Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: “Dear” Has Arrived

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There was an extremely tall man clad in a pair of swimming trunks that made his package look extremely large.

He had a healthy tan and his pectorals and abs were all toned and defined. Droplets of water trickled down his body.

They then rolled down to his deep V-line along his abdomen.

Li Beinian felt a wave of blood rushing to the top of her head. She then heard a strange ringing sound.

She hurriedly looked away and climbed up the stairs before hanging her head low and apologizing, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose… Ah!”

While she spoke, she slipped and fell forwards.

Fortunately, Li Beinian was quick to act and hurriedly placed her hands onto the ground in front of her. Otherwise, she would have definitely fallen on her face!

However, Li Beinian’s nose was placed against something moist and warm…

Her heart began beating rapidly and Li Beinian’s face turned hot and red, as if she had been scalded by boiling water.

She took a closer look and realized that the navy blue package in front of her seemed to be growing in size. She could even make out the brand of his underwear.

It was a French luxury brand…

Sensing that someone was staring at her coldly from above, Li Beinian instinctively retreated backwards.

As a result, she fell back onto the railing and hit her head against it hard, thus resulting in a loud dong.

Li Beinian then plunged into the pool again as water gushed into her ears.

It was the deep-end of the pool that had a depth of 2 meters and since she was greatly caught off guard, she could not stabilize herself at all.

The water rushed into her nostrils and she subconsciously stuck her head out of the water.

However, she sunk down again in the next instant.

She felt panicky and flustered because there was no support for her limbs at all.

“Help… ”

The sounds of frantic thrashes could be heard.

Li Beinian suddenly felt someone grab her arm and was pulled upwards. She was then tossed onto shore while the sounds of splashing water filled the air.

The man was extremely rough when pulling her up and it seemed he did not care that she was a girl.

He then scrutinized the little girl who had trespassed.

Yes, little girl.

Her damp, long hair was draped across her back and she was wearing a translucent white shirt which accentuated her curves and allowed her dark nipples to be seen. Her pink underwear was also particularly eye-catching.

Despite being dressed in a seductive outfit, she looked rather puerile and youthful.

Her fair and supple legs were crossed and seemed to be glowing beneath the sunlight.

Her shoulders were slender and the barely-buttoned shirt revealed her beautiful collarbones.

Her puerile face turned red and she began coughing violently while her bosom jiggled along gently.

He felt that she was just a child playing a fool.

However, he could not help but take a few more glances at her.

He then shifted his gaze onto her pink underwear and his eyes turned gloomy.

Li Beinian finally stopped coughing and she casually glanced towards the side, only to meet the cold and sharp eyes belonging to the man.

She looked up and realized that he was staring down at her but because of the glaring sun, she could not see his features clearly.

However, that pair of menacing and dagger-like eyes were enough to outshine the sun and she felt as if he could penetrate her with his gaze.

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