Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: I Do!

The huge black monster Knight XV is parked downstairs, catching a lot of attractions.

Seeing Xia Ning, Feng Le is very diligent to go forward, “Miss Xia…”

Before Feng Le finishes, Xia Ning pulls the car door by herself, gets in, and closes the door very quickly.

Feng Le is stunned and sits back to the driver’s seat.

Seeing the scar on Xia Ning’s face, Yi Yunrui frowns, “Yasi Villa.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Xia Ning is still angry and glances at Yi Yunrui, “I say, Commander, can you stop involving ordinary people into affairs between you and Miss Yin?”


Still playing dumb?

“People with eyes all know that Yin Jingyao likes you. If you have troubles with her, solve them between you two. Why bother a nobody like me!”

Commander Yi asked her to marry him? It may be just a quarrel between Yi Yunrui and Yin Jingyao, taking her as a tool!

“Ning, what happened?” Xia Ning, in his impression, has always been very gentle. There must be a reason for her change.

“Commander, I am not here to blame you. I am not qualified to blame you. I just think that you are a person with dignity. You don’t have to play with my feelings…”

“Who is bullying you?” Not waiting for Xia Ning to finish, Yi Yunrui’s tone becomes cold, making the atmosphere cold, “Tell me who bullied you.”

It is unexpected of Xia Ning that Yi Yunrui asks questions so directly. She stays silent for a while.

In fact, what happened at the night of the engagement, as well as what Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingyao did, were not something important to tell the commander. To put it bluntly, it’s just a few women quarreled for a man, and finally she is the victim.

“Nothing, just me being nervous.” Clenching her lips, Xia Ning turns away her head, anyway, she will not die because of it. She can avoid these people if she can’t offend them!

Yi Yunrui finds out there is something in Xia Ning’s words. It seems that he has to do something. His phone rings.

“This is Yi Yunrui.”

“Rui, I saw her get on your car. You are with the slut now, right?”

Yi Yunrui’s face is covered with dark clouds, “Major Yin, please pay attention to your words.”

Hearing this, Feng Le shudders. His Commander is a man of few words, but his words always hit the nail on the head. Although Commander is serious, he rarely speaks with emotions. Now, however, he is clearly warning Yin Jingyao. It seems that Commander is very angry this time.

Military discipline is strict and the ranks are clear. A general is few ranks higher than a major. Even if Yin Jingyao is angry, she must depress herself.

“Rui, I tell you, she failed to hook up my brother-in-law, so she comes to hook you up. She is a born bitch…”

“Major Yin, please pay attention to your way of speaking in the future, in order to avoid causing unnecessary contradictions.”

“It’s not like this, Rui, listen to me,” feeling Yi Yunrui’s tone is cold, Yin Jingyao is anxious, “You didn’t come to the party yesterday, you don’t know what that woman did. She pushed me to the ground. Many people have seen this! And she hit me in front of everyone today! Rui, you must bring me justice.”

Yi Yunrui raises his eyebrows and looks at Xia Ning thoughtfully, “I believe in Little Ning. she is not an unreasonable person.”

Yi Yunrui called the woman as little Ning! Yin Jingyao pauses suddenly, after a while, she says, “… Rui, don’t you believe me?”

“I only believe in the facts!” After this sentence, leaving no chance for Yin Jingyao to speak, Yi Yunrui hangs up the phone.

Yi Yunrui says to the eyes of Xia Ning, “It’s Yin Jingyao.”

Xia Ning has a look of “I know”, “Then she must tell you what happened in the past few days?”

Yi Yunrui nods. “I didn’t attend the engagement party last night. I am sorry. And for what happened at TIME ERA today, although I don’t know the details, I believe that you are not an unreasonable person. Yin Jingyao definitely did something wrong.”

Looking into the serious eyes of Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning’s heartbeat rises a little bit. He chose to stand by her side…

Xia Ning clenches her fist. She really minds about what Yin Jingyao said.

“Is the injury on your face caused by Yin Jingyao?”

“Yeah,” Xia Ning nods. “But I also slapped her back.”

A touch of appreciation passed from Yi Yunrui’s eyes, “That’s good of you.”

What Commander Yi said makes Xia Ning dumb. It seems that Commander Yi is really somebody.

“Feng Le, call Dr. Wu.”

“Yes, Commander.”

Xia Ning paused. Did he call the doctor over? Does it mean they are heading to Yi Yunrui’s home!

No, no, she scarcely knows him!

“Commander Yi, we will not meet in the future.” In order to avoid a bigger ‘problem’, the relationship between them is best to be stopped here.

“Well?” Yi Yunrui raises his eyebrows, and something dangerous flashes in his eyes.

“Your family has a lot to do with the Yin family. Today I hit Yin Jingyao. I think the

Yin family will not let me go. I am nobody. If Commander covers me, then the relations between you two family will have troubles.”

“Is it?” Yi Yunrui says, “Yin family have no rights to mind my business.”

The coldness of the tone makes Xia Ning feel stiff.

But then again, Yi Yunrui really means what he said.

Yi Yunrui’s father, Yi Xian, had spent most of his life in the army. He had made countless military achievements, even himself cannot remember the number of his medals. He is one of the founding fathers of the country.

Later, in response to the call of the state, he turned to be the businessman and became the first capitalist.

Being the first patch of the richest people in the country, his family has accumulated countless human resources, material resources and financial resources for decades.

Yi Yunrui’s eldest brother Yi Yuntian is the chairman of the Yi’s multinational group. The group’s properties are located throughout Asia and play an important role in Southeast Asia’s economy.

Yi Yunrui second brother Yi Yunyi is a provincial Party Secretary and is famous in the W Province.

Yi Yunrui himself is the deputy commander of the military region in C City. But there are rumors that he is not only the commander. It is well known that Yi Yunrui is an important figure under the protection of the state, nominated by Chief Wang of the Headquarters of the General Staff.

Yi Yun’ai, the youngest sister, acting strangely. With an IQ of 140 or above, she is the most handsome and cleverest person in Yi’s family. Her future is bright.

The Yi family’s power spans three different circles. Compared to Yi family’s horrendous strength, although Yin Qihao is the mayor of B city, the Yin family does not have the ability to fight with the Yi family.

“Commander Yi, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“What is your relationship with Yin Jingyao?”

“Only friends.” Yi Yunrui returns without a second think.

Xia Ning frowns. “How long have you known her?”

“It is the second question,” Yi Yunrui teases a little, “eight years.”

Eight years… then Yin Jingsi must like Yi Yunrui for eight years.

“I think the relationship between Commander Yi and Yin Jingyao should be more than just ordinary friends!”

“Why do you say this?”

“If you didn’t give her a chance, would she always follow you? You see, Miss Yin takes herself as your girlfriend.”

As soon as hearing this, Yi Yunrui’s expression changes slightly.

At this time, a black Audi is driving over and alongside the Knights XV.

Xia Ning phone rings. It is from a strange number. Xia Ning puzzled for a while, and pressed the answer button.

“Xia Ning, I am Yin Jingyao. Look to your left!”

A trouble maker! Xia Ning puts down the window and confronts Yin Jingsi on the black Audi.

“Rui!” Yin Jingyao shouts, “This woman used to sleep with Ou Yixuan, and now she wants to seduce you. She is here to find some rich guys. Don’t be fooled!”

Yi Yunrui’s face clouds over. It seems that Xiao Ning is right. For Yin Jingyao, he is too indulged.

For Yin Jingyao, he is not default, but he is too lazy to care. Maybe this made her misunderstand.

It is time to draw a clear line with Yin Jingyao.

“Xia Ning, you bitch! You get off the car! I will teach you a lesson!” Finding that both of them ignore her, Yin Jingyao is caught by madness.

“Feng Le, make a phone call to Chief Wang, tell him to discipline his subordinate!”

Feng Le gasps. Commander says this in a serious manner. It seems that Commander is really angry this time, “Yes, Commander!”

Yi Yunrui stretches out, takes the phone of Xia Ning and hangs up the phone, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I will handle the relationship more carefully in the future.”

After the sentence was finished, Yi Yunrui closes the window and ignores Yin Jingyao next to it.

Glancing outside the window, Xia Ning finds out Yin Jingyao is extremely furious. Xia Ning is very clear that Yin Jingyao will not give up.

At this moment, Xia Ning decides one thing.

“Commander Yi, did you ask me to marry you yesterday?”

Yi Yunrui’s expression becomes serious and he holds her hand, “Yes.”

His hand is very large, very warm, tightly wrapped around her little hand. Xia Ning closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, slowly saying, “Well, I agree to marry you.”

Yasi Villa.

Holding the marriage certificate, Xia Ning looks silly. What happened in these days is incredible!

She just promised to marry Yi Yunrui. In the next second, Yi Yunrui asked Feng Le to drive directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau!

Then they took photos, signed and got married!

The whole process is less than ten minutes…

The staff in the Civil Affairs Bureau said that the state stipulates that military personnel have privileges in this respect, and the procedures for marriage documents can be simplified.

Fast, it was really fast.

It’s so fast that Xia Ning had an illusion that Yi Yunrui was afraid that the ‘cooked duck’ will fly!

It is strange for Commander Yi to be so intense.

Could it be that Commander Yi really knows her for a long time, likes her for a long time, and pursues her for a long time? When he finally waited until she agreed, he wanted to get the license as soon as possible?

Too incredible, like the plot in the novel, full of fairy tales and dreams!

“Commander, the wound on the lady’s face is not a big problem, as long as the medicine is applied on time, it will be cured tomorrow, don’t worry.” Dr. Wu smiles and couldn’t help staring at Xia Ning.

He is an exclusive physician of Yi Xian. The three young boys of Yi family grew up under his watch. Time flies. Now the youngest boy is married.

The three sons all got married. It seems that this time Mr. Yi can feel relieved.

To be honest, Yi Yunrui is cold and cool since he was a boy. He never saw him be tempted by any girl. However, this time he can see that although the man is not mentioned, but in his eyes, he knows that he loves his wife, very much.

It seems that soon Mr. Yi will have a grandchild.

“Well, Dr. Wu, thank you.” Yi Yunrui askes Feng Le, “Send Dr. Wu back.”

Dr. Wu’s medicine is very effective, and Xia Ning feels that there is something cold on her face, too comfortable to describe the feeling with words. According to the doctor, the wound will be cured tomorrow. It seems that the military doctor is really something.

Speaking of the swollen face, Xia Ning looks at the photo on the marriage certificate. Although being processed by the computer, her left face looks still red and swollen. Since it will be cured tomorrow, why was he so urgent to take photos today?

“If you don’t like this photo, we can take another photo.” Xia Ning’s mind has already been read by the commander.

The eyes of Xia Ning shine, “Really?”

“Yes,” Yi Yunrui nods and glances at her, as if he thinks of something. After a while, he says, “Little Ning, tell me why you agree to marry me.”

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