Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 4 - An Eye for An Eye

Chapter 4: An Eye for An Eye

All along, in the heart of Ou Yixuan, Xia Ning is an obedient girl.

In the five years of studying in the UK, Xia Ning always tried every means to make him happy. He couldn’t understand why she could be so optimistic although her parents passed away.

After returning to China, they both entered TIME ERA TV Station. When encountering criticisms in work, she always swallows insults. This made him feel bad. Every time he comforted her, she always answered that she was satisfied as long as he was around.

She was happiest when working with Ou Yixuan to interview celebrities in the beginning.

Because she is in charge of the column, many people look down on her. She suffers a lot. But as long as Ou Yixuan stood by her, she felt that everything was well worth.

He knows very well of Yin Jingsi’s character. In his heart, Xia Ning is unique.

But when he made the choice, there would be no return for him and no room for his regrets!


She got angry in front of him today and said he was a coward!

For the first time in eight years, she is angry with him.

“What did you say? I am a coward?” After a while, Ou Yixuan recovers from the shock.

“If you are worried, you can fire me! If I am not here, there will be no gossips! Did You tell me to come to your office just in order to say these nonsenses!”

Ou Yixuan opens his mouth and presses all the shocks in his heart, turning away his face, “If I dismiss you, it will prove that there is a problem between me and you.”

“You!” Xia Ning almost laughs, feeling that she becomes a dancing clown.

“Hah, haha!” With complicated emotions, Xia Ning laughs instead of being hysteria. Her heart is full of mockery of herself.

Xia Ning, how did you end up like this?

Is she being thrown away after being used? No, no one treats her as a human being, because “human” can have their own feelings. In front of those high-ranking people, she does not even have the power to be jealous!

In the eyes of Yin Jingyao, Yin Jingsi, and Ou Yixuan, she saw the word “garbage”.

Suddenly, the door opens and someone rushes in.

“Brother-in-law, please go out.”

The person who comes is Yin Jingyao, and her face was full of anger. When she comes in, instead of looking at Ou Yixuan, she stares at Xia Ning.

Just like Xia Ning is an enemy who killed her parents.

It is obvious that Yin Jingsi obtains a malicious intention. This lady will teach whoever offends a lesson.

“Jingyao, what’s wrong?” Subconsciously, he wants to help Xia Ning.

“Get out!” Ignoring him completely, Yin Jingyao screams.

Ou Yixuan’s face sinks. He turns away and leaves.

There are only Xia Ning and Yin Jingyao in the large office, and the room is full of smell of gunpowder.

“Miss Yin, what do you want?” Xia Ning is in the fog, what does this woman want to do?

“Say, what is your relationship with Yi Yunrui?!” Yin Jingsi gnashes her teeth.

It turns out to be Yi Yunrui…

Suddenly, Xia Ning understands everything. Ah, Miss Yin, she likes Commander Yi.

“We’re not familiar.” She and Yi Yunrui only met each other twice. They are even not friends.

“Nonsense!” Yin Jingyao steps on the high heels and walks to her, “You bitch, how did you hook up on Yunrui?”

Xia Ning pinched her lips. It seems that Yi Yunrui is the one that hooked her up!

“Major Yin, I didn’t know Commander Yi.” It seems that Yin Jingyao made some investigations. However, she is happy to see Yin Jingyao being angry. So, she decides to incite her, “Two days ago, it was Mr. Yi that took the initiative to talk to me. As for why he did that, Miss Yin can ask Commander Yi by yourself.”

“What?” Yin Jingyao says with an unbelievable voice, “You said that Yi Yunrui took the initiative?”


Yin Jingyao looks at her from the top to the bottom, then from bottom to top and sneers, “You? Go back and look at the mirror! How can Yunrui fall love with a slut like you!”

Yin Jingyao’s dirty words surprise Xia Ning, and lets Xia Ning understand that someone is only to be noble on the surface.

“Right then,” Xia Ning folds her arms before chest, “It seems that Commander Yi is obsessed with a slut like me! Miss Yin, you are even not as good as a ‘slut’…”


A crisp sound. Before Xia Ning finishes her sentence, her face is been slapped by Yin Jingyao.

“Bitch, how dare you say that in front of me! You seduced Yunrui because you cannot seduce Ou Yixuan! Right? Tell you, as a whore just like you, even if you undress and is thrown on the street, no one wants you! Yunrui wants you? You’re daydreaming. You don’t even have the qualifications to look at him. You don’t even have the qualifications to be a third one, you bitch…”


Another crisp sound.

The air is silent!

In the depths of Xia Ning’s eyes, there is a blazing flame staring at Yin Jingyao.

With burning pain on her face, Yin Jingyao can’t believe it!

Just now, Xia Ning slapped her!

“Bitch, how dare you beat me?!” Yin Jingyao screams furiously. Her face contorts like someone else’s.

Since she was a child, she has been the apple in the eyes of her parents. Her parents love her so dearly. No one has ever sworn her, let alone let her get beaten!

“Don’t call me bitch, I have a name, my name is Xia Ning!”

This slap is an avenge to what happened on the banquet the night before, the slap in the face just now, and what she called her!

Yes, she is just a normal people, her life is not as expensive as the Yin sisters’, but she is dignified!

She is very clear that the slap will cause her a tough future.

But she promised her parents, no matter what happened, she must live dignifiedly! Even if no one in the world wants her, no one loves her!

Although facing difficulties, she has to be optimistic!


After three quick knocks on the door, Li Baoer rushes in, “Xia Ning, your phone is ringing!”

“My boyfriend is married, but the bride is not me…”

The ringtone tortures Xia Ning’s heart. She manages to smile at Li Baoer and picks up the phone.

There is a saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This is the office of Ou Yixuan. She understands that Li Baoer is to help her.

The windows are not covered by curtains, and outside people can clearly see the situation in the office and she and Yin Jingyao’s quarrel.

She turns on the phone and the words on the screen are very glaring.

Yi Yunrui!

Glancing at Yin Jingyao, Xia Ning pressed the button and deliberately increased the volume, “Hello, Commander Yi.”

When the words come out, Yin Jingyao is frozen!

The change of Xia Ning’s tone makes Yi Yunrui slightly confused, “I am downstairs, waiting for you.”

Only saying a very simple sentence, Yi Yunrui hangs up.

Xia Ning hangs up too.

“What did Yunrui say?” Yin Jing asks urgently.

Xia Ning narrows her eyes and smiles coldly, “You have no qualifications to know!”

Ignoring Yin Jingyao, Xia Ning turns and leaves.

“If you don’t fire me, I ask for leave today!” Passing by Ou Yixuan, Xia Ning says.

Not firing her? Ok! Wait to see who will be embarrassed!

“Bitch! You pissed me off!” Yin Jingyao covers her face with a hand and shouts resentfully. And when she notices dozens of eyes outside the office are looking at her, she is angry, “What are you looking at? I’m going to fire you all!”

The princess is pissed off. All the staff hurries to bow their heads and mind their own business, completely ignoring their actual boss, Ou Yixuan.

Ou Yixuan’s face clouds over. He walks back to the office, closes the door and pulls down the curtains.

“I will find you a doctor.”

“Don’t be pretentious in front of me!” Yin Jingyao looks at him disdainfully, “Isn’t she your former lover? Ou Yixuan, I tell you, if I find that you betray my sister, I will teach you some lessons!”

Damn! For so many years, it is she that calls Yi Yunrui. Why does Yi Yunrui calls this slut on his own!


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