Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Meet the Enemy

“Brother-in-law, why do you still let the tease work in the TV station?” Yin Jingyao looks dissatisfied, “Is it so difficult to fire a person? Or are you not willing to?”

“She has been working here for a long time after all, and it is a bit inhumane to fire her without excuse. Give her some time for preparation…”

“Prepare for what? You are with my sister. Why do you still keep her aside?”

“I don’t.” Ou Yixuan’s expression is solemn, “I gave her a task. If the task is not completed, Xia Ning must leave. You can be assured.”

“What task?”

“To interview Dai Zhen.”

“Dai Zhen?” Yin Jingyao raises her eyebrows and sneers, “This man is notoriously difficult to deal with. No media can make him accept an interview. She dares to take this? She is overconfident!”

Wait, Xia Ning should set off to C City. Instead of keeping this eyesore, it is better to do something on her way…

Dangerous light flashes in Yin Jingyao’s eyes, and a vicious smile shows on her face.

Without the eyesore, Rui is hers!

Not telling anyone, Xia Ning comes to C city alone.

Ou Yixuan gives her a week, but as for the form of interview, Xia Ning has no clue.

Even Dai Zhen’s information is not fully available.

She only knows that this man is more than forty years old. He is a capitalist whose family is big and he has a son.

He lives alone now.

Very resistant to the media.

Then… no more.

It is tricky that he resists the media.

Let alone what can be asked and can’t be asked in the interview are complicated.

In a business hotel in C City, Xia Ning registers a room. She throws the baggage onto the bed and lies spread-eagled on it.

No, she has to make a breakthrough.

Otherwise, she will not be able to keep her program…

No, it should be that she will not be able to keep her job.

After working in the TV station for so many years, Ou Yixuan got promoted step by step, but he did not help her.

She knows that she lacks ability.

But with no resource and being suppressed by the superior are also very important factors.

So, over the years her salary is even lower than some new editors.

But with Ou Yixuan, she is satisfied with everything.

So, she used to have no ambitions.

She was satisfied with her small salary.

Then… Ou Yixuan always said that she didn’t want to make progress.

She knew that Ou Yixuan was bothered by her.

During the days with him, she took three or four part-time jobs a day. The money she earned was seldom used for herself, but mostly spent for Ou Yixuan.

She paid the tuition and the cost of living for him.

He couldn’t tolerate these jobs and didn’t want to take a part-time job.

She knew that he would not be nobody, so she would rather suffer herself. Everything would get better for they two after the difficult period.

After graduation, they both entered the TV station. Sure enough, Ou Yixuan became a leader.

She was left behind.

He then married the mayor’s daughter…

Xia Ning feels a pain in her heart, but she quickly recovers.

She is now the wife of Yi Yunrui.

Only for one day, everything was changed.

Everything happened so fast that she couldn’t imagine it.

No matter what, it’s useless to be negative. Xia Ning adjusts her moods and gets ready to try her luck at the villa where Dai Zhen lives in.

It takes an hour or so to drive from the downtown area of C to the villa, and she has to walk a long way to the luxury residence on the hillside.

Xia Ning is extremely tired.

It’s not far away.

Xia Ning wipes the sweat and continues to climb the mountain.

Suddenly, a shadow flashes behind her!

Xia Ning pauses.

What happens?

Is there someone following her?

Is there someone else also coming to Dai Villa?

Will something happen during this day?

Xia Ning touches her pocket. She does not bring anything that can protect herself.

This road is halfway up the mountain, in case…

Xia Ning does not dare to think and speeds up the pace.

Xia Ning feels that there are more and more shadows behind her, and Xia Ning’s hands are in a cold sweat.

Won’t it be an illusion?

Is someone filming a movie? Why does she feel like being in a horror film?

Just as her mind is absent, two men appears in front of her!

Xia Ning taken aback and unconsciously steps back.

To make it worse, there are also two men behind her!

And one on each side that completely seals all her escape routes!

“You guys…what do you want?”

These people’s eyes are staring straight at her, and “bad intentions” have been written on the face.

These people obviously aim at her!

Xia Ning takes a deep breath and tries to tell herself that she must be calm!

This road is desolated. If anything happens to her, no one will pass by and no one will know for a month.

She begins to regret it. Why did she not bring a few people before coming?

If Yi Yunrui is around, it will be fine.

At least with the strength of Commander, to deal with a few men should not be a problem.

“You are Xia Ning, aren’t you?”

The leader of the men asks.

Xia Ning purses her lips.


If she admits it, something bad may happen to her!

Xia Ning retreats, “What business you got with Xia Ning? I…I will tell her.”

Their leader hesitates, then takes a photo from his pocket and compares it with the woman in front of him. He then puts it back and gives hints to other men by his eyes.

That’s right. It’s her. Do it!

Other men get the signal and they start to step forward together.

“Help!” Seeing the situation is not right, Xia Ning yells for help. Without hesitation, she forcefully pushes the man in front of her away and runs!

Six men behind her quickly catch up.

It seems that these men are well trained and have a background.

Will she be buried up here?

“Hey, you guys, do you know what you are doing?”

Just then, a petite voice is heard.

The men glimpse and quickly search for the source of the voice.


There is a slight sound in the air. And then a man snorts and struggles a few times and falls to the ground.

“Be careful!” the leader screams. Then they disperse.


The subtle sound in the air is constant. Because they can’t find the person, they are in a passive position.

In the blink of an eye, three have fallen down,

The remaining two quickly find a shelter point.

“Clever. You are responsive. As a mercenary, it’s a pass. Let my anesthesia bullets serve you!”

Just then, a small figure in purple appears in front of Xia Ning, “Sister-in-law, follow me.”

Xia Ning is stunned. The little sister in front of her is young, but she has an elf-like face.

She looks like an elf from another world.

It makes her stunned.

The girl smiles, “Hey, you have to discuss with my brother. It is not good for you to do something alone. The world is full of bad people.”


Is that her?

Suddenly, a man yells, “Can’t let her get away!”

Then the two remaining men rush toward them!

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