Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Don’t I Have To Call her Grandma?

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“Hmph!” Old Mr. Li slammed his cane down against the ground again before saying, “I’ve had a DNA test conducted using mine and Niannian’s samples. She’s indeed my granddaughter.”

Li Haoqin was speechless. Still feeling angry for his own daughter’s poor treatment, he said, “Father, Li Kun is your granddaughter too. Even if Li Beinian really is your granddaughter, she ought to give us an explanation for what she did to Li Kun!”

“What kind of an explanation do you want?” Old Mr. Li questioned before looking at Li Kun.

He was rather stunned to see her bruised and swollen face.

This lass is really cruel!

Although there was no blood, her face was clearly bruised and swollen like a grape.

He glanced at Li Beinian and discovered that she was still in one piece. In fact, she looked like she had just taken a leisurely shower.

She looked at him and blinked innocently.

Li Haoqin clenched his fists and ordered, “I want her to kneel down and apologize! Otherwise, I’ll beat her up too and see if she still dares to act so brazenly again.”

“Second Uncle, what do you mean?” Li Beinian questioned angrily while glaring at Li Haoqin. She continued, “I’ve yet to kneel before Grandpa. How dare you make me kneel down to apologize to your daughter? Does Cousin Li Kun have a higher position than you and Grandpa in this family?”

“Stop trying to twist logic. If you don’t get down on your knees today, I’ll beat you up like how you beat Li Kun,” said Li Haoqin who rearing to beat her up.

Li Beinian immediately retreated and hid behind Old Mr. Li. She said aggrievedly, “Grandpa, Second Uncle is so fierce, but was I wrong? I’ve never knelt in front of anyone before and even if I have to, I can only kneel in front of a reputable elder like you, Grandpa. If I were to kneel in front of her, won’t I have to call her Grandma?”

Li Haoqin’s face grew sullen and he barked, “Bullsh*t!”

Old Mr. Li was rather easy-going, but he was rather concerned about familial hierarchy.

Li Beinian’s words had hit the nail on its head!

“Outrageous!” He slammed the cane onto the ground and yelled, “Do you take me to be dead!?!”

Li Kun turned pale and she stomped her feet against the ground anxiously. “Grandpa, that’s not what Father meant!”

Striking the iron while it was still hot, Li Beinian interjected, “What do you mean then? You and your father both think I’m a pushover because I don’t have someone to defend me. Now that I have Grandpa, I’m not afraid of any of you!”

Old Mr. Li felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in his heart.

Although he knew that she was making use of him, he was still willing to let her do so.

At least, she trusted him.

Li Kun flew into a rage and yelled, “You were the one who bullied me first. How shameless of you!”

“I’m prettier than you, of course I’m not ashamed,” Li Beinian said smilingly.

“You… ” Li Kun burst into tears out of anger. How did I not think of this? This lass is very sharp-tongued and incredibly smug!

Her eyes glistened and she hollered, “So what if you’re pretty? You actually had the audacity to hit me in front of everyone. You’re so ill-mannered. You’ve completely embarrassed the Li Family!”

Li Beinian’s smile stiffened.

Li Kun was rather smug to see her reaction.

Li Beinian was abducted when she was just five years old and hence, Li Kun’s words definitely struck a sour note within her.

She continued smugly, “You have yet to see the looks on the faces of the Mu Family members. It was as if they were looking at an ill-mannered shrew!”

Li Kun thought to herself, Li Beinian, if I don’t teach you a lesson today, you won’t know your limits!

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