Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Must You Say That!?!

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Li Beinian chuckled nonchalantly and gibed, “Wouldn’t your daughter stand to gain from her career failing?”

Li Beinian was staring at him and speaking composedly.

Fang Zhili and Li Xueqing were bewildered.

Even Li Haoran turned around and glanced at her before questioning coldly, “What do you mean?”

Staring at Li Haoran, Li Beinian shrugged her shoulders innocently and asked, “Didn’t you already plan to replace Li Ying right from the start? You just didn’t have the right opportunity to take action.”

Li Beinian then leaned back against the seat and said smugly, “This drama series is a huge production and the investors are very generous too. If it becomes a hit, the newbies will rise to fame and success too. Haven’t you been waiting for a really long time for a chance to replace Li Ying with Li Xueqing?”

Li Haoran frowned and turned to look at Li Beinian. “You knew about that too?”

Li Beinian shrugged her shoulders and said smilingly, “I don’t know, you guys were the one who talked about it. Next time, close your door properly. It’s fortunate that that’s all I overheard yesterday. It would be really awkward if I were to hear you guys getting intimate with each other.”

Fang Zhili blushed and rebuked, “You’re so unruly!”

Li Haoran glanced at her and said, “Since you’ve already found out, I shall not hide it from you any further. This production is indeed massive and I do want Xueqing to be the female lead. However, the female lead will have to perform plenty of stunts. Since you’ve got such good reflexes, help Xueqing out.”

“Help? You’re thinking of making me her stunt double?” Li Beinian asked derisively.

In her previous life, she was ignorant and clueless about everything when she first returned to the Li Family home.

Fang Zhili and Li Xueqing coerced her into conceding to the request.

The filming lasted for a total of six months, during which she was Li Xueqing’s stunt double. During filming, she almost got into an accident on several occasions and sustained multiple injuries.

At last, Li Xueqing shot to fame because of the television series which was popular, mostly because of Li Beinian’s fluid and expert motions.

Back then, Li Haoran often called to ask about her worriedly.

Initially, she thought that Li Haoran was concerned about her. However, she did not expect him to be the one behind all her accidents.

Li Beinian stared at Li Haoran who nodded without hesitation. “Xueqing has never gone through any training before and she’s very tender and delicate. She definitely can’t pull off the action scenes. Go give it a try. If you do well, you’ll definitely be paid a good amount.”

“Oh… Li Xueqing is tender and delicate so she can’t star in the action scenes. Unlike her, I’m coarse and tough so I can be her stunt double. I get it now,” said Li Beinian said in a moment of enlightenment.

Li Haoran frowned and turned to look at Li Beinian. He hollered in displeasure, “Must you speak like this!?!”

“Isn’t that what you meant?” Li Beinian asked, staring at him with a look of apprehension.

Li Haoran remained silent for a while before explaining, “What I meant was, it’d be a pity for you to not star in an action movie since you’ve got such great reflexes and combat skills.”

“In that case, why don’t you just let me be the female lead? Why must I be the stunt double? If I play the female lead, there won’t be a need for a stunt double.”

Fang Zhili snorted with laughter and gibed, “Have you acted before? Do you even know how to act? How dare you think of becoming an actress. You must be dreaming!”

Li Xueqing snickered secretly before looking up and blinking innocently. “Niannian, not everyone can be play the female lead. Why don’t you try helping me first?”

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