retired. Fei valued this straightforward man, and the latter was tasked with many duties. Due to these tasks, he didn’t have time to cultivate. Now that the continent was peaceful, he decided to hand over his control of the military and focused on his cultivation.

People like Golden Lion Lampard, Cech, and Inzagi disguised as ordinary people and toured the world, inspecting different areas for Fei.

If the bell on the central godly mountain in Sky City rang again, they would return in golden armor and battle for the Human Emperor!

Continental Martial Saint Maradona was severely injured, and he only had his soul left after the war. Fortunately for him, after Fei became the God of Creation, he was able to treat Maradona’s injury.

After Maradona recovered, he said farewells to Fei and enjoyed his life on the continent. Not many people had seen him, but his legends were still circulating on the land!

There were many such examples.

After Fei become the God of Creation, all the people who had been with him from the beginning benefited greatly, becoming the protagonists in many traveling poets’ stories.

Chambord City was now the holy land in many people’s minds. It was this small city that gave birth to the Human Emperor who saved the entire world. It was also the place where Fei tested the new policies that this world had never seen before.

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