Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Making Amendments

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As soon as Li Beinian finished speaking, she heard the heavy footsteps of a man who was sauntering towards her sluggishly.

“Is that so?”

A man who had sharp features entered, appearing rather suave, handsome and standoffish.

He stood calmly like a tall mountain that one would have to expend all his energy to look up to and yet, would still be unable to see clearly.


The two of them chorused, giving him a great shock and catching him off guard.

At this very moment, he stopped in his tracks.

His eyes were long, narrow and gloomy yet shiny like the stars and moonlight. He scanned his surroundings before shifting his gaze onto the young girl, Li Beinian.

He seemed to be glaring daggers at Li Beinian whose heart began to pound rapidly. His eyes were like a gun that was repeatedly firing bullets at her.

“It’s you!”

It turned out that Mu Xichen was the man whom she ran into at the Mu Family’s swimming pool a few days ago!

That military uniform, squad and dominance… This rascal is that criminal from the Mu Family!

Li Beinian’s heart sank and she stared at him with a sullen expression.

He looked extremely overbearing and stern, exuding an austere aura that he had developed after being on the battlefield for ten years.

Despite remaining still, he still seemed to give off an uncompromising and dangerous vibe which was cold and menacing.

His aura could not be hidden at all, regardless of how hard he tried to restrain it.

“We meet again, little hooligan.”

Li Beinian’s heart quivered and she asked, “Leader Mu, I didn’t know your true identity then and I may have offended you but I didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, I didn’t do anything overboard or too vicious to you. Why do you have to arrest my godparents?”

Mu Xichen’s eyes turned gloomy and he walked towards her before saying slowly, “Do you think you can erase what you’ve done to hurt me just by saying that you didn’t do it on purpose?”

Li Beinian found it extremely ridiculous. She retorted loudly, “How did I hurt you!?!”

Mu Xichen stared at her coldly and said, “Give her a reminder.”

Gu Mingye took out the arrest warrant and said, “Today, my military leader, Mu Xichen has been violated by a girl who’s about 18 years old. She’s said to be named Li Beinian. She has violated the big lock of my leader’s soul and even took away his clothing. This is a serious crime that will put her on the wanted list. ”

The… lock… of his soul…

Li Beinian’s eyes widened in shock and bewilderment was written all over her face which then turned red.

She had no idea who the leader was and hence, she had no idea what the lock was referring to.

However, now that he was standing right in front of her and claiming that she had violated and invaded the lock of his soul…

What the heck!

What big lock?


My foot!

“You… Have you no shame!?!” Li Beinian questioned while turning red.

Gu Mingye could not help but take a few more glances, for he was extremely eager to hear some gossip.

There must be an interesting story. This girl looks really young. Could she really be related to Leader in an inexplicable way?

“Shame? Of course.”

Mu Xichen stared at Li Beinian and answered her question solemnly.

Chi Hailang almost burst into laughter while Li Beinian clenched her jaw and angrily glowered at him as she turned as red as a tomato.

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