Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Being Caught Off Guard And Pushed Over

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However, he picked up his speed and scurried towards a sparsely-populated area.

Li Beinian was just as quick as him. “Compensate me for my mobile phone!”

The man turned around to take a glance at her before scurrying into an alley again. Li Beinian sneered and leaped onto the garbage can and climbed over a short wall.

That man was obviously taken aback. He hurriedly turned around and scurried away again.

However, Li Beinian was chasing him like she had been possessed by a demon and he could not shake her off at all.

There was a huge crowd in front of them and there seemed to be some event or promotion going on.

The man immediately ran into the crowd

Li Beinian followed suit and soon saw a trampoline at the side.

She jumped onto the trampoline and leaped into the air.

Everyone shrieked in terror and kept their eyes peeled onto her.

Li Beinian ignored them and soon caught sight of that man.

Extremely surprised to see Li Beinian, he scurried faster and squeezed through the crowd before scurrying away again.

Li Beinian chased after him and hollered in exasperation, “Don’t run, compensate me!”

Little did she know but everyone was already discussing her actions. “Oh my god, who’s that!?!”

“Damn, Tianyue Live-stream have really gone all out for the sake of increasing their viewership!”

“Are they Tianyue’s actors too? Impressive!”

Li Beinian did not realize they were discussing her incredible actions. She leaped onto another trampoline immediately and kicked him.


That man fell onto the ground and winced in pain while dust flew into the air.


Li Beinian fell onto the ground with a loud thud, after which she felt a burning pain in the abrasions on her elbow which made her grimace.

Seeing that the man was about to run away again, she immediately grabbed his leg and pulled him back. However, he turned around and started attacking her.

“Damn it, you went all out to chase me. Who the hell are you!!!” He immediately tried to punch her.

Li Beinian dodged his punch but her cap was still blown away, causing her long, black hair to cascade down.

Her fair face and beautiful features were extremely outstanding beneath the sun.


However, she began to holler at him again before he could even appreciate her beauty. “Do you really think you can get away with damaging my mobile phone!?! You have to compensate me!”

Just as the man was about to speak, they heard the sound of a police siren which blared over the crowd.

The man’s expression changed and he pushed Li Beinian forcefully before throwing a few black wallets at her. “You may take them all as a form of compensation!”

Li Beinian was caught off guard and was pushed back onto the ground. By the time she recovered from the shock, she had already been squeezed into the crowd again.


Li Beinian got back onto her feet but the abrasions on her knees and elbows made her gasp in pain.

She grabbed the purses, only to have some police cars surround her before she could even check if there was enough money for repairs.

Staring at the purses in her hand, Li Beinian suddenly felt that she might have become involved in something troublesome.

Upon hearing the footsteps, Li Beinian looked up at the policeman in front of her and smiled awkwardly.

In Guang City Police station.

“Ah, it really wasn’t me!”

Li Beinian had already explained herself umpteen times and was extremely sick of it. “I’ve already told you guys this several times before. I only happened to run into him and he ran away after damaging my phone. I was just chasing him for compensation!”

The policeman ignored her and said, “Give me your name, home address and identification card.”

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