Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Being One’s Wife

It seems that the commander is somewhat skeptical about her.

Is it because she doesn’t have a reason?

“Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?” Xia Ning blinks.

Yi Yunrui does not speak, watching her quietly.

Well, in front of the commander, telling lies is in vain.

“I don’t want to be the third one. I want to be someone’s wife.” Xia Ning answers very seriously.

Xia Ning’s answer makes Yi Yunrui stunned for a few seconds. He then smiles, “Well, you are Yi Yunrui’s wife now.” In this life, you are my wife, the only one!

Yi Yunrui is handsome, and such a smile immediately enchants Xia Ning.

In fact… Yi Yunrui is not as cold as the rumors say.

The way he laughs is actually very attractive, making him very kind. Just like the sun shines on the earth, it makes people feel warm.

“Ning, what kind of wedding do you want?”

Xia Ning pauses and thinks about it, “Commander, can we not hold a wedding?”

she couldn’t imagine this ending with Ou Yixuan after eight years. What is even more unexpected is that she is getting married earlier than Ou Yixuan.

For a time, Xia Ning’s emotions are complicated.

“You can call my name, Rui.” Yi Yunrui wants to ask her about reasons, but seeing the embarrassment on Xia Ning’s face, he pinches his thin lips, “Well, it depends on you. We’ll not hold a wedding for the time being.”

“Excuse me! Sir!”

Feng Le’s big voice rises outside the door.

“Come in.”

Feng Le opens the door, comes in and takes a brand new white dress in his hand, “Commander, the thing you asked for is here.”

“Well, put it there.”

“Yes.” Feng Le puts down the clothes, “Commander, what else do you want?”

Yi Yunrui raises his hand and Feng Le turns away and leaves.

“What happened to this dress?” It can’t be for her?

“It’s for you to dress tomorrow.”

“What?” Why do I have to wear this tomorrow?

“We’re going to visit my parents.”

The next day.

With long black hair to the waist and a thin bang in the front, this hair style makes Xia Ning look lively but graceful. The white dress is exhibiting Xia Ning’s unique disposition.

She seldom wears makeup, but today is special. To visit his parents, she wore a little makeup before going out. With decoration, her face is as bright as the beginning of the early spring.

Compared with the attractive beauty of Yin Jingyao and Yin Jingsi, Xia Ning’s beauty is very delicate, making people want to protect her.

From the time since getting on the car, Xia Ning is very nervous. Her small face is slightly white.

What she is most worried about is whether her family will be disliked by his parents.

Feeling that the commander next to her has been staring at her for a long time. Xia Ning is embarrassed, “How do I look? Is my left face still swollen? Or where is the problem…”

Yi Yunrui shakes his head. His expression is rarely soft, “You looks wonderful.”

Xia Ning’s heartbeat is rising and her face is reddish.

Maybe because of the medicine, Xia Ning fell asleep early yesterday. When she woke up, the sky was already bright and she looked at the alarm clock, which was already nearly eight o’clock.

Yi Yunrui was not around, he got out of bed early in the morning.

The bed still has his own light body smell. Thinking that he slept next to her last night, Xia Ning gets a rapid heartbeat, feeling warm in the heart.

She is married…

When she went downstairs, the table was full of delicious food. The tall and mighty figure of the Commander was surrounded. Wearing an apron, he was preparing breakfast for her.

Sitting at the table, she saw a simple but delicious breakfast in front of her. Suddenly, Xia Ning felt a touch in her heart.

In the past eight years, she has fantasized this scene for several times, but the man was Ou Yixuan.

Seeing her dumbness, Yi Yunrui holds her hand and whispers “Ning, don’t worry, I’m here with you.”

Feeling the warmth of his hand, Xia Ning is moved, and nods and smiles to him. “Well, I know.”

Right, he is here. She feels at ease, inexplicable.

The car slowly enters an exclusive mansion with a classic quadrangle courtyard. The house is an antique of historical heritage, making people feel solemn.

The car stops at another courtyard with an Audi in front of them. At this time, a young soldier comes out and slates to Yi Yunrui, “Good noon, Commander and Madam!”

Yi Yunrui nods and says to Xia Ning, “This is the guard of my father, Jiang Dahe.”

Xia Ning smiles and says, “Hello.”

The house is very big, and Jiang Dahe leads them into the inner house.

Seeing a row of the elders sitting in the hall, Xia Ning is shocked and feels dizzy.

In the middle of the hall sit Mr. Yi Xian and Mr. Yi’s mother.

General Yi Xian is more than seventy years old, with white hair but a very strong body.

Mrs. Yi, Zheng Yao, is about fifty, but her body shape is very well-maintained. Although she is getting old, it can be seen that she was a great beauty.

In addition to Yi Yunrui’s parents, there is also a man who is about 30 years old and is similar to Yi Yunrui. Xia Ning recognizes that this is Yi Yunyi. Yi Yunyi and Yi Yunrui inherit their mother’s beauty and both have a good look.

Suddenly, Xia Ning finds out that she had made a serious mistake, that is, she does not buy a gift! She unconsciously clenches her hand!

“What happened?”

“I… we didn’t buy gifts.” God, she made a mistake the first time she visits his parents. Xia Ning can’t help blaming herself.

Yi Yunrui shakes her hand and comforts her, “Don’t worry. They don’t need these things.”

Feeling that she has made a mistake, when she sits down and talks to the elders, Xia Ning obviously is in a lack of confidence. Everyone notices that. From the beginning to the end, Yi Yunrui does not let go of Xia Ning’s hand.

“You kid!” Yi Yunyi pats on Yi Yunrui’s shoulders and jokes, “No wonder you have never made a girlfriend. You have hidden a good-looking young girl! You’re blessed!”

As Yi Yuntian, the oldest brother, is attending a World Expo economic and trade conference in Hainan, he is absent. And Yi Yunyi, accidentally in the B city for inspection and guidance, knows that his young brother will bring his wife home, so he rushes to come back.

Among the three sons of Yi family, Yi Yunyi is the most outgoing and straightforward one. He is so funny, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes lively. Yi Yunrui, who has always cherished his words like gold, also says a few more words.

Xia Ning is afraid to say something wrong, so she laughs with others. Yi’s parents are smiling, but when it comes to Xia Ning, they have many questions.

In the face of the inquiry of his parents, Yi Yunrui, who has always been serious, seems to be used to such a situation.

“Ning is still working?” Zheng Yao, the mother of Yi Yunrui, smiles and asks Xia Ning.

“Yes, Mom.”

Her voice is sweet, and Zheng Yao’s smile is a more sincere, “Well, what are you doing? Where is your work place?”

Xia Ning feels nervous and thinks Zheng Yao means something else by her intuition, “I work in TIME ERA TV Sation. I’m an editor, working in B City.”

“TV station of the TIME ERA… Xia Ning…” Zheng Yao looks like thinking of something. Suddenly, her expression changes!

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