Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Good Reflexes But You’re Too Young

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The fact that he could be in the Mu Family’s swimming pool meant that he was definitely closely related to the Mu Family. But, why is he behaving in such a… shameless manner!?!

“Ashamed?” he sneered and walked towards her.

The golden rays of sun illuminated his face and gave his body a long shadow that loomed over the petite Li Beinian.

She felt extremely oppressed!

He exuded a domineering aura that was typical of those who had been in high-positions for a long time!

He must have an extraordinary position.

Li Beinian’s eyes were light brown and gem-like. She began squinting.

He looked down derisively at the girl who claimed to be a woman.

However, his interest was piqued further when he casually noticed the look of curiosity and scrutiny in her eyes, so much that he could not control it at all.

This little lass does not seem to know me, he thought.

“You jumped into my pool while being dressed in such little clothing. Weren’t you… here to seduce me?” He bent forward and moved his exquisite face closer towards her. “Maybe, I can teach you what it means to be ashamed.”

He then grabbed Li Beinian’s collar with his large palm.

Li Beinian immediately retracted her hand in shock and smacked his away. “Don’t you mind the fact that I’m too young!?!”

Upon sight of Li Beinian’s reaction, his eyes turned gloomier and he said nonchalantly, “It’s alright, I’m not picky.” He then grabbed her and pulled her towards him.

Li Beinian rolled towards him, but it was all too late.

He grabbed her slender shoulder, causing her to feel an immense ache because of how tightly he was grabbing her.

He’s not just not picky, he’s practically full of lust!

Li Beinian grabbed his hand and twisted it in one fluid motion. At the same time, she also tried to kick his crotch with both her legs.

To her surprise, he reacted quicker than she had imagined.

By the time Li Beinian attacked him, he had already moved away, even though he was still holding onto her limbs and tugging her around.

Li Beinian bent forth and shrieked in shock.

Next, he moved his hand towards her face.

Li Beinian gritted her teeth angrily and flipped his hand before grabbing his wrist with one hand.

A strange warmth spread to her chest as a coarse and large hand was placed on it!

Li Beinian screamed at the top of her lungs and smacked his hand in horror. “Sickening pervert!”

Her shrill voice made his face grow sullen.

He immediately covered her mouth with his hand before picking her up like she was a chicken.

Li Beinian had never met with an opponent like him before, even after what appeared to be two lifetimes!

Did he just attack my chest because he could not defeat me?

Even my husband has never touched my chest before. What an absolute jerk!

He picked Li Beinian up effortlessly.

Noticing that she was struggling continuously, he said with an aloof expression, “Good reflexes but you’re too young and small.”

Too young…

Li Beinian was furious and embarrassed. She began kicking and grunting with all her might.

He is refusing to admit that he has taken advantage of me, this jerk!

His rosy lips curled into a smile as he watched her struggle helplessly.

At this moment, he heard the sounds of people chatting softly.

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