Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 8

Chapter 0008: Heavenly Palace

“Wu Yu!”

In the early dawn, Sun Wudao hurried over.

“What has happened?” Wu Yu was about to leave. He was aiming to complete the mastery of Golden Flame Bones by today.

“I heard that Zhao Chuan and a few others were killed on Yanli Mountain last night! This incident has drawn a lot of attention and discussion, and all the servants are spooked. Rumor has it that a demon from outside has snuck into the Bipo Mountain Range to seek revenge against these righteous men!”

“Oh. I get it now.”

“The world is getting chaotic.” Sun Wudao looked sternly at Wu Yu before continuing, “It’s so chaotic these days. It would be better if you don’t head out to relieve boredom. There isn’t much time left for rest. You should stay in your room and take a good break.”

He was truly treating him very well. If it wasn’t because of him, Wu Yu wouldn’t have had the strange encounter and would not have had a chance of rebirth.

“I would still like to go out and take a walk. Don’t worry, I’ll just wander in the vicinity of the back mountain.” Naturally, Wu Yu insisted. In fact, there were several times when he wished to tell Sun Wudao about his current situation. However, after giving it some thought, he would still like to let Sun Wudao see him shine during the assessment, shine before the eyes of everyone and make him proud.

Wu Yu arrived at the back mountain.

Within the forest, the morning sun had already risen up from the east.

Layers of mist and haze engulfed the Bipo Mountain Range. Even if one stood at the highest point, he would probably still not be able to see the edge of it.

Writhed in immortal mist and under the illuminating rays of the scorching sun, beautiful colors of the rainbow could be seen.

Countless Immortal Cranes were flying in the air, and countless rare and precious beasts roamed within the forests.

Rays of light reflected off from the swords of the immortals intersecting in the air, forming images of flowers or a thousand beasts.

At the hottest spot under the scorching sun, Wu Yu was only wearing a pair of pants while forging his golden bones. Under the hot sun, the young man had his hair tied up into a bunch. Golden light leaked out from his exquisite facial features from time to time.

After the end of the first tier, Forging Muscles, his flesh and blood had reborn. The new flesh and skin were fair and white. At the same time, one could vaguely see golden lights streaming within. After starting on his cultivation once again, his aura had changed and he was already a handsome man that had a radiant glow.

Amidst his eyes, the natural and disdainful aura was especially eye-catching.

In particular, that golden sauvastika symbol on his back was even more dazzling. All the rays of the sun gathered into one column and was injected into the body through the sauvastika symbol.

Vajra Forging Muscles! His body was made up of golden tendons that formed a network and nurtured the growth of golden flames in his bones.

The current Wu Yu could be said to be gaining a preliminary mastery of the Invincible Vajra Body.

After succeeding, his battle prowess had increased substantially once again.

“I have just reached the third tier and I already have the strength of 50 warhorses. This is equivalent to the fifth tier of Body Refining Realm. The current me is already comparable to when I was in Capital Wu. No, I should be slightly stronger than when I was in Capital Wu.”

Standing under the blazing sun, Wu Yu couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

It had only been a total of around 10 days, and he had already reached such a level!

Although this was partly because of his prior experience, one thing he couldn’t deny was that the Invincible Vajra Body was indeed something extraordinary. Wu Yu knew clearly that he had obtained an impressive inheritance.

“Inheritances and strange encounters are things that people within the immortal sect would envy. It seems that outside the entrance assessment, it will be better for me to keep a low profile.

“I just wonder if I could match up with that Jindan Immortal when I have cultivated to the deeper levels.”

Wu Yu’s dream had gradually changed from ruling the world and living a life of battles to riding on a sword and living a carefree life.

For the remaining 10-plus days, Wu Yu intended to go for the next tier. With his current strength, it still wasn’t sufficient for him to participate in the entrance examination. He was still running on a tight schedule.

“Although I have obtained an inheritance, entering the immortal sect is still of utmost importance to me. Resources, networking, and other things are all necessary.” Wu Yu was once the prince of a kingdom, so he clearly knew about these reasonings.

The fourth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body, Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment, was similar to the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm, Strengthening Viscera.

Strengthening Viscera was about the strengthening the internal organs of the body. The internal organs of the body were the source of vitality and energy and the core of one’s body. One’s vitality and energy would be completely different after completing the Strengthening Viscera tier.

In the mortal realm, one could only become a martial arts expert after completing the Strengthening Viscera tier.

The fourth tier, Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment, was also known as Five Godly Organs.

“To plant the five golden gods into the five internal organs.

“And they are the Red Gold God, the Purple Gold God, the Golden God, the Platinum God, and the Black Gold God!

“There’s a total of five steps!”

The effects of the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment, or Five Godly Organs, were beyond one’s imagination. When mastered, the internal organs would become equivalent to five gods on duty and one would have a steady flow of vitality and energy. The body would be like the world, with the internal organs as strong as wild beasts. In fact, one’s internal organs would be even more resilient than one’s bones.

The Five Godly Organs would first start from breathing techniques, which actually felt like being cut by a sharp blade. As the air moved and raged within the body, the internal organs would be constantly breaking apart, causing agonizing pain.

“Immortal sect, there will only be one chance.”

This Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment was indeed hard to practice. During the process, even Wu Yu had the intention to give up. However, the reality that had struck him had supported him to continue. Even though he felt a thousand blades cutting his heart and his internal organs were constantly being destroyed, he had persisted.

When it came to resilience, Wu Yu had reached a terrifying stage.

The Invincible Vajra Body in itself already required one to undergo tough training hundreds and thousands of times and experience limitless miseries and pain in order to succeed.

Although it was only over a short period of slightly over ten days, the golden knife edge had ripped apart Wu Yu’s internal organs over 100 million times. What came after each rupture was rebirth of a stronger internal organ.

Towards the end, the internal organs of Wu Tu had been polished to the level of gold. Their resilience and strength were comparable to the internal organs of the blue whale in the deep sea. In fact, an exhalation of air even seemed capable of shattering a tree!

One could only truly become strong after strengthening one’s viscera.

Between his breathing cycles, there seemed to be tigers and leopards roaring and thunder exploding. Despite being in human form, Wu Yu had already become like a large, ancient beast.

The golden sauvastika on his back had also become even more dazzling.


In the end, when Wu Yu exhaled, a strong gust of wind swept through the forest in front of him. The trees were shaking constantly as the leaves danced through the air and fell.

The fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm, Five Godly Organs, is finally completed.”

After succeeding, the first feeling he got wasn’t about how strong he had gotten, it was hunger.

Extreme hunger.


As he ran in the forest, Wu Yu easily eliminated a 2,000 pounds wild boar. Using fire to roast it, he was actually able to finish eating it after half a day. Looking at the remaining skeletal structure, Wu Yu had not expected his appetite to have increased to this extent.

“Martial cultivators require huge amounts of replenishment. I have no resources currently and can only rely on mortal food for replenishment. I heard that there are some immortal essences or even medicinal pills that can make one feel full for half a month after consumption. Moreover, one would still maintain his strength in the process.

"I’ve finally succeeded."

The gloomines that had been around Wu Yu over this period of time vanished instantly. After his body got stronger and his mind got more resilient, he smiled a lot more and spoke in a more refreshing manner than before.

When it came to one’s aura, not a single servant would be able to match up with him. If he wasn’t wearing the clothing of a servant, there would probably be people who would mistake him as an external disciple.

“I never would've expected myself to possess the strength of 130 warhorses just by reaching the fourth tier. I’m already stronger than an ordinary person at the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm. My strength is powerful and my body is even stronger. Ordinary knives and swords would probably not be able to harm my flesh and blood now.”

If he said he wasn’t happy, he would definitely be lying.

Wu Yu was already very confident about that entrance examination, and it seemed that he still had three days left before it began.

Wu Yu had decided not to train during these three days. Over the past month, Sun Wudao must have been filled with anxiety whenever he saw Wu Yu leave the house. Now that Wu Yu had finally succeeded, he wouldn’t have to let him be worried anymore.

He dug out that steel longsword and brought it back home as part of his preparations for the battle in three days.

Everything was finally in place.

“You are finally enlightened. Follow me to the Immortal Beast Garden tomorrow and lead an honest life!”

Sun Wudao had already aged and his vision wasn’t as good as before. Surprisingly, he had not discovered the major changes on Wu Yu over this period of time despite Wu Yu clearly looking more forceful and walking with more vigor.

“As a servant, it’s better to follow the rules and complete what is required of us. Zhao Chuan lost his life because he didn’t follow the rules.

“The entrance examination will be taking place in three days. Do you want to watch it?” asked Wu Yu when they were eating.

“Sure.” This was the most important day for Sun Wudao. He had been there every single time as this was his dream a long time ago. Even if he were to see someone entering the immortal sect by sheer luck, he would also be happy for him.

“Oh.” Wu Yu felt more at ease now.

What Wu Yu didn’t know was that Su Yanli had arrived at the most core region of the Bipo Mountain Range at this moment.

The main peak of the Bipo Mountain Range was known as Heavenly Peak!

Rumor had it that it wasn’t called so in the past. After the Heavenly Sword Sect discovered this place and established their sect here, they renamed that tall mountain peak that reached the skies to Heavenly Peak.

On the Heavenly Peak, amidst the boundless, nine-colored immortal mist that shrouded the area, one could vaguely see the contours of a large palace. That was the Heavenly Palace, the place where the Sect Leader handled his daily affairs and the place where he cultivated.

Countless dangers surrounded the Heavenly Palace. Large beasts were flying around and shimmers of knives and swords could be seen. There was even thunder and lightning in the form of snakes that were slithering around. This was one of the forbidden areas in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Without the Sect Leader’s permission, even the Sect Protector couldn’t enter this place directly.

As for the current moment, the girl in the white dress, Su Yanli, landed right in front of the Heavenly Palace.

“Master, Yanli would like to seek an audience.”

Su Yanli’s crisp voice propagated in.

Amidst the immortal mist, her long dress fluttered softly. Su Yanli looked no different from the image of an immortal girl the mortals had conjured.

When Su Yanli completed her sentence, the lightning within the mist ahead quietened down. A path appeared within the mist and led directly to the Heavenly Palace.

In a blink of an eye, she arrived at the Heavenly Palace.

In the main hall.

On the surrounding walls, there was a total of 81 treasured swords shimmering in runic light.

They were immortal treasures used by martial cultivators.

Ding, ding, ding.

Those treasured swords seemed just like trapped beasts that were struggling, but they were still unable to escape.

“Since the day Zhao Chuan was killed, I have been observing him for half a month. As for the information regarding Wu Yu, that’s all I have.”

Su Yanli lowered her head in respect.

The Sect Leader, Feng Xueya, was standing on the tall platform alone, and beyond him was a bottomless abyss. He was recalling the scene where he saw Wu Yu and wasn’t paying attention for a moment.

“Master, how should I deal with him? Should I snatch his strange encounter? As the saying goes, 'a man’s wealth is his own ruin by arousing others’ greed.' You have taught me previously that the Immortal Dao is a path of pillage.”

Feng Xueya turned around and his expression instantly turned stern. A majestic aura arose, intimidating Su Yanli to take three steps back.

He said, “Yanli, the path of I, Feng Xueya, is the strongest path in this Bipo Mountain Range! You, who receives my inheritance, are basically getting the strongest inheritance. Why is there a need to cast your eyes on the strange encounter of a servant? Follow my inheritance and I can confirm that you will be able to reach the Jindan Realm and the height of your master!”

Su Yanli understood.

She lowered her head with respect. Amidst her beautiful eyes, the glow of thought was shimmering. The roar from her master was an enlightenment for her.

“From hereon, Yanli will definitely be entirely focused in cultivating Master’s immortal path of the sword!”

“Great. My disciple must practice the same path as me and have the ambition to look beyond the entire world! Although the Immortal Dao is filled with perils, we have to be accountable to our conscience! With a clear conscience, the path ahead will be smooth,” said the supreme Sect Leader.

“In my Heavenly Sword Sect, one is free to have a strange encounter from past ancestors. If he can retain it and become a talent, that is also his luck. If he can’t protect it and loses his life, that is also what he deserves. You are an outstanding disciple of mine. You have to think this through beforehand. If you are snatching someone’s inheritance, you have to snatch the inheritance of a strong expert. That is the Immortal Dao!”

“Your disciple understands.”

“You may take your leave.”

Towards the end, the supreme Sect Leader waved his hands. The surrounding longswords seemed to have experienced his might and had surprisingly stopped shaking.

And at this moment, Wu Yu followed Sun Wudao and arrived at the Immortal Beast Garden once again. The one month of resting time had already passed. Based on the rules, he still had to do his chores in the Immortal Beast Garden from today onwards.

It was a peaceful day. Wu Yu was chatting casually with Sun Wudao as the time quickly passed.

Suddenly, calls from Immortal Cranes could be heard. Clearly, there were guests arriving. All the various servants quickly lined up to welcome the guest. Wu Yu also raised his head to take a look, and his pupils shrank rapidly at the sight. It was Situ Jin and a few other heavenly immortals once again.

“Wu Yu, quickly, hide!” Sun Wudao was panicking now. After all, in the eyes of Situ Jin, Wu Yu should have been dead. If Wu Yu was seen, there would definitely be troubles.

However, it was too late. Perhaps because Wu Yu was too eye-catching among the servants, Situ Jin caught sight of him in the first instance.

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