Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: You Can’t Do Whatever You Want Here

Suddenly, a sharp voice comes from behind. Xia Ning’s brows are slightly wrinkled, wondering why she always encounters someone who is unfriendly.

It is Yin Jingyao.

She wants to ignore Yin Jingyao, but the woman behind her hurriedly comes to her, staring at Xia Ning with her big eyes and a strange expression.

Xia Ning slightly presses her lips, knowing that the woman has no good intention. She is unable to avoid Yin Jingyao since she is in front of her.

Slightly tilting her head, Xia Ning squeezes a smile and says, “That’s right. I’m here. Hello, Major Yin.”

“This is the dormitory of the military headquarter. How did you get in?!” Yin Jingyao’s voice grows thinner.

Xia Ning smiles, “I get in because it is okay for me to get in.”

“You!” Yin Jingyao looks at Feng Le who is next to them, “What’s wrong with you? How can you let strangers get in?”

Feng Le blinks and is a little surprised by Yin Jingyao’s question. “Major, you know that only relatives of the soldiers can get in the dormitory. Ms. Xia is Commander Yi’s wife.”

His words make Yin Jingyao’s eyes widened. She points to Xia Ning. “What are you talking about?! What did you say about her?”

“Here is my report to Major Yin. Ms. Xia is Commander Yi’s wife. That’s all.” Feng Le answers to her officially by standing to attention and making a salute.

“…!” Yin Jingyao is shocked and freezes at the spot, speechless.

Xia Ning doesn’t want to quarrel with her, so she shakes her head and leaves.

“Xia Ning! Stop!” Yin Jingyao gets in front of her, blocking her way, “You’d better explain to me your relationship with Yi Yunrui!”

She was warned by her direct boss a few days ago without any reasons and was asked to write a report about her undisciplined behavior recently. It took her some time to recall the quarrel with Yi Yunrui. She finally found out that everything was related to Xia Ning after conducting some researches!

She was unwilling to believe it but she had no choice. So, she handed in a self-examination report and wrote an apology letter to Yi Yunrui with patience. She planned to send her letter to the guard of the dormitory and ask him to give it to Yi Yunrui, so as to mend their relationship.

She has known Yi Yunrui for a quite long time. Their families are also connected. She thought the thing would be over after her apology.

Damn it. It never came to her that Xia Ning would pop up out of nowhere and was somehow noticed by Yi Yunrui. And now, she is even in the dormitory of the army…

Xia Ning raises her brow, “Major Yin, I think Feng made himself very clear just now. I’m Yi Yunrui’s wife.”

Although she is not quite sure about her marriage with Yi Yunrui, there is no need to mention this. All she wants is to frustrate Yin Jingyao.

“What?!” Suddenly, something occurs to Yin Jingyao, “You spent last night with Yi Yunrui?!”

“Yes.” Xia Ning answers shortly.

She did spend a night with him, but nothing happened.

Feeling her hearts being penetrated by thousands of arrows, Yin Jingyao’s eyes turn red immediately. She feels dizzy and is unable to stand straight. She can’t help but step back.

Xia Ning sighs. That’s right. If she didn’t show up, Yin Jingyao and Yi Yunrui would be a perfect couple.

“I’m sorry. But I’m not interested in your business with Yi Yunrui. Major Yin, I’m sorry for your ‘loss’.” Then, Xia Ning turns away and leaves.

“Bitch! We have to make this thing clear!” Yin Jingyao’s eyes are red. She grasps Xia Ning’s hand hysterically, “How did you induce Yi Yunrui?! What dirty methods did you use to enchant Yi Yunrui?! You’re a slut!”

Xia Ning’s hand hurts. She shakes Yin Jingyao’s hand off, “Major Yin, please watch your language! You know Commander Yi’s character very well. Is he a man who is easily induced? Nothing dirty between us! Please let me go!”

“Don’t act like you are innocent! You like to be the third one between couples. Right? You came to hook up with Yi Yunrui because you had failed to hook up with my brother-in-law, didn’t you? You will die miserably!”

Then Yi Jingyao raises her hand and wants to slap Xia Ning.

“Look at what’s happening here. Someone is slapping people!”

With a familiar voice, a violet figure comes near and stands before Xia Ning. Yin Jingyao is pushed a few steps away before she can even react.

She stabilizes herself and finds out who the girl is.

It’s the youngest sister of the Yi family, Yi Yun’ai.

It’s her!

The girl is quite quick-witted. Yin Jingyao was frustrated by her several times.

Yin Jingyao is reluctant to act in front of Yi Yun’ai.

“Slap her. Why did you stop?”

Yin Jingyao bites her lips, “Why are you all protecting her while bullying me! Don’t you know what she did? What she did is dirty and obscene!”

“Did you?” Yi Yun’ai turns around and looks at Xia Ning, “Sister-in-law, I heard the quarrel between you just now. Is everything true?”

Xia Ning is silent.

How can she admit?

She didn’t do these things.

Feeling that Yi Yun’ai tends to believe Xia Ning, Yin Jingyao comes over and shouts, “She is a third one everyone hates. She induces Commander Yi as well as my brother-in-law! She doesn’t know what shame means! Shame on you!”

“That’s right. Shame on you!” Yi Yun’ai takes Yin Jingyao’s hand suddenly and gives Xia Ning a push——

Everything happens in a blink, and Xia Ning falls on the ground.

Yin Jingyao is bewildered.

What happened?

“Wow! She did hurt people! For real! My brother is here. I’m leaving now!”

Then, Yi Yun’ai turns and runs away.

A strong and tall figure appears. His grave expression makes the atmosphere tense!

“Major Yin. Enough is enough!”

His voice is cold and emotionless, making Yin Jingyao feel cold!

How can he show up at this moment?

Yi Yunrui helps his little wife get up, “Did you get hurt?”

Xia Ning shakes her head.

It turns out that Yi Yun’ai saw that Yi Yunrui was coming, so she borrowed Yin Jingyao’s “knife” to “kill” her.

“I didn’t push her. It’s not me!” Yin Jingyao tries to explain.

“You surely didn’t push her. You wanted to slap her.”

Yin Jingyao loses her words.

“Rui…” Facing the man in her dream, Yin Jingyao doesn’t know what to do. He saw what she had done. Yin Jingyao feels so ill, “Rui, this woman is specialized in inducing men! Do you know her relationship with Ou Yixuan? She came to you because she had failed to induce Ou Yixuan…”

“Ou Yixuan is your brother-in-law. Watch your language!” shaking off Yin Jingyao’s arm coldly, Yi Yunrui stands before Xia Ning, “Major Yin, you’re a soldier. Please behave yourself! You should not do this to an ordinary person in the troops! Please leave! Now!”

Yin Jingyao is dumbfounded upon Yi Yunrui’s harsh words.

She has always been a princess that everyone dotes on since her childhood. Wherever she goes, she becomes the focus. She has never been scolded like this. And the one who did it is Yi Yunrui!

“Yi Yunrui, how can you scold me like this?!” feeling like the world is collapsing, Yin Jingyao can’t hold back her tears, “How can you?! How can you do that to me just for this woman?!”

“Major Yin, we’re in the troops. Please behave yourself.” Political Commissar Xue next to them tries to remind her.

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