Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 9

Chapter 0009: Immortal’s Path, Immortal Promotion Plateau

This time around, the heavenly immortals coming to Yanli Mountain numbered four, including Situ Jin.

Situ Jin wore a long robe of black and white. There was another man in blue who was even more reedy, like a cane. He was disdainful and cold.

As for the two women, they were incomparably beautiful. Although Wu Yu once held high status in the mortal realm, women as beautiful and moving as this were rare.

One of the girls was petite, with a face as cold as an iceberg. Although alluring, one would not dare to approach her. The other girl in red was very cute. She was small, yet with a full figure. She had bright eyes and teeth and looked very charming. But when they faced Wu Yu and the rest, they still had a superior air to them.

“You!” Situ Jin’s squat frame leapt off the Immortal Crane. He reached Wu Yu in two steps, eyes wide and face contorted with rage.

“When I acted, I definitely smashed his skull. He’s actually not dead? How much life does he have?” Situ Jin felt thrown off.

“Situ Jin.” The three behind walked up. Seeing Wu Yu, they were stunned as well.

“This slave is not dead?” the red-clothed girl exclaimed softly, her hand over her mouth.

“How are you not dead?” Situ Jin was unhappy. Back then, his intention had been to kill the chicken and warn the monkeys. But now the “chicken” was not dead. He would be the laughing stock of his friends.

Wu Yu knew that he was not weaker than this Situ Jin, but now their statuses were different. He considered briefly and felt that it was best not to invite conflict at this time. He was afraid that he might not be allowed to participate in the entrance examination.

He said, “Great Heavenly Immortal, this lowly one has had a long life and fought his way back to life. But I thank the Heavenly Immortal for his merciful hand.”

Sun Wudao had been trembling nervously, but upon hearing Wu Yu say this, his worry eased a little. He quickly added, “Heavenly Immortal, we thank the Heavenly Immortal for his mercy. Regarding what happened before, we were at fault and neglected our care for the Heavenly Immortal’s Immortal Crane. This will definitely not happen again.”

Situ Jin and the three behind looked at each other, then burst into laughter. Situ Jin said, “I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you three.”

“Situ Jin, you’re hopeless. After half a day, you can’t even beat a slave to death,” the red-clothed girl said. She looked at her own Immortal Crane. “If it had been my Mei Er, this bunch of slaves would be in trouble. I would flay the skin off the offender.”

Her tone was sweet, but her words rendered one speechless. This was precisely the heart of the devil, concealed beneath the appearance of an immortal.

The red-clothed girl’s words shamed Situ Jin completely. Thinking quickly, he cleared his throat and said to Wu Yu, “The last time you harmed my Ling Er. The debt is yet to be settled. How’s this: there’s a mound of Immortal Crane ‘essence’ here. You eat it and I let you off today.”

He was referring to the feces of the Immortal Crane.

Instantly, all three behind burst into guffaws.

“Situ Jin, you’re so crude,” the tall girl could not resist saying.

“Brother Situ is so wild.” The blue-clothed youngster chimed in.

Situ Jin said, “Please don’t laugh, just having some fun.”

The faces of the workers changed. But they were helpless.

Sun Wudao was worried that Wu Yu could not control himself, so he hastened to respond, “This ‘essence, I’ll eat it.” Although he had never endured such shame before, for Wu Yu, he could not care about anything else.

That deep love moved Wu Yu.

They were strangers brought together by chance; why would he treat him so well?

“No need to care about them.” Wu Yu wanted to act only at the entrance exam, but now it seemed like fate was at odds with him.

What he did not know was whether he would lose the chance to take the entrance examination if he resisted today.

“Wu Yu!” Sun Wudao was shocked, but Wu Yu held him back. He retreated a few steps and his eyes swirled with golden light, like a huge beast stirring to life.

“You dare to disobey my order?” Situ Jin was just congratulating himself on his wit when Wu Yu had actually chosen to rebel. This made him furious.

“Poor Wu Yu!” All of the workers fixed their looks of pity on Wu Yu. “He narrowly escaped the difficult times last time, but now he’s thoroughly doomed.”

“It’s that damned Zhao Chuan who did him in.”

Situ Jin was looking for an opportunity. If he could not even kill a slave, then he would be thoroughly shamed. Especially since he was chasing the red-clothed girl, he could not throw away his reputation.

“Today, I’ll send you to the Yellow Springs!”

Situ Jin was about to act.

In that instant.

A white-robed girl appeared soundlessly before his eyes. Situ Jin was dazzled. A tight slap sent him flying, crashing heavily onto a piece of limestone. With a loud pa, a few cracks appeared on the limestone.

“Who!?” Situ Jin’s face was red and he had lost a tooth. He was boiling now, but as his vision focused, the person in front of him gave him a scare. He hurriedly said, “Senior Su, why are you here?”

Wu Yu had not thought Su Yanli would appear, and this was his first time being so close to her. Although the other two girls were beauties, compared to Su Yanli, whether in terms of looks or bearing, they were like specks of pearl compared to the moon.

A light fragrance that stirred one’s heart.

“This is my Yanli Mountain, it’s my territory,” Su Yanli stated frostily. She waved. “Situ Jin and you three, never appear on my Yanli Mountain again.”

She was angry.

Situ Jin was bemused. He said, “Senior Su, this is just a slave. I…”

“He is of Yanli Mountain. If there should be punishment, it will not come from you,” Su Yanli said.

Her voice was even and not raised. But it held a power that was difficult to deny. In Wu Yu’s eyes, she was a real heavenly immortal, and someone who could compare to Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. She knew Dao Techniques and how to reverse yin and yang!


The four were in a bad mood.

Situ Jin took a deep breath and faced Su Yanli, stating clearly, “Senior Su, my younger brother Situ Minglang is 13 this year. He is already at the Body Refining Realm's Spirit Ascension tier. In the mortal realm, he would be a martial god. Such talent eclipses even yours back in the day, doesn’t it?”

From beside, the red-clothed girl said, “It’s said that the Sect Protector is waiting for Situ Minglang to concentrate his energy before taking him as disciple. At that time, his status will be no lower than Senior Su’s.”

The Sect Protector was only second to the Sect Leader.

Su Yanli’s cherry lips parted slightly, her expression mild. “Are you trying to intimidate me?”

“I wouldn’t dare. I was just saying.” Situ Jin smiled coldly, rubbing his swollen cheek. They straddled their Immortal Cranes and flew into the clouds. They swept past, but as they left, Situ Jin gazed turned to Wu Yu’s face.

Looks were exchanged.

“Hm!” Situ Jin was shocked, as though he had been attacked. He almost fell off his Immortal Crane.

“It must be Su Yanli up to her tricks.” He could not believe that this was Wu Yu’s attack.

“Situ Minglang? 13? And already a martial god?” Su Yanli turned back to look at Wu Yu and Sun Wudao, although her mind was already on other matters. She disappeared in the blink of an eye as though she had never been there.

“Many thanks to the Heavenly Immortal!” Sun Wudao had avoided another disaster, and hurriedly fell to his knees.

This time around, they were indeed saved by Su Yanli’s help, and Wu Yu was also grateful.

That Situ Jin wanted to kill him last time, but Wu Yu had immersed himself in the pleasure of training and had almost completely forgotten him. But this clash had left a deep impression on Wu Yu. If he had the chance, he would see Situ Jin begging for mercy on his knees.

“13 years old, and a martial god!” But thinking of this Situ Minglang, Wu Yu was still shaken. He had reached the fifth tier of the martial way when he was 15, and he was already hailed as a genius of the martial way.

Who would have thought that someone at age 13 would already be a terrifying existence at the 10th tier of the martial way?

“With this servant status, if I’m bullied, it’s tricky to resist. I must use this last chance to become a member of the Heavenly Sword Sect!”

Soon, deep night fell.

“Wu Yu, tomorrow is the entrance examination. Are you going?” Sun Wudao asked.

“Of course I’m going.”

“My leg is inconveniencing me. The Immortal Promotion Mountain is not near – how about we depart tonight?” Sun Wudao asked.

Actually, he should not be going. After all, he was advanced in his years. But the entrance examination was his life’s dream. He did not want to miss it even once. Even at his age, seeing those youngsters become disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect brought him happiness. It was a very satisfying sight.

“No need, I’ll carry you there.” Wu Yu wrapped his refined steel longsword well, hanging it on his hip. If Sun Wudao asked, he would say it was the walking stick for tomorrow’s mountain road.

The day had finally come.

Although Sun Wudao hesitated, upon seeing Wu Yu shoulder himself and still walk steadily, he did not comment further.

Immortal Promotion Mountain!

The most lively place in the Bipo Mountain Range on this day. Whether the internal servants’ examination, or the externally invited genius examinations, it was all held there. If one passed, one was destined for the path of a heavenly immortal.

From a mortal to a martial cultivator.

It was Wu Yu’s first time making such a long trek through the Bipo Mountain Range. Today was a huge festival for the brothers of the servants. Many had departed before the sun had even risen. The real examination would actually only take part at noon.

“Your body has recovered very well.” Seeing Wu Yu traverse the mountains, he did not seem the least bit fatigued despite carrying himself. Sun Wudao was very surprised.

“I have the foundation of the fifth tier of the martial way, it’s just that I was brought down by the Spirit Severing Powder.”

In his heart, he was thinking that he was about to give Sun Wudao the biggest surprise. Even if he willed himself to be calm, imagining Sun Wudao’s expression made him excited.

Sun Wudao fell asleep on his back, and Wu Yu increased his pace. Just as the sky was lightening, he had arrived at Immortal Promotion Mountain. Not many people had arrived at this time. Those gathered at Immortal Promotion Mountain today were basically all the servants.

“Immortal’s Path, Immortal Promotion Plateau! All disciples who wish to compete, submit for authentication at the foot of the Immortal Promotion Mountain, then enter the mountain for testing. In the end, emerge at the summit of the mountain. That is the process of the Immortal’s Path. At the Immortal Promotion Plateau on top of the mountain, there is another test. The miscellaneous brothers who are not participating may directly go to the Immortal Promotion Plateau on top of the mountain to spectate.”

On the Immortal Promotion Plateau, there were more than 100,000 spectator seats, all belonging to the servants. They were almost like cheerleaders. As for the formal disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, they all had their own Immortal Cranes, and their seats in the skies were even higher and gave an even better view.

The height of Immortal Promotion Mountain was about the same as Yanli Mountain, but it was wider by many times. By the time Sun Wudao awoke, Sun Wudao had delivered him to a very good seat. From this angle, you could clearly see the battlefield below.

“We’ve arrived? So quickly?” Sun Wudao roused himself and blearily looked around. He recalled how tiring it had been to climb up here in the past. Who would have thought that he would arrive today after a quick nap?

“Mm.” Wu Yu smiled slightly.

“This seat is awesome!” Sun Wudao looked like he had reverted to his childhood. His face was full of excitement. “Today, we can clearly see those geniuses rise.”

“Next time, I’ll carry you as well.” Wu Yu smiled.

He was in high spirits. Today, he shed his cocoon and metamorphosed. Most importantly, today was the day he would fulfill Sun Wudao’s life dream.

The number of people swelled. At least 100,000 had come to watch the battle, and the chatter was deafening.

It was said that quite a few servants had already passed authentication below and were walking the Immortal’s Path in preparation for the battle at noon.

It was almost noon now.

Wu Yu claimed his stomach was bad, and there was no place to relieve himself on the mountain. He would go down the mountain.

“It’s going to start anytime!” Sun Wudao also wanted him to watch this battle.

“It’s alright. I’m not that interested. You watch, I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere, or I won’t be able to find you when I get back.”

“Sure, I’ll save you the seat, then.”

Wu Yu was not worried that he would go anywhere. After all, he had a bad leg and could not descend the mountain himself. After leaving, he sped his way down the mountain and quickly reached the foot, preparing to go through the qualification process.

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