Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Did I Violate Him Or Is It The Other Way Round?

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Although they were dressed in plainclothes, she could tell from the sounds of their footsteps that they were either trained soldiers or some mysterious organization.

There were not too many people but they were rather daunting and menacing.

Li Beinian asked with a sullen expression, “Are they the ones?”

“Yeah! Where have you people taken my father!?!” Chi Hailang barked while staring at them.

However, he did not get any response. The military made way for a tall figure to step forth.

His features were just right and his skin was rather tan but his eyes were shiny like stars and full of vitality.

“Is this the tall, ugly and tanned man whom you were referring to?”

Li Beinian was bewildered by his beauty standards!

He is tall and tanned but how is he ugly!?!

Chi Hailang stared at the man in black in front of him and asked softly, “He’s barely as handsome as me. Isn’t that considered ugly?”

Li Beinian was speechless.

Gu Mingye stepped forth and stared at Li Beinian before asking, “Are you Chi Dali’s goddaughter?”

“Are you guys looking for me?” Li Beinian asked, staring at him. Feeling threatened, she continued, “I don’t think I know you.”

“Miss Li, it’s normal for you not to know me but it’s a matter of fact that you’ve violated our leader. ”

Gu Mingye whipped out a piece of paper that was only used by the military, on which there were the words “Wanted List”.

She grabbed it and said, “Today, my military leader, Mu Xichen has been violated by a girl who’s about 18 years old. She’s said to be named Li Beinian. She has violated the lock of my leader’s soul and even took away his clothing. This is a serious crime that will put her on the wanted list.

Mu Xichen?

Li Beinian’s heart quivered and her eyes turned gloomy.

“Surely you can’t be thinking that the person who became intimate with you that night was Brother Donglin?”

The words that Lin Kerou said to her before she died, seemed to be still ringing in her ears.

“Brother Donglin refused to touch you previously because I’m the one he loves. However, I didn’t expect you to be so thirsty as to commit adultery and get pregnant with another man’s child… ”

“You claim that you love Brother Donglin but is this how you love him?”

“Do you think Mu Xichen would be glad to know that you’re bearing his child?”

It was him, Mu Xichen, Mu Xichen…

In her previous lifetime, he was known to be a loner who had a bad reputation.

He became the youngest person in the nation to become a Major General but he did not cherish the bright future that he had and hence retired from the army a long time ago.

Li Beinian was not sure of the exact reason but she remembered that Mu Xichen was given a death sentence and was executed by firing squad in her previous lifetime.

Mu Xichen’s death took everyone by surprise.

Who would have thought that the young, eligible and promising Major General would end up going astray and be executed by the nation?

Li Beinian initially took pity on her brother-in-law whom she had never met. However, she did not expect him to be the reason for her death!

He was a criminal who got her pregnant and then caused her death, thus resulting in the loss of three lives…

After seeing her reaction,Gu Mingye waved his hand and said, “Take her away.”

Chi Hailang yelled, “Hey! Hey! Hey! You can’t do that! Who are you? How could you just take someone away!?!”

Gu Mingye said, “Take him away too.”

Li Beinian said in a surprisingly calm manner, “I can walk on my own. I shall see if I was the one who violated him or if it’s the other way around.”

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