Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Someone Not To Be Trifled With

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Li Beinian heard it too.

She looked in the direction of the sounds which came from the only door that connected the Mu Family Mansion swimming pool to the outside world.

She was sure that there was more than just one or two people.

Staring at Li Beinian coldly, he questioned, “Did you bring them here?”

Li Beinian shook her head profusely and glowered at him.

He frowned and said, “Don’t say a word. I’ll put you down.”

Li Beinian nodded profusely and stuck three fingers up to gesture that she had just sworn on her life.

He put Li Beinian down and grabbed a towel which he then wrapped around her body.

Li Beinian only just realized that there was a towel and a bathrobe at the side!

The voices were getting louder and louder, and she even began to find them a little familiar.

Soon, a bunch of people appeared at the door.

There seemed to be about seven or eight youths, most of whom were teenagers, with the eldest one being in her early twenties.

The leader turned out to be Li Xueqing!

She was Li Beinian’s sister, the daughter of the second wife of her “biological father” who had abandoned her and left her to fend for herself for 19 years!

However, Li Xueqing seemed to be different from what she had imagined.

From her memories, Li Xueqing whom everyone addressed as ‘Missy’, was beautiful, elegant and absolutely feminine.

However, this Li Xueqing… looked rather young and puerile.

Despite being dressed in mature clothes and makeup to make herself look older, Li Xueqing still could not hide her youthfulness.

And those clothes… are they not outdated and from several years ago? she thought.

Li Xueqing may be a stepdaughter but she lived a life of luxury for years and she definitely would not wear clothes that were dated or out of style!

Uncle Zhang’s daughter and Uncle Li’s son are all here too…

They look exceptionally young and youthful.

The sight of them caused the crazy idea in Li Beinian’s heart to resurface.

Have I… time traveled five years into the past?

Five years ago, she was 19 years old.

She was an orphan and a gangster whom everyone despised.

All of a sudden, she was brought home by a man who claimed to be her biological father, and ever since then, her life changed drastically.

She reckoned that this must have been the third day since she was brought home, the day that she would be meeting the Mu Family.

But, who is this man who appeared in the pool?

I have never seen him before!

The people outside seemed to be rather hesitant about entering. One of them said, “Xueqing, didn’t you say that we’d be looking for your sister? How could your sister be here? This is the Mu Family’s swimming pool and my father especially instructed me not to come here. We’d better leave!”

“Yeah, my father also told me that there’s someone from the Mu Family whom we can’t afford to provoke. It’s going to be no laughing matter if we were to run into him.”


Li Xueqing obviously understood that. However, she was feeling indignant about leaving at this moment!

She had been living in the Li Family home for more than a decade and everyone acknowledged her to be the only heiress of the Li Family and would be marrying the eldest son of the Mu Family in the future!

Yet, Li Beinian popped up out of nowhere and replaced her as the fiancée of the Mu Family’s son. How could she take it lying down?

Hence, she had put in a lot of effort to stage this act and hired someone to drug the shameless Li Beinian and knocked her unconscious before throwing her into the swimming pool. She initially thought that Li Beinian would escape from that passageway out of fear that she would provoke the powerful person of the Mu Family.

She was certain that Li Beinian’s reputation would be ruined when everyone saw her naked.

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