Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: So Young Yet So Relentless And Brutal

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She sounded extremely innocent and helpless!

Li Kun’s plans were foiled by Li Beinian’s insincere apology, She broke down and hollered, “You shameless b*tch!”

Seemingly having failed to hear her, Li Beinian turned around to leave while the rest of the family clenched their fists and gritted their teeth angrily.

She entered the bathroom and whipped out the hairdryer before staring at her own reflection in the mirror with an icy cold gaze.

The banquet tonight was just for the two in-laws to be, the Mu Family and the Li Family, to officially meet each other.

However, there were a total of more than a hundred people.

By hitting her cousin in front of more than a hundred people, Li Beinian had indeed tainted her own image.

However, it was just a minor fight.

In the past it was the later part of the banquet truly destroyed her.

Now, it was just the beginning.


Li Beinian immediately put the hairdryer away and turned to look at the door.

Old Mr. Li was standing by the door and saying, “Niannian, your father is here to bring you home.”


Li Beinian smirked derisively and expressed assent.

Li Beinian did not harbor any feelings for her father who was only her father by blood.

In his eyes, Li Xueqing was his only daughter. Hence, why should she let him hate her?

After freshening up, Li Beinian turned around and left together with Old Mr. Li.

However, Old Mr. Li returned to his own mansion.

After walking Li Beinian to the door, Old Mr. Li got inside another car under the accompaniment of the butler.

Li Haoran and his family arrived in a camper van which was rather spacious even after Li Beinian got inside.

Her stepmother stared at the empty-handed Li Beinian and asked in displeasure, “Where are the things that I bought you?”

Li Xueqing discovered it too. She gasped in shock and asked, “Niannian, those clothes and cosmetic products are very expensive. Did you throw them away!?!”

Li Beinian raised her brows and pretended to have just remembered it. She said, “I forgot about it. Do you want me to go up and get them?”

All of the items in that house were bought for her by Li Xueqing and her mother. However, none of the clothes or cosmetics were suitable for her.

In her previous lifetime, the insensible Li Beinian suffered an allergic reaction which lasted for a few days, after using the cosmetic products. Back then, her stepmother said, “I didn’t know that you’d be allergic to them. I bought you the most expensive ones.” The matter was then put to rest.

In this lifetime, Li Beinian decided not to accept them at all. Yet, they still brought it up.

Li Haoran’s face grew sullen and he chided, “Forget it, we don’t have time anymore. From now on, you must pack your own belongings. Don’t wait for others to remind you!”

Li Beinian closed her eyes and said nonchalantly, “Got it.”

Li Xueqing rolled her eyes and stared at Li Beinian. “Niannian, Cousin Li Ying has been hospitalized and it’s said that she fractured her arm.”

“Hmph! You’re so young and yet so relentless and brutal. I don’t care what you’re like out there but when you’re at home, you’d better behave yourself. Li Ying just auditioned for that role and her career is taking off. Yet, you ruined it all for her.”

Li Beinian chuckled nonchalantly and gibed, “Wouldn’t your daughter stand to gain from her career failing?”

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