Hello Mr. King

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Unrivalled Beauty

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Yun Xiangxiang was very emotional about being reborn. She thanked God for his favor.

The day after she was reborn, she found out that she had committed suicide on the same day as Hua Xiangrong. It was a Friday, so the next two days happened to be holidays. Yun Xiangxiang stayed home to keep calm, getting to know Yun Xiangxiang’s personality.

She even had done a full-body check up at the hospital. Yun Xiangxiang was exceptionally happy after ensuring that she was healthy both inside and out. After suffering a torturous illness, she feared falling sick the most!

If she contracted another terminal illness, she would have to commit suicide all over again!

People who had never experienced that kind of suffering would never understand that kind of pain.

However, Hua Xiangrong had no family. It was different for her now. She had to take care of her body for the sake of her loving parents and cute little brother.

When Yun Xiangxiang looked in the mirror for the first time, she was stunned.

Yun Xiangxiang’s father, Yun Zhibin had a sharp facial features while her mother, Su Xiuling had delicate facial features. Somehow, they gave birth to such a beauty! She didn’t have a shred of doubt that she wasn’t their biological child because she resembled her younger brother, but the pair of siblings had inherited their parents’ best features.

In her past life, she could be considered one of the top beauties in the entertainment industry. She had her own unique charms, but she would be delusional to say that she was the most beautiful. However, even though Yun Xiangxiang was barely sixteen with baby fat still on her face, she was stunningly beautiful.

In fact, the more she stared, the more beautiful she looked.

She was in her best years. Her skin was so tender that water could be squeezed from her skin. Her eyes were the color of amber; they were enchanting, and they were clear as if they were filled with countless stars. Her face wasn’t delicate, aloof, gorgeous nor lovely, but it was an indescribably stunning kind of beauty.

Her face was like the moon on a mid autumn night; her skin tone was the color of flowers on a spring morning.

This was the first time she experienced what it meant to be a beauty among beauties – an unrivalled beauty!

Thump… thump… Yun Xiangxiang’s heart raced. She couldn’t help but stare at herself in the mirror; she was unable to pull her eyes away from her reflection.

Su Xiuling came over and saw her daughter looking in the mirror. She couldn’t help but tease, “Are you done looking? When you’re done, go take out the trash.”

“Mom, did you notice that I got even prettier?” Yun Xiangxiang put down the mirror and walked out of the room.

Because they changed souls, she no longer had Yun Xiangxiang’s depression and delicacy. She became even more confident and open, and that naturally added to her beauty.

Su Xiuling looked at her daughter seriously. Her daughter and son were always her pride; she gave birth to two extremely beautiful children. It was the reason why she considered giving birth to another child two years ago, but it was probably not meant to be as she couldn’t get pregnant. Anyhow, she had both a son and a daughter, and they were her lifeline. For them, she gave up dancing and her career, but she felt content despite her sacrifices.

Her daughter was indeed prettier. Previously, her daughter was a clever, quiet kind of beautiful, but now she was a bright, eye-catching kind of beautiful.

“Yun Lin, go take out the trash!” Su Xiuling turned and shouted at her son, who was in another room. She didn’t realize that her daughter was so beautiful. She was worried that if she went out more, something bad might happen to her. She didn’t want her daughter to show her face right now, in case she ran into danger.

How did she not realize that her daughter was prime jailbait?

Suddenly, Su Xiuling felt anxious.

“Xiangxiang, just tell me, why did you…?” She did not utter the words commit suicide. Once Yun Lin went to take out the trash, Su Xiuling pulled Yun Xiangxiang into her room; Her worry was written on her face.

Initially, she and her husband agreed to not bring up this matter ever again. However, seeing how her daughter changed overnight, Su Xiuling felt scared for some reason.

At that point, Yun Xiangxiang had seen people from all walks of life. She could immediately see through Su Xiuling’s concern, “Mom, what are you thinking? Even though I’m not in the batch of students that Dad teaches, Dad and I are in the same school. I come home on time after school everyday. You even arrange my schedule so tightly on weekends, summer breaks and winter breaks. Do you think I can even date myself?”

Yun Xiangxiang started school early, so she was already in 11th grade even though she wasn’t sixteen yet. The moment she entered high school, Su Xiuling especially warned her about dating. As the school belle, she had countless guys asking her out since junior high school, and it was no different in senior high school as well. However, in order to become the neighbor’s kid that people compared their kids to, Yun Xiangxiang always thought that dating so young was the wrong thing to do. How could she let herself fall from the top?

It made sense to Su Xiuling. Their kids practically lived under their eyelids. Yun Zhibin had a good reputation in school with many friends. Moreover, Yun Xiangxiang’s class teacher and Yun Zhibin were kindred spirits, so if Yun Xiangxiang started dating, there was no way she could hide it from them.

“Then why…” Su Xiuling was even more puzzled by why Yun Xiangxiang wanted to commit suicide.

They were a warm family. The parents didn’t favor the son, but in fact, they loved their daughter more than Yun Lin. They weren’t rich, but they made sure their children lacked nothing. Yun Xiangxiang had always been a good child who only wanted things that aided her studies, and her parents never said no.

Naturally, Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t tell Su Xiuling that her daughter was mentally weak. Instead, she said awkwardly, “Mom, I keep having nightmares recently. I thought taking sleeping pills would help me sleep better…”

She had to make something up.

Fortunately, Yun Xiangxiang knew how to act. Despite being awkward, she didn’t avoid her gaze, and this made Su Xiuling believe her. Su Xiuling’s expression turned aloof, “Don’t do such things next time. If you’re having trouble sleeping, we’ll go see a doctor.”

“There hadn’t been a problem since we got back from the hospital. Every night I get a good night’s sleep.” It was truly a good night’s sleep as it had been ten years since she slept without any worry or anxiety.

They talked for a while until Su Xiuling told her daughter to do her homework while she left to start cooking.

On Monday, Yun Xiangxiang entered the classroom. In her previous life, she never graduated high school, and so she hadn’t stepped into a classroom in fourteen years.

She reached the classroom early. There were only three to four especially diligent students already present. The moment Yun Xiangxiang sat down, a shadow unexpectedly appeared beside her. It was her deskmate, Song Meng.

Before she could even greet her, Song Meng pounced on her and hugged her, “Xiangxiang, my idol is dead!”

Only then did Yun Xiangxiang realize that Song Meng’s idol was her from her previous life, and she began to feel awkward.

Feeling hot tears flowing on her neck, Yun Xiangxiang was astounded.

She was so sure of her decision because she couldn’t live long and she no longer wanted to suffer. It was also because she wanted to get her revenge on Ruo Feiqun and his wife. But she never thought that a stranger would cry over her.

She was an orphan. Though she looked like she had many friends, and they all said that she was sociable, she never opened up to them, much less to her fans. She interacted with her fans and cared about them appropriately, but she never asked them for anything. She thanked them; she appreciated them, but she never treated them as anything more than that.

In her point of view, how could someone who wasn’t her family grieve over her death?

“Xiangxiang, I hate that b*tch couple so much!” Song Meng sobbed, gnashing her teeth.

Even though she thought she had considered all aspects of the situation, Yun Xiangxiang suddenly felt unsure. She stretched out her arms and embraced Song Meng, lightly patting her back. She didn’t know how to comfort her.

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