Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Don’t You Feel Ashamed At All!?!

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What a sharp and shrewd pair of eyes.

Li Beinian felt like he had seen everything of hers and she felt extremely exposed in front of him…

Wait, I feel like I’ve been stripped naked…

She looked down to see that she was wearing an outfit that made her look even more seductive than she would be if she were naked. She immediately turned red and hot in embarrassment.

Li Beinian hurriedly clutched her chest in embarrassment. Her damp hair was stuck onto her reddened face and her entire body was exposed.

Li Beinian suddenly felt rather pathetic and ashamed when she saw the icy cold gaze in his eyes.

“Come back again when you grow up in another two years, at the moment you’re… ” he said in a low and firm voice that was deep yet alluring and distinctive. He sounded rather disdainful towards her.

He scanned Li Beinian from head to toe like a picky eagle trying to select its prey.

Li Beinian felt that he was staring at her in a derisive manner, even though she was unsure if she was hallucinating. He continued, “Too young.”

Too young…

This man actually thinks I’m too young!?!

Li Beinian felt insulted!

Although she barely got to eat full meals ever since she ran away from home, and had also become much thinner after getting addicted to drugs, she was still curvy in all the right places!

Li Beinian looked up and barked angrily, “I’m 24 years old!”

“24?” he asked, staring at her from above. He then shifted his gaze onto her tender breasts and continued, “You look like you’re underage.”

As red as a tomato, Li Beinian glowered at the godly man in front of her.

She could finally see his features clearly.

They were chiseled, defined and exquisite, making him look like a perfect sculpture.

His eyes were gloomy yet bright and sharp like those of eagles. They were also clear like water.

However, they were also icy-cold and dangerous, resembling a bottomless vortex.

His thin, rosy lips were pressed together beautifully.

Li Beinian found his face to be rather familiar.

However, she could not recall where she had seen it before.

Li Beinian looked down at his crotch and sneered, “You’re not that big either.”

Upon hearing her words, there seemed to be a sudden blinding ray of light in his icy cold eyes and he looked away nonchalantly. Staring at himself, he retorted, “Is that so? But someone can’t take her eyes off of me.”

Li Beinian blushed after being exposed. She rebutted, “I was just looking at how small it is!”

“Is that so? So you’re here to measure it personally?” he questioned, bending forward a little while staring at her from above.

“Lord! My… foot! I just slipped by accident!”

Li Beinian’s face was becoming more and more flushed.

She somehow began to feel a little guilty.

Li Beinian had never once seen the naked body of a male throughout the 24 years of her life and hence, she did not know how to gauge the size of a penis.

But… it… shouldn’t be too small? she thought.

“Look, you’re already calling it Lord. How could you keep fooling yourself and others by saying that it’s small?”

He squinted at her and noticed that she was turning redder and was getting more and more embarrassed. However, she was also behaving rather curiously, even though she was trying to look away. “Your expression tells me that you don’t think it’s small,” he teased.

“You… you flasher! How could you talk about such things with a stranger and so openly? Don’t you feel ashamed at all!?!”

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