Hail the King

Chapter 1275.3 - The Grand Finale (Part Three)

Chapter 1275: The Grand Finale (Part Three)

The other races such as orcs, dwarfs, elves, gnomes, dragons and even the cold Sea Tribe entered a peaceful era; it was rare to see.

Every race addressed Fei as the Ancestral Emperor, and they didn’t dare to rebel.

After the war, these races obtained the same privileges as humans, and they received their most ideal habitats.

As time passed by, the populations of these races rose, and they all entered their golden age.

Everything was moving in the right direction under Fei’s hard work.

In terms of the Holy Church, it got the chance to continue. All the messy and chaotic shrines were united into one, and the dark forces inside the Holy Church were eliminated. All the versions of codes of conduct were condensed into one, and the Holy Church returned to its former self, focusing on helping those in need. Priests and godly knights traveled on the continent and promoted the Human Emperor’s dogma and kindness. After many years, the Holy Church finally represented light and justice again.

At the same time, the Undead Godly Palace was also rebuilt under the Human Emperor’s special permission. The former Undead Mage Hazel Bank and his partner Undead Bone Dragon Arthur who were hunted by the Holy Church had become supreme gods, and they had their own believers. The undead energy was used for righteous causes, and this branch of magic power that had been misunderstood for many years was reborn.

Every race on the Azeroth Continent was living their best lives.

With Human Emperor Alexander who was an unprecedented sage ruling this continent, it felt like wars had left this beautiful and fertile land forever.

“So, after that streak of power entered your body, you suddenly understood many things? You realized that you are the reincarnation of the daughter of the gods, and your body stored ultimate Yin energy. Only when Yin and Yang merge can I truly advance into the Realm of the God of Creation?”

Fei was holding Angela’s small hands, and Valkyrie Elena and Demonic Woman Paris stood beside them.

“Eh, perhaps Gao De His Holiness already planned all this before he died. He split his power as the God of Creation into two portions. One portion got to you, and the other portion was further split into two. One smaller portion is stored in my body, and the other smaller portion was inside the daughter of the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan. To become the next God of Creation, Gao Shang waged the war more than 1,000 years ago and obtained that girl of the God Clan. He couldn’t get the power out of that girl, so he could only turn her into a demi-bug by using the devouring and polluting abilities of the bugs. He was planning to take it slow…” Angela explained with a smile.

“Unfortunately, Gao Shang’s calculation fell short. Man’s power can’t exceed that of Heaven. Although Gao De His Holiness merged with the universe, he was once the lord of this universe, and his plans defeated Gao Shang in the end…” the Demonic Woman giggled.

The Valkyrie who had been silent suddenly commented, “I suddenly feel like that Gao Shang is pitiable.”

The Valkyrie didn’t participate in the Holy War for two reasons. One was personal since Fei didn’t want to see his lover die in battle. The other was that if he and the united troops got defeated, Fei wanted Elena to protect Angela and their closest friends, leave Azeroth, and live peacefully somewhere else.

After all, Fei wasn’t a complete sage, and he had his own personal interests.

“Hahaha! We should go and reveal the last secret.” Fei laughed and wrapped his arms around his three lovers. With a flash, they arrived in the grand godly realm.

Except for the sun that was radiating light in the sky, there was also a giant sphere of light in the center of the world.

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