Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Grandpa’s Safety Amulet

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Li Haoqin was pleased to see Li Beinian’s expression.

Let us see if she can still continue being smug!

Contrary to their belief, Li Beinian straightened her back and stopped hiding behind Old Mr. Li. She stared at Li Kun coldly and said, “I have no one to take me in hand.”

She was composed and there seemed to be a tinge of envy in her large and watery eyes when she was staring at Li Kun.

“It’s my fortune to have been able to survive until now. Not everyone is as lucky as you to be showered with the love of your parents all your life. You’re already 20 years old and yet you’re still acting like a child. You need your parents to stand up for you all the time… ”

Her voice sounded colder and colder and she even seemed to be smirking in self-mockery.

“You don’t have to be beaten to a pulp just for taking an extra bite of food and you don’t have to play cute or obedient just to avoid being hit… ” Li Beinian then stared at Li Kun and continued, “What are manners compared to survival?”

Old Mr. Li’s heart sank and his eyes turned red immediately.

She could have received excellent education from the beginning and be nurtured into an outstanding heiress of the Li Family. Yet, she had to go through unnecessary torment and suffering.

It was all his fault for failing to look after her carefully, thus giving others the chance to carry her away!

That was also the reason Li Beinian’s biological mother developed depression which killed her.

The matter remained as a thorn in Old Mr. Li’s heart.

Li Beinian’s words had struck a sour note within him.

“Niannian, throughout all these years, I’ve let you down. I won’t let anyone bully you again from now on. No one can bully you for as long as I live!” Old Mr. Li said remorsefully.

He sounded firm and solemn!

Old Mr. Li was a reputable military personnel when he was younger and hence, he was still rather dominant now, even though he was old in his years. There was an icy cold gaze in his cloudy eyes which made him look rather murderous.

Although it seemed as if he were saying those words to Li Beinian, he was actually directing them at the people standing by the door.

Old Mr. Li was undoubtedly giving Li Beinian a safety amulet!

Li Haoqin’s face grew sullen and he felt extremely indignant.

How did I not think of this? Li Beinian turned out to have such an ability!

Ever since Old Mr. Li arrived, Li Beinian seemed to be deliberately striking sour chords within him, with the words that she said.

But that’s impossible.

I’m Father’s son, I know him the best.

This lass has only been brought home for three days!

How could she have become so familiar with him within just three days? Besides, she had been familiarizing herself with the environment and hence, did not have much time to interact with him at all. How could that be…

Could this be just a coincidence?

After giving it some more thought, Li Haoqin reckoned that that must have been the case.

Li Beinian smiled radiantly and exclaimed, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

Upon sight of her smile, Old Mr. Li said tenderly, “Hurry and go dry your hair. Don’t catch a cold.”

Li Kun’s mother interjected in displeasure, “Father, she beat Li Kun up so badly. Are you going to let her get away with it without even apologizing?”

Upon hearing her words, Li Beinian turned to look at Li Kun’s injuries before saying with a nod, “It does seem a little serious.”

Li Kun stared at her angrily, waiting to hear her apology.

No matter what happened, she would never forgive her easily!

Li Beinian shrugged her shoulders and exclaimed innocently, “I’m sorry then!”

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