High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 2

Life 2: The Holy-sword has arrived

“Holy-sword Project?”

Buchou nodded at my words.

“Yes. Yuuto is a survivor of that project.”

Asia, Buchou and I returned to my house after we finished our club activities. Buchou and Asia came into my room, and Buchou had started to tell us about Kiba.

“There was a project several years ago inside the Christian Church that aimed to make those who can wield the holy-sword Excalibur.”

“…This is my first time hearing this.”

Asia didn’t know about this project. Well a secret project like this won’t reach the ears of the girl who was praised as the holy-maiden.

“Holy-swords are the ultimate weapons against devils. If we, the devils, touch the holy sword then we will burn ourselves. If we get cut by it, then we will be terminated without a trace. It could be called the ultimate weapon for those who believe in God and see devils as an enemy.”

Holy-sword… It’s those things that also come up in games and light novels, right? I’m a devil so it would be the most dangerous weapon for me as well.

“Even though there are numerous holy-swords originating from all over the world, I still think the most famous one would be Excalibur. Even in Japan, it comes up in many books. It’s a holy weapon that is created through means of magic and alchemy by those who reach the territory of God. But holy-swords choose their wielders. I hear that only one person in a decade or so gets chosen.”

“Kiba is a Sacred Gear possessor that can create demonic-swords, right? So isn’t there a Sacred Gear that can create holy-swords instead?”

It was my question. I made a simple conclusion that a Sacred Gear that can create holy-swords exists because a Sacred Gear that creates demonic-sword does.

“It’s not like there aren’t. But if you compare it to the holy-swords that already exist, it is kind of lacking. Of course I’m not saying it’s weak. Among them there is a sacred utensil included in the “Longinus”, just like your “Boosted Gear”. The most famous is the Sacred Gear that was wielded by the person who killed Jesus Christ, the “True Longinus”. It’s also said that the name “Longinus” was derived from it.”

Longinus. It is a Sacred Gear that has the power to kill God. Like the one I possess in my left arm. So, there is a sacred utensil that is a Sacred Gear and is also a “Longinus”. But to hear that the spear that killed Jesus-san was also a “Longinus”……… I was discovering the mystery behind the history from out of nowhere. Talking to a high-class devil can be really shocking.

“Except, at this point there isn’t a Holy Sacred Gear that can compete with Excalibur, Durandal or Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi because these holy-swords are too powerful. It’s the same with the demonic-swords.”

Hmmmm. So much stuff that I had no clue about. I'll probably have to remember these things, but lately there is so much stuff that I have to remember, it's hard to keep up……

“Yuuto received artificial treatment to adapt to the holy-sword, particularly the Excalibur.”

“So Kiba is able to use the holy-swords?”

Buchou shook her head at my question.

“Yuuto couldn’t adapt to the holy-swords. Not only Yuuto, but it seems like everyone who received a treatment similar to Yuuto's couldn’t either……”

Even Kiba who is an expert at using swords and can handle all those demonic-swords couldn’t use the holy-swords.

“The people of the Church decided to view the ones who couldn’t adapt to the holy-swords as “defective products” and disposed of them.”

Dispose… Sounds like an unpleasant word. I can imagine what it means. Buchou’s eyes changed because she also felt discomfort.

“Most of the people experimented on were killed including Yuuto. Only because they couldn’t adapt to the holy-swords……”

“……It can’t be. It’s not an acceptable act by those who serve God.”

It seems like this was a big shock for Asia. Her eyes were covered with tears. It is normal to cry when something you believe in continues to betray you.

“They, the people of the Church, calls us devils an evil existence, but I think the bad intentions of humans are the greatest evil in this world.”

Buchou said it with sad eyes. Buchou is a devil. But she is very kind. Buchou told me that she has similar feelings as humans because she stayed in the human’s world for too long but I believe that’s not the case. I think that Buchou was a kind woman right from the start. Otherwise you can't explain her kind smile. There are also kind people among the devils! And that is my pride of being a devil.

“When I reincarnated Yuuto into a devil, that boy was swearing for his revenge even when he was in a critical situation. Because his talents were being used for holy-swords since he was born, I wanted him to use his talents as a devil. Yuuto’s talent at using swords would be a waste for only using it for holy-swords.”

Buchou wanted to save Kiba by turning him into a devil because he had a miserable life due to the holy-swords. She wanted to tell him not to get so fixated on holy-swords and use his powers as a devil. But Kiba…

“That boy couldn’t forget about it. The holy-swords. Those who were involved with the holy-swords. And the people of the Church……”

The reason why he detests priests. The reason why he is obsessed with the information regarding holy-swords. He still couldn’t forget about them. No, they played around with his life and killed him afterwards, it's not weird for him to hold a grudge. When I was killed by that fallen angel, I also held a grudge against her. And it happened to him when he was little so his hatred against them must be enormous. Buchou made a big sigh.

“Anyway I will just watch over him for now. Right now his head is full of the feelings he has towards the holy-swords. But I hope he returns to his usual self.”

“Ah, about that. I think this photo was what caused him to act like this.”

I handed the photo to Buchou. Kiba said the sword in this photo is a holy-sword. I think it is somehow related… Buchou’s eyes changed as soon as she saw the photo.

“Ise. Is there someone you know who is related to the Church?”

“No. There’s none among my relatives.”

That’s what my parents told me. I asked them just in case.

“Except when I was really small, it seems there was a child who was a Christian living in the neighbourhood.”

“So, there is one near you… No, there was a holy-sword in this area about 10 years ago. It’s so terrifying.”

“Then is that sword really a holy-sword?”

“Yes, it’s one of the holy-swords. It’s not as powerful as the legendary holy-sword I mentioned before, but it’s the real thing. Then it must mean that this man is the holy-sword wielder…… Now I get it. I heard that my predecessor who was in charge of this area vanished, but it would make sense if this was the reason. But if I remember……”

Oh. Buchou started talking to herself. Seems like she found out something. But Buchou thought for a while and……

“Let’s go to sleep. Even if we think about it, it’s not like Yuuto’s behaviour will go back to normal.”

After saying that, Buchou started to strip her clothes!

“Bu…Buchou! Why are you taking your clothes off here!?”

“Why? You also know that I can’t sleep without being naked, Ise.”

“No, no, no! Not that! I mean, why are you taking them off in my room!?”

I was eagerly looking at Buchou’s body while I was panicking. Ngggggggg! No matter how many times I look at them, she has an amazing body! Her boobs bounced after she took her bra off!

“That’s because I’m going to sleep with you.”

Buchou answered me as if it was the obvious answer!


My nose started to drip lots of blood.

Ooooooooh! For a girl to say that she wants to sleep with me!

“Then I’m sleeping here as well! I’m also going to sleep with Ise-san!”

Hey, hey, hey, hey! I’m happy to hear that but you can’t! Asia can’t do that! She shouldn’t be copying Buchou!

“Buchou! You are being a bad influence on Asia! Please put your clothes on!”

Buchou frowned her eyebrows at my words.

“Bad influence? That’s a harsh thing to say, Ise. You know that I sleep naked, right? You slept with me a number of times.”

This time it was Asia who responded to Buchou’s words.

"....Slept together a number of times.......? No.....Ise-san and Buchou-san.......?"

Asia started to shake and get teary eyes because it was a big shock for her. Ho....hold on! What kind of situation is this!?

"Asia, hand over Ise for tonight."

"I don't want to...... I think I have the right to be spoiled by Ise-san as well. I also want to sleep with Ise-san!"

Asia! You wanted to sleep with me that much!? I feel a bit complicated but also really happy! Even though she has teary eyes, she seems determined. I can tell from what she's said that she won't back down! Waaaaah! A fight is about to start in my room! Let's not fight! Both of them glared at each other and there were sparks between them..... I'm trying to breathe in this awkward situation. It's really hard to breathe here! It truly is!

"Then let's make Ise decide."

Buchou then looked at me. Her eyes were telling me "Choose me". I can feel a force coming from her eyes!

"Ise-san. You will sleep with me, right?"

Asia asked me with sobbing eyes. I felt like surrendering to her because she wasn't acting. The person whom I won't pick will hold a grudge against me. I held my head down because this was the hardest choice I've ever faced.

Part 2


I took a breath after I drank a cup of water in the kitchen.

........After that I calmed the situation down by choosing to "sleep with both of them". Of course making Buchou wear her night gown just for today. At that rate, Asia would also have copied her....... It seems like Asia will become erotic because of Buchou's influence..... Well, that would make me feel happy but at the same time would leave me with complicated feelings. I need to protect Asia. The girl you are trying to protect becoming erotic.......it might be a good thing!

But it might be a bad thing as well...... Nggggh. It's something that my small brain can't handle. On the bed, Buchou and Asia were sleeping while I slept between them. It's a situation I dreamed of! This is a wonderful thing! I'm sleeping while being surrounded by two girls, you know? It would be the ultimate situation for guys! And if I think of laying my hand on Buchou who sleeps on the left side of me, it seems like Asia would get mad at me. If I lay my hand on Asia who sleeps on the right side, then the good will inside me will tell myself not to.

It's killing me! Damn it! They are right in front of me but I can't lay my hands on them! I held my head down with my arms while shedding tears of regrets. Of course I couldn’t go to sleep because I was getting too excited since there were two bishoujo sleeping next to me! I stopped my urge to grope breasts and thighs, and came downstairs when I saw a chance. I was sure the two of them were sleeping peacefully.

Shit! I want to have sex with them! Isn’t this the time in my life where I am popular with girls!? Shouldn’t I use this as a chance to experience a lot of things!? Maybe do something erotic with the three of us! Is it even possible!? In a harem having threesomes is normal! I heard it’s the basic stuff! Then this means I am not fit to make my own harem? If I had a talent for making a harem, then by now I would have made Buchou and Asia feel pleasured and have them in my grasp! Holy shit! I understood another painful reality! I can’t even do anything when I’m sleeping with two girls! I mean, it seems that I can lay my hand on Buchou but I can’t! And I can’t make Asia impure! Is it because I’m too inexperienced that I think like that!? Is it because I’m a virgin!? Absurd! In the simulation I made in my head it goes like this……

“Fufufu. So which girl should I pleasure today?”

“Ise-sama! Please pick me! I beg you!”

“What are you talking about!? I’m a slut that can’t live without master’s penis! So please pick me!”

“Don’t get in my way! Oni-sama! I can’t endure it anymore! I beg you! Please come inside me!”

“Hahaha! Hey hey give me a break. I only have one body you know? So make a row! So choose the order nicely. Hahaha, what troublesome kittens you are.”

In my head it was perfect……… But reality is harsh. There was a tear falling down my cheek. After all it was just a hallucination that I made in my head. Aaaah, when am I going to have my first sex? I think it’s about a good time for having sex once with a girl. Huh? Never? Impossible…… Because I have already seen boobs many times…… And the next step after that is hard. Sob………why did it turn out like this……?

[Hey partner. Sorry to bother you.]

……I never expected that you would have started a conversation with me. The being residing in my left arm, the Sacred Gear “Boosted Gear”, the Welsh Dragon Ddraig. He suddenly talked to me soon after the Rating Game against the house of Phoenix. And he rented me the power, Balance Breaker, which is the ultimate power of Sacred Gears. Thanks to that I defeated Raiser Phoenix and succeeded in destroying Buchou’s engagement. But that time my left arm turned into that of a dragon, which is the price for using that power. Now my arm is back to normal because of Buchou and Akeno-san’s help but if I don’t receive the treatment to weaken my dragon power then my arm will revert back to a dragon’s arm.

You didn’t even appear since then and didn't even talk back to me when I was calling you!

[Don’t say that. I won’t run away this time. Let’s talk a bit.]

I sat down on the sofa in the living room.

“Hmph. Coming out of nowhere.”

[Nah, Don’t say that.]

Did the dragon power inside me become full? Is that the reason why this guy is talking to me… Tomorrow is the day Akeno-san is going to scatter my powers. Gufufu, I can’t wait for tomorrow. That is so erotic…… I can’t stop myself from drooling.

[Seems like your head is full of things like that as always.]

Ddraig said it while making a sigh.

“Shut up! I’m at that age! ………And what did you want to talk about?”

[I don’t mind talking about the opposite sex.]

“……You were listening?”

[Well I am always with you, so I can hear it whether I want to or not.]

Is that so? So you can hear everything. And it’s even worse because it seems like he can hear my thoughts as well.

[The Gremory and their servants are beings with extra-ordinary affection among the devils. Your master and friends are the same as well. Especially the love Rias Gremory has towards you is deep… Seems like she adores you a lot.]

“…Yeah. I don’t know why but she adores me a lot.”

I answered him while blushing. That’s right. I am being especially taken care of by Buchou. I think she started to adore me even more after I beat Raiser. Even in front of the other club members, the other servant devils, she hugs me…… I even get kissed on the cheek sometimes… I’m happy but also embarrassed so I don’t know what to do.

[Kukuku. You are probably at the age where you should experience that stuff. You should experience that kind of stuff as soon as you can. You won’t know when the “white guy” will appear in front of you.]

“…Hey. I wanted to ask you before but what is that “white guy” you always talk about?”

[…The white dragon, Vanishing Dragon.]

…Va…Vanishing……Dragon? Is it related to Ddraig, the Welsh Dragon? If I remember Ddraig is called “Seki-ryu-tei” [1 1]. Then the white dragon is… Ddraig talked to me while I was thinking about it.

[You know that the three sides of God and Angels, fallen-angels and devils were having a big war a long time ago, right?]


[That time other powers gave their support to certain sides. Fairies, spirits, European monsters, Asian Youkai and humans. But the dragons were the only beings that didn’t side with any of them.]

“Why was that?”

[Hmmm I wonder. I don’t know the actual reason. But dragons are beings that are made from a mass of powers and they all act freely and selfishly. There were dragons that turned into devils or those that sided with God. But the majority of them didn’t care about the war and lived freely.]

Wow, dragon’s are such troublesome creatures. They live how they want to.

[But during the Great War between the three powers, there were two stupid dragons that started a fight. And those two were in the highest class of dragons and they had a power that rivalled that of God and Maou[1 2]. They started to fight each other while taking down the guys of the three powers. For the three powers, there wasn’t anything more troublesome than these two dragons. The three powers were having a serious war to take control of this World, and the two dragons were disturbing the battlefield without any care.]

Those two are the worst! They are just super troublesome dragons!

“Why were the two fighting that much?”

[No idea. It's like they weren't interested in anything at all. The two dragons probably can’t remember the reason why they started to fight. And for the first time, the leaders of the three powers joined hands. “We have to get rid of those two dragons, or else it’s not a matter of war any more!” Like that.]

……The groups who are enemies forming an alliance. And the reason for that is a fight between dragons. It seems complicated.

[The two dragons that got their fight interrupted became mad. [Don’t get in the way of our fight!], [A mere God and Maou shouldn’t be interrupting a duel between dragons!] - they responded like idiots. They went head on and tried to eat God, Maou, and the leaders of the fallen-angels. Well, that was a mistake, I guess.]

They seriously are the ultimate and worst dragons. But I get it now. So those two dragons are……

[In the end the two dragons got cut into pieces and their spirits were sealed within human bodies as Sacred Gears. The two dragons that were sealed within humans used them as vessels, they encountered each other and fought each other countless times. Every time one of them won and one of them died. Sometimes one of them was already dead before the other one came and so they didn’t fight, but most of the times they did. If the vessel, human, dies then the dragons stop functioning for a certain time. Their spirits float around in this world until the humans with dragon powers are born. That cycle has repeated countless times for many long years.]

“And those two dragons are you and the vanishing dragon, huh.”

[Yeah that’s right. This time it was you who became my host. And you even became a devil. In all the long years I have been like this, this is a first time. That’s why I am looking forward to it. I wonder what’s going to happen this time?]

Hey hey, you possessed me without my permission, so don’t go around looking forward to what’s going to happen to my life. But, it might be a good idea to convey my dream to him. I cleared my throat, and roared with my strongest voice:

“Listen up Ddraig! I want to get promoted to a high-class devil and become a Harem-king! My dream is to form an army of bishoujo by making lots of girls my personal servant devils!”

Ddraig became speechless for a moment and started laughing.

[Hahaha! It’s also my first time having a host like you as well. Most of the hosts in the past either got too proud of our powers or too terrified of our powers, with none of them living a decent life.]

“Huh? Am I abnormal? Am I weird?”

[You are weird but not abnormal. Either way you are a being that is possessed by a dragon. In whatever age and country, Dragons represent power. You know how, even though they come in many different forms and shapes, there are pictures and carvings of dragons in many different countries? Throughout the ages humans admired dragons, respected dragons, and feared dragons. Unwittingly, dragons fascinate those around them. Or those with power gather around the dragons. If there are people who come to you with admiration or to challenge you, then it’s most likely the power of the dragon.]

“…It sounds like an inconvenient power. So am I going to be targeted by a lot of guys?”

[To fight strong foes that are attracted to power. That’s the path of those who possess the dragon-emperor. But you don’t have to be pessimistic. Women would come to you as well.]

“Are you serious!?”

[Yeah, I’m serious. All of my hosts were surrounded by the opposite sex. I think you call them popular, right? They didn’t have to worry about the opposite sex at all.”

“Then there are some people who had…se……sse……sex with a girl!?”

[There was a guy who slept with a different woman every night.]

Wh…whaaaaat!? My previous senpai’s were doing that kind of stuff!? That’s so wonderful! Beautiful! U…uhyouuuuuuuuuu! I screamed out of joy within myself! This is amazing! Seriously amazing!

“Uooooooo…… Are you serious…… You…… No, you sir are an amazing Sacred Gear like that!?”

I bowed my head down and spoke to him with respect. I mean I didn’t know that this Sacred Gear was an amazing item like that. That information became a light of hope to me.

[……You are suddenly looking at me with respect and are talking to me with respect…… It’s certainly my first time having a host like you who changes his attitude like that.]

“What are you talking about Ddraig-sensei! I’m not in a position to say rude things to you! Aaaah sensei, I will be under your care from now on!”

[……You seriously are a man who is hard to understand. But certainly it’s going to get interesting. Well let us both not get killed by Vanishing Dragon then.]

“Oh yeah. By the way is the “Vanishing Dragon” strong?”

[He’s strong. To begin with, we had powers that could even dominate God and Maou. It’s just that we had a curse put on us when we got turned into Sacred Gears. We are in a tight situation to release our full powers. Even so, if you get used to it, high-class devils and high ranked angels are nothing against us.]

I get it now. So if I and the guy who possess the “Vanishing Dragon” master how to use our Sacred Gears then we can become that powerful. But to tell the truth I’m not interested in defeating God or Maou. But it might be awesome to become a Maou and gather girls. I have antagonism against fallen-angels but I don’t want to encounter their leaders…… But would I end up meeting the “Vanishing Dragon” whether I want to or not? Who is the possessor? It’s obvious that it’s someone that I don’t know. But I hope it is a girl. I’m going to live my life to the fullest without getting dragged into the destiny of dragons! I will also improve myself so I don’t lose to the “Vanishing Dragon”!

“Either way my current aim is Buchou’s oppai[1 3]. With Buchou’s oppai, I’m going to….”

[You are going to grope it?]

“No, I’m going to suck it!”


I said it to him clearly. I don’t know why but the emperor of dragons became silent. Did he lose his words? I continued on without caring about it.

“The sensation of Buchou’s oppai…… I can still feel it within my hands. If I get another chance I want to grope it for a whole day! Even Buchou might give it to me as a “treat” for her servant. But that’s not enough! Guys have to aim higher! Guys who become satisfied with groping oppai are second rate lechers! That’s why I’m going to suck her oppai!”

[……I …is that so? Well, do your best.]

Ddraig sounded shocked by my words. But I’m serious, emperor of dragons.

“Ddraig, I will be borrowing your powers!”

[……Supporting to suck a woman’s tits huh…… Seems like I went down hard. But that may also be fun. Having a partner like this sometimes might be good.]

He seemed like he agreed to it even though he made a sigh. He seems to see me at weird times.

“Ou! Let’s work together partner!”

[Yeah, you are right partner.]

Like this me and the emperor of dragons made a promise for our new objective at midnight.

Part 3

To scatter the powers of a dragon.

That is to nullify it by getting the power taken away by high level devils. There are a couple of methods to do this, but the easiest and the most certain one is to take it out directly from that person. The way I am getting it done is……well, it’s certainly stimulating for a lecherous student like me. The only high level devils who can do that to me are Buchou and Akeno-san. Both of them take turns at taking out my dragon powers. Today is the day I get my dragon powers taken out, and I am currently in a room on the second floor of the old school building, which is used by Akeno-san. It used to be a classroom, but now there is a tatami (Japanese flooring) on the floor, and it looks like a traditional Japanese room. There are symbols around the room that look like certain casting spells and there are also casting items in the room. I was waiting in the middle of the room with my upper body naked. There’s also a magic circle below the place I was sitting. I heard that this was a necessary thing for rituals. There’s also a meaning for why I didn’t have anything on my upper body, this is required for the ritual. The door opened and someone entered the room. The person who appeared was Akeno-san with a white cloth on. She had her usual ponytail untied as well. I always think about it every time I do this ritual, but Akeno-san with her hair down looks fascinating and attractive! She smiled at me once, and then she quietly sat in front of me very sacredly.

“The preparations are done. Now, we shall begin.”

Um…ummmm Akeno-san……? The white cloth that is covering Akeno-san’s body is soaked with water……! Her long black hair is also sticking to the cloth and it looks sexy! I can see her skin! If I can see it like this a certain “thing” of mine is going to change…! I mean I can see it! I can see it through the cloth! The pink coloured thing! I can see her nipples! Wait, she doesn’t have her bra on!?

“Ara ara. Did something happen? You suddenly became quiet…… Is something wrong with what I am wearing? The reason why it is soaked is because I put water onto myself for the ritual. Is it weird?”

Akeno-san started to pat herself on her chest on purpose. It’s affecting my crotch……

“No, no! You look really great in it!”

I couldn’t help myself staring at Akeno-san’s chest. It’s just that her see-through clothes are too stimulating for me…… Huh? Is it just me or isn’t she wearing anything down there as well…? I then looked around her hips……… I became speechless. She isn’t wearing anything……I think. She doesn’t seem to be shy about it and isn’t even trying to hide it! It’s more like she is enjoying my reaction!

“Let’s start. Ise-kun. Please give me your left-arm.”

“Y……yes! I will be in your care!”

The way to scatter the power of a dragon. That is……

“To suck the dragon’s energy directly from Ise-kun's finger, pulling accumulated energy out of your left arm. If I do this, your arm would temporary revert back to its original state.”

Yes. By getting it directly sucked through my body, the ritual is complete. In my case, my problem is solved by Buchou and Akeno-san sucking the dragon’s power through my finger.


Making an obscene water sound, Akeno-san put my index finger into her mouth.

……! ………Ku, it’s a sensation I can’t describe with words. I thought about it many times but it feels so amazing inside a girl's mouth! It feels slippery but warm, and the lips feel so soft… Furthermore, my finger is sucked with “Chu-chu” sounds…… This sucking dangerously stimulates me! It feels really amazing! Aaaah! Everything is getting pink coloured inside my head! Amazing! This is too amazing! An act that surpasses any “act” in porno videos is happening to me!


While sucking my finger, Akeno-san was making obscene sounds on purpose. It's as if she was enjoying my reaction! As for me, I could only tremble slightly, with my face completely red, letting my body enjoy the pleasure of being sucked. Aaaah, I’m definitely going to save this memory in my head for eternity. Wait! If I think about it I will be receiving this from now on!? Uoooooooooooooo! This is the best, indeed! I couldn’t have gotten this if my arm didn’t change into that of a dragon! Ddraig! Right now I am experiencing the best moment in my life! It was an erotic situation like that but I could feel the wave of power within my left arm gathering at my finger tip and disappearing. And the weight I felt in my left hand was disappearing as well. My left arm was getting relaxed. It felt like the presence of Ddraig was fading. Then was I right about the fact that if my dragon’s power becomes dense then Ddraig’s conscious also becomes dense? When I was thinking about that……



I accidentally slipped my voice. That’s because Akeno-san suddenly licked my finger! She started to swirl around my finger with the tip of her tongue! Wai…wait Akeno-san! When I looked, Akeno-san had a naughty face and it looked like the sadist personality of hers got turned on. My finger that came out of her mouth had a thread of Akeno-san’s saliva. Uheee! It’s too erotic!

“Ara ara. If you make a cute reaction like that, then I feel like giving you more service.”


“Yes. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing to adore my kouhai(junior).”

Akeno-san started to suck my finger again and put her body closer towards me. Eeeeeeeeh!? A…Akeno-san!? Wait a second! What’s going on!? By ignoring my confused reaction, she put a smile on and hugged me! I can smell the nice smell of her silky black hair! No, I can smell a fragrance from Akeno-san’s body that insanely shakes my manhood! Since I had nothing on my upper body and Akeno-san was wearing a really thin cloth, I could feel her body directly! It felt cold because her cloth was wet, but I could feel the warmth from her body temperature! And her body temperature felt so erotic that my head was about to go crazy! A…Akeno-san’s body is so soft!! I can feel the sensation of her oppai just through the cloth!


There was blood coming out of my nose! Of course! Even I have a dozen of liters of blood coming out, it still won’t stop! Akeno-san whispered into my ears while I was stiff like a rock.

“Even I act like this, I have a great liking towards you, Ise-kun.”


“Yes. First I thought of you as a cute junior. But it’s different lately. In the fight against the Phoenix last time. I saw you standing up no matter how many times you were beaten down from the infirmary room.”

Aaaah, if I remember correctly Akeno-san retired during the match and she was sent to the infirmary room.

“And you came to the engagement party to save Buchou. You even defeated Phoenix who is said to be immortal. Even I will be aroused if I see a man fighting wonderfully like that.”


Akeno-san looked directly at me and chuckled.

“Ufu. Sometimes I think about you and the area around my breast gets hot. And I can’t help it. But when I try to make you enjoy something like this, the instinct of a bully inside me rises…… Is this love?”

Is this love!? Huh, and I am being bullied!? There’s sexual bullying like this!? The world is big indeed!

“But if I lay my hands on you, Rias might get mad. That person……truly sees you… Ufufu, you are a sinful man, Ise-kun.”

…Sin? Me? I will receive any kind of punishment so please let me continue this situation! Huh? Did Akeno-san call Buchou “Rias”? Do they call each other by their names when they are alone? Akeno-san and Buchou seems to know each other longer than the rest of the club members.

Then Akeno-san put her arms around my neck! And she purposely exposed her body! I could see the peach coloured nipple on her right boob! I could see it clearly! She was even exposing most of her legs!

“Do you want to have an affair with me?”


Affair against whom!? But the word affair really turns me on!

“Ufufufu. I will keep quiet about what’s going to happen now from Buchou and Asia-chan. Exciting, isn’t it? A secret between us.”


My nosebleed didn’t seem to stop; it continued to flow out of my nose.

“I also want to experience at least once. To get devoured by a younger boy with lust. I also have masochism within me as well. I think it’s about a good time for having a man inside me now for once.”

Pl……please stop…… To say those finishing blows continuously at me…… Huh. “About a good time”……? Does that mean…

“Akeno-san, are you perhaps…?”

“Yes, I’m a virgin. Ufufu. Ise-kun would be more experienced so I would be happy if you lead me.”

“N…no. I also……don’t have any experience.”

Akeno-san made a shocked expression at my confession.

“Eh? That’s a big surprise. I thought that you and Buchou had already……”

“No, no! We haven’t! I don’t even know if it’s all right, if I am her first mate!”

“Ara ara. Is Buchou taking it slow? Then have you done it with Asia-chan?”

“That would be even more impossible!”

I can’t lay my hands on those two. And if we are talking about Asia it’s a different story. Asia is a person that I have to protect and laying my hands on her is something unforgivable…… That’s what I decided in my own mind.

“If it’s Ise-kun, I thought that Buchou would have given you a “big treat” every night…… This is certainly surprising.”

Uuuu……what is that “big treat” you are talking about!? Is it something that relieves all male students sexual desires!?

“Ise-kun. Don’t you want to do it with either of them?”

“I do want to do it! I really do! I’m keeping down my urge to push her down on my bed! But I can’t go past the last step and I always end up crying every night! I also want to have sex with Buchou and Asia!”

Aaaaah, I ended up telling her my true feelings! But they are my honest thoughts. It can’t be helped if a boy my age has lots of sexual urges when he has to live with two bishoujo!

“Poor you……Ara ara. Then both of you are slow at these things…… I’m sure you could do it if you were willing to do it…… Then it seems like I can’t take your purity without her permission.”

……Crap. I was about to be taken? Did I say something unnecessary? Was I able to graduate from being a virgin? Wait! Hold on! Did I make a stupid mistake?

Suddenly the door opened. When I looked in that direction… Buchou was there staring with angry eyes.

“Akeno. What’s the meaning of this?”

Buchou approached us with an unpleasant voice…… Oh crap……She’s angry……

“Ufufu. I was just scattering the power of the dragon.”

Akeno-san answered unconcernedly. She had her smile on.

“……Is that so? But no matter how you look at it………weren't you trying to do something beyond that?”

“Ara ara. I wasn’t thinking of doing it.”

“Even if you weren’t, there is a limit. Even I haven’t……”

“Isn’t that because you are taking it slow? It might be good reading a book about it, but it won’t go as smoothly as in the manual.”



They weren’t glaring at each other but Buchou and Akeno-san were looking at each other in the eyes. Somehow I could feel the intensity. U..uuummm. I don’t know how to describe this situation. I put my shirt on quickly and tried not to get close to them. Then Buchou glared at me and pinched my cheek. Ouch!

“Ise. It seems like you were having fun. Did you get close to the Akeno-onee-sama that you admire so much?”

“Wo…wwon. I……”

I couldn’t speak properly because I had my cheeks pinched. But making up an excuse didn’t seem manly so I stopped saying anything. Even I was getting into the flow; I was looking forward to it.

“Then do whatever you want!”

Buchou made an angry face and left the room.


Even the way she closed the door was violent. Sob… I was yelled at by Buchou. Why? Is it because I was about to do something naughty with Akeno-san? Akeno-san whispered to me when I was confused.

“Jealousy? She sure is cute. Ufufufu. Ise-kun. It seems like you are making progress in your relationship.”

What do you mean? Hmmmmm. I don’t understand what she means by progress. Did she think that I would be taken by Akeno-san? I’m Buchou’s servant so there is no way that I will be Akeno-san’s servant…… But I thought that Buchou looked cute when she made an angry face like Asia.

Part 4

Asia and I were on our way home after we finished school and club activities. Usually Buchou would be with us, but today she wasn’t. It seems like the incident with Akeno-san was the cause.

“Buchou aren’t you going home?”

“I will be going home afterwards. Go home without me.”

I asked her at the club room, but not only did she not look at my eyes, she didn’t even face me. There were thorns in her words. Sob……does Buchou hate me now? I’m sad… Do dogs who are scolded by their masters feel like this as well? It’s so lonely and………so sad……

“Isn’t Buchou-san going home with us? “

“Hm? Yeah…… It seems like I made Buchou angry……”

“…Did you do something?”

Asia asked me with a worried face, but I couldn’t tell her about the incident with Akeno-san here. It would get even more complicated.

“No, but it’s my fault. I will apologise to her afterwards. Asia, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“……I understand. But it might be my fault. Lately I have been talking back to Buchou-san……”

Asia said it with an apologetic voice. Asia does look at Buchou as a rival but I don’t think that’s the case. The cause is definitely the thing with me and Akeno-san……

“It’s okay. I don’t think she is mad at you, Asia. It’s my fault.”

Well I am lewd. But I thought that Buchou was okay with me being lewd. She didn’t even say anything when I said that I was aiming to become a Harem-king.

Weird. Buchou is a bit weird lately. Or is it that she has the desire to keep her servants only to herself? Is it the same as people who gets disturbed when their pets are tamed by another person? Even if I am adored by Buchou, I still am just a servant to her. Sob…If I am getting troubled by just one girl like this, then my dream of becoming a Harem-king is far away! Shit! Is the reason why I wasn’t popular with girls related!? A maiden’s heart! It’s so complicated! If I don’t understand this, then I will never win against the good looking guys! I was thinking like this till we reached my house. When I tried to open the front door, I felt something bad.


What is this? It felt like there was a signal within my body forewarning me of danger. I had felt a similar feeling like this before. If I remember, it was the time when I met Asia for the first time and took her to the Church. When I saw the Church, my body trembled.


Asia grabbed my hand with her shaking hands. It seems like Asia also felt something unpleasant. Then this is the feeling that can only be felt by devils. There is someone inside my house. No, it can’t be…… Mum! I imagined my mum in danger in my head and opened the door quickly. I took my shoes off and headed straight off to the kitchen! It must be a joke! Mum! No, it can’t be! Is the fact that I am a devil revealed? By whom? Fallen-angels? God? Angels? People related to the Church? Any of those are dangerous! They would cut down and kill any of those related to us without mercy! In my head, I started to remember the dead body that was killed by that shit priest Freed. The corpse that was cut many times by him. My mother is going to turn out like that!? Shit! Don’t fuck around! That kind of thing……! That will not happen!

Mum wasn’t in the kitchen. But I heard laughter from the living room. I went there quickly and saw two unfamiliar girls and mum who was laughing.

“And this is a picture of Ise when he was in primary school. Look. This is the picture when his togs got ripped at the swimming pool. It was very troublesome. He went to the pool’s slide with his togs ripped.”


Mum looked at me when she realised I was there.

“Oh Ise. Welcome back. What happened? You look pale.”

“Hauuuuu. I’m so glad.”

Asia sat down on the ground as if she was relieved. After I found out my mum was safe I took a deep breath and calmed down. But I couldn’t get rid of my uneasiness. Of course. Because there were two unfamiliar women. They were both young foreigners with a Rosario hanging around their chest. Both of them looked about my age. One had chestnut coloured hair and the other one had blue hair with a green mesh and scary eyes. Both of them were quite beautiful. But by the way they behaved even I could tell they were no ordinary people. Both of them were wearing a white robe. Are they related to the Church? An exorcist? That’s bad? I can’t fight in a place like this.

“Hello, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

The woman with chestnut hair smiled at me. Next to her was the girl with green mesh and there was a weapon covered in cloth next to her. That’s it. I can feel foreboding danger from that weapon. I can feel something very unpleasant from it with my skin. It’s probably something to destroy us devils.

“Nice to meet you.”

I greeted her with a fake smile. But her eyes changed and she looked puzzled.

“Huh? Don’t you remember? It’s me?”

………Huh? The chestnut haired girl pointed at herself. No, no. I don’t remember you. Mum gave a photo to me because I looked confused. It’s the photo with the holy-sword. Mum pointed at the boy who I was friends with when I was small.

“It’s this child. Shidou Irina-chan. That time she was like a boy, but now she is a proper lady so even I was shocked.”

……Excuse me? This girl……is the boy who lived in the neighbourhood when I was small and the one I often played with? Eeeeeeeeh!? The boy in the picture! It was a girl!? It wasn’t a boy!?

“Long time no see, Ise-kun. Did you mistake me for a boy? It can’t be helped since I was a troublemaker just like the boys. But it seems like we both have changed in the time we didn’t see each other. Really. You can’t tell what can happen in a reunion.”

Her words sounded like she meant something. Yes, she had realised my identity.

Part 5

“I’m glad that both of you are safe.”

Asia and I were hugged by Buchou.

Irina and the other girl had left my house after talking for 30 minutes. She had come to Japan after a long time. She apparently came here because it's the town she lived in as a child. She said that she went to England because of her parents' work. But no matter how I think about it, her parents are related to the Church. Asia and I tried not to get too involved with them and left the talking to my mum. Especially since Asia didn’t want to get in contact with people related to the Church. I forced her to do something and made her wait in her room. I was prepared to fight if anything were to happen…… But I’m glad nothing happened. After that Buchou returned home. Like us, she came home with a pale face. After she confirmed mine and Asia’s safety, she suddenly hugged us.

“Are you injured? I think they knew about us being devils, but I think they couldn’t lay a hand on us in a normal residence and especially in front of your mum who is a normal human.”

“Both Ise-san and I are safe, Buchou-san.”

Buchou hugged me and Asia even tighter and held us like valuable things.

“Aaah, Ise. I’m glad…… If something were to happen to you and Asia, I…… After the normal club activity I was called in by Souna and was listening to the story about people related to the Church intruding the town. And I also heard that they have a holy-sword with them.”

Buchou came home late because she had a talk with Kaichou. When she got close to my house, she realised the abnormal presence and came rushing here. Buchou confessed that she thought of the worst when she entered the house and felt the presence of a strong holy power. It seemed like her heart was beating fast.

“I thought that the worst might have happened to my cute servants. I prepared for the worst scenario you know……? If I were to bid farewell to you after we had an argument, then I would have regretted it till death. I’m sorry. I should have treated you two with more importance……”

[The Gremory and their servants are beings with extra-ordinary affection among the devils.]

I remembered what Ddraig had told me last night. I think it’s the truth as well. Buchou gave a sigh of relief and shed a tear after confirming our safety. She must have been extremely worried about us. It was after she had a little rumble with Asia and after she had got mad at me. Both of us thought that we made Buchou mad. Buchou seemed like she was worried about it.

“Buchou-san. I’m also sorry for talking back to you. I thought that Buchou-san would take Ise-san away from me…… I thought that I couldn’t win……”

Asia apologised. Buchou smiled and patted Asia’s head.

“It’s okay.”

Buchou then hugged us with love. Aaah, I can feel Buchou’s love. Ma…maybe she would let me do even naughty requests…

“Buchou, oppai.”

“Yes, I know Ise. You really are a spoiled child…”


Asia separated me from Buchou. Nggggh, it was a good chance. Buchou made a sigh and continued talking after the three of us had calmed down.

“According to Souna, who had met those two at noon, they want to negotiate with me, the devil Rias Gremory, who has this town as her territory.”

“The people from the Church want to negotiate with a devil?”

Buchou nodded at my question. This was shocking. The devils and Christians are enemies. And the negotiation came from them, huh.

“Then is it a pact? Or a request?”

“……I’m not sure what they are planning, but they are planning to come to the club room after school tomorrow. They apparently promised God that they won’t attack us.”

“Can you believe them?”

“We have to. We have to believe in their belief since they are the believers of God and they are coming to request something from devils, when we are supposed to be evil beings to them. They seem to be under pressure and it’s certain that it's trouble. I have a bad feeling about this… From their story, the priests that come to this town keep getting killed.”

Buchou’s eyes became sharp and she had a serious face. It certainly was scary…… Even that shit priest Freed who sided with the fallen-angel detests us. If it’s a true believer of God, then the way they look at us is even worse. Something was going to happen. Even I, who was new to this “world” could feel that.

Part 6

The next day after school.

We, the members of Gremory group, were gathered in the club room. On the sofa, Buchou with Akeno-san and the two “guests” were sitting. The other members of our group including myself were sitting in the corner of the room listening to their conversation. Ever since those two came to the club room, we couldn’t stop but feel something. Our instincts as devils were telling us that they were dangerous. Buchou and Akeno-san were talking to them with a serious face. But the most dangerous one was Kiba. He was glaring at them grudgingly. If something were to happen…… No. He looked as if he was about to go slashing at them any moment. They were the believers of God that Kiba hates. If you knew his past, then you would know that he was brimming with hatred now. Under this atmosphere, the first one to talk was Shidou Irina.

“Recently the Holy-swords Excaliburs that were kept by the Catholic Church Headquarter Vatican, Protestant Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church were stolen.”

Excalibur was stolen? And Catholic, and Protestant……? If I remember correctly, I was told in a lecture at school that there were different factions within the Christian religion. But how can Excalibur be stolen from Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox? It’s in one location isn’t it?

“Excalibur itself doesn’t exist.”

The one who answered my doubt was Buchou. Arara, looks like Buchou can read what I am thinking.

“I’m sorry. One of my servants recently became a devil, so can we continue this conversation while explaining about Excalibur?”

Shidou Irina nodded at Buchou’s request.

“Ise-kun. Excalibur broke in the war a long time ago.”

Irina looked at me and said that. Huh? Broke? The holy-sword did? Even if it’s a super famous sword?

“Now it looks like this.”

The woman with blue-hair and green mesh got her weapon, which was covered in cloth, and revealed it to me. What appeared was a long sword.

“This is Excalibur.”


The moment I looked at it, I felt as if every pore on my body opened and felt something really cold running through my body. Fear. Shiver. Awe. I became really scared from a single sword. This is dangerous. It is seriously dangerous. Even I understood that a devil would die instantly just from its touch! Is this a holy-sword? Is this the ultimate weapon to kill devils?

“Excalibur was broken into pieces during the war a long time ago. The fragments were collected and turned into a new form by alchemy. It was made into 7 swords. This is one of them.”

Then this Excalibur wasn’t a real one, but a new one that was made afterwards.

“The Excalibur I hold is “Excalibur Destruction”. It’s one of the 7 holy-swords that were created. The Catholic Church is in control of it.”

The woman with a mesh put her sword away and wrapped it with a cloth. If I look carefully there were spell symbols on the cloth. Does she have it sealed usually? But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous. Irina also took out something that looked like a long rope. That rope started to move as if it were alive.

…! The rope changed its shape right in front of me and turned into a katana.

“Mine is “Excalibur Mimic”. I can change its shape into anything I want so it’s really useful for carrying around. Just like this, each “Excalibur” has its unique ability. This one is in the possession of the Protestant Church.”

She said it with pride. I could feel fear due to that Excalibur as well. That was also really dangerous to us devils.

“Irina…… There’s no reason to tell these devils the ability of Excalibur, is there?”

“Ara Xenovia. Even if they are devils we still have to form a trustworthy relationship with them in this situation. Also, even if my sword's ability is revealed, I won’t fall behind all the devils here.”

Shidou Irina said confidently. She probably had the confidence that she absolutely would not lose to us. But for two of the legendary holy-swords to be here! Wow! Isn’t this a serious situation!? Then I realised the presence coming from near me.

It was Kiba. He was glaring at the Excaliburs and the two women with a scary face that I had never seen before. That’s right… Kiba holds a grudge against Excalibur. I hadn’t even dreamed that I would witness an Excalibur in a place like this. Kiba probably never thought that he would encounter the Excaliburs here. And now it was right here in front of him. He must have been going crazy. Calm down. Don’t go jumping at them Kiba. Buchou is talking professionally with the enemy. If you jump in now, then it would all be in vain! The worst case would be the start of a battle. There’s no way that there would be no casualties against the Excaliburs.

“……So what does the stolen Excaliburs have to do with this country located in the east of the World?”

Buchou continued to talk with the same attitude. As expected from our onee-sama. She isn’t backing down even if it’s an Excalibur in front of her! She is holding her ground! The girl with blue hair and a green mesh with scary eyes—I think her name was Xenovia—continued to talk.

“The Catholic Church was in possession of two Excaliburs including mine. The Protestant Church also had two. Also in the Eastern Orthodox Church there were two as well. The last one went missing in the previous war between God, devils, and fallen-angels. One Excalibur was stolen from each Church. The ones that stole them escaped to Japan, and brought them to this town.”

Hey, hey. So the holy-swords thief has taken a liking to this town huh? Buchou also put her hand on her forehead and took a breath.

“Looks like my territory is full of incidents. So who are the ones that stole the Excaliburs?”

“The ones that stole them were the Grigori.”

Buchou widened her eyes in surprise at the answer.

“The holy-swords were taken by the fallen-angel organisation? It’s not a matter of mistake. But certainly it would be the fallen-angels when it comes to stealing them. For the devils working at the top, holy-swords does not give them much interest.”

“We know the main culprit who stole the Excaliburs. One of the leaders of Grigori, Kokabiel.”

“Kokabiel… One of the leaders of the fallen-angels that survived the previous wars since ancient times…… I never expected to hear the name of the one that appears in the Bible.”

Buchou also smirked at the name. Wait, the leader of the fallen-angels!? Not only do we have the Excalibur, but also the leader of the fallen-angels? Th…then what was the reason they came here for? Was it for cooperation……?

“We sent priests, exorcists, to this town secretly but they kept getting killed.”

Xenovia said that. Are you serious? There were violent incidents like that occurring and we didn’t know about it……? Then is it a request for cooperation? Did they come to ask for the help of the high-class devil who is in charge of this territory? But what the two women said clearly betrayed my guesses.

“Our request… No. Our order is to not to have any devils intrude in the battle between us and the fallen-angels for the Excaliburs. In other words, we came here to tell you not to interfere with this incident.”

Buchou’s eyes changed after hearing the way Xenovia talked.

“Such manner of speech. Is it restraint? Are you thinking that we might collaborate with those fallen-angels? Perhaps that we might team up with them to do something with Excalibur?”

“The headquarters think that it might not be impossible.”

There were chills within Buchou’s eyes. She was quite pissed! An enemy comes all the way to her territory. Then tells her not to be involved and not to butt in. Also they said whatever they wanted to by saying that they would not forgive us if we formed an alliance with the fallen-angels. Buchou’s pride as a high-class devil wouldn’t allow her to keep quiet about it.

“The higher-ups don’t trust devils and fallen-angels. We were ordered as [If the holy-swords are taken away from God’s side then the devils would also be happy right? The fallen-angels would also profit from it. For those reasons it won’t be weird for them to form an alliance. That’s why we are giving you a warning. If you form an alliance with the fallen-angel Kokabiel then we will eliminate you all. Even if you’re the little sister of the Maou, by our boss.”

Xenovia said it casually without caring about Buchou’s glare.

“……If you know that I am the sister of a Maou, then it means that you have lots of connections with the higher-ups in the Church. Then I will say it. We will not form an alliance with the fallen-angels. Never. In the name of the Gremory house. I will not do something that would tarnish the name of our Maou!”

It had become a contentious situation for both sides. But Xenovia laughed.

“Fu. Hearing that is good enough. I had to warn you just in case that Kokabiel is hiding himself in this town along with the three Excaliburs. If something were to happen I would be the one to be hated by the bunch in the Church headquarters. Well, we won’t ask for cooperation. If you were to form an alliance with God’s side temporally, then it would affect the balance of the three factions. Especially if it’s the little sister of a Maou.”

After hearing Xenovia, Buchou softened her expression and took a breath. Ngggggh. They had been talking about complicated stuff that I couldn’t follow.

“Where is the person the Orthodox Church dispatched?”

Xenovia answered Buchou’s question,

“They have that person put on hold for this case. They are planning to protect the last Excalibur if Irina and I fail.”

“So it’s just the two of you? You are going to retrieve the Excaliburs from the leader of the fallen-angel with just the two of you? How reckless. Are you trying to die?”

Buchou said it with an amazed voice. But Shidou Irina and Xenovia said it with straight eyes,


“I have the same view as Irina, but if it’s possible I don’t want to die.”

“……You came here to Japan prepared to die? The belief in your teaching is extreme like always.”

“Don’t talk ill of our beliefs, Rias Gremory. Right, Xenovia?”

“Right. Also the Church decided that it would be better to eliminate all of the Excaliburs rather than letting them get used by the fallen-angels. Our minimum objective is to get the Excaliburs away from the fallen-angels. To accomplish that, it’s okay for us to die. The only way to fight against the Excaliburs are Excaliburs.”

What determination! Was this their beliefs? Pretty amazing. Something that I didn’t understand at all. These guys wanted to die for God that badly?

“Is it possible with only the two of you?”

“Well, we won’t die in vain.”

Xenovia said fearlessly to Buchou’s question.

“You seem confident. Do you have a secret weapon?”

“Maybe. I will leave it to your imagination.”



After that, the two of them just stared at each other and the conversation stopped. Shidou Irina and Xenovia looked at each other and stood up.

“Then we will take our leave now. Let’s go Irina.”

“So you won’t drink your tea? I can prepare a snack for you.”

“I don’t need it.”

Xenovia declined Buchou’s offer with her hand.

“I’m sorry. See you.”

Shidou Irina also apologised with her hand. They didn’t try to accept Buchou’s offer, and the two of them tried to leave. Then both of them looked in the same direction. It was Asia.

“When I saw you in Hyoudou Issei’s house I thought that maybe it was you. Are you the “Witch” Asia Argento? I never expected to meet you in a place like this.”

Xenovia said. Asia’s body shook after she was called “Witch”. That word is something painful to Asia. Irina seemed like she noticed as well and stared at Asia.

“Are you the rumored “witch”? The former holy-maiden? You are said to have the power that can also heal devils and fallen angels, right? I heard that you were sent somewhere after getting exiled, but I never thought you became a devil.”


Asia didn’t know how to react to Irina and Xenovia.

“It’s okay. I won’t tell the higher ups what I saw here, so rest assured. People who were around the “Holy-maiden Asia” will also get shocked as well.”


Asia made a perplexed expression at Irina’s words.

“But to become a devil. The one who was called a “Holy-maiden”. You fell to the lowest place you could. Do you still believe in our God?”

“Xenovia. There’s no way that she, who became a devil, still believes in God.”

Shidou Irina said it with an amazed face.

“No, I can smell the “belief” from her. It might be an abstract way of saying it. But I’m sensitive to these things. There are people who betray the teachings and still have guilt within them because they couldn’t forget the teachings. I can feel something similar coming from her.”

Xenovia said it with sharp eyes and Irina stared at Asia even more with interested eyes.

“Is that true? Asia-san, you still believe in God even if you have turned into a devil?”

Asia replied to that question with a sad expression,

“……I just can’t put it aside. I believed in it for my whole life……”

Hearing that, Xenovia took her sword out from the cloth and pointed it at Asia.

“Is that so. Then you should be cut down by us this instant. If it’s now, I can cut you in the name of God. Even if you have sinned, our God will forgive you.”

……I couldn’t stop something within me from burning. Xenovia approached Asia. I stood in front of Asia to protect her.

“Don’t touch her.”

I said it clearly to Xenovia,

“If you come close to Asia, I won’t forgive you. You called Asia a “Witch” didn’t you?”

“Yes I have. Right now she is a being at least fit to be called a “Witch”.”

Th…this bitch!? I bit my tooth really hard and made a noise with my teeth because of the anger I had towards her.

“Don’t fuck around! Not even a single person helped her when she needed help! Those who can’t understand Asia’s kindness are a bunch of idiots! It’s also wrong that none of them tried to become her friend!”

“Do you think the “Holy-maiden” needed friends? What’s important is the charity to others. The “Holy-maidens” are finished when they seek friendship and love from others. She could have continued to live with the love from God. So Asia Argento didn’t have the right to be a “Holy-maiden” from the beginning.”

Xenovia said it as if it was an obvious thing. Shit! What the heck is with these guys! I couldn’t understand them! I didn’t want to understand them either! How could they say that Asia was the bad one!?

“So you guys selfishly made her into a “Holy-maiden” and abandon her because she’s different from those who seek her? That’s fucked up……… It fuckin is!”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying what I held within me. I always... I always wanted to say this to those who are related to God.

“None of you know what she went through! What God!? What love!? That God didn’t do jack shit when Asia was in a dangerous situation!”

But Xenovia answered calmly.

“God loved her. If nothing happened then it means that she didn’t believe in him enough, or her belief was fake.”

Are the people in the Church all like this? Was Asia living among these guys? Don’t screw around…… Don’t screw around.

“What are you to Asia?”

“Family. Friend. Comrade. That’s why I will help Asia. I will protect Asia! If you try to lay a hand on her, I will turn all of you into my enemies.”

Xenovia sharpened her eyes at my provocation.

“Is that a declaration to us……all of those in the Church? Something big coming out from a single devil. Gremory. I think you didn’t educate him enough?”

“Ise, sto……”

Buchou tried to calm me, but Kiba stood in front of me.

“That’s good timing. I will be your opponent.”

Kiba was carrying his sword, and there was an enormous aura of intent to kill coming out of his body.

“Who are you?”

Kiba smirked at Xenovia’s question.

“I’m your senpai. Though I apparently was a failure.”

That instant a countless number of demonic-swords appeared in the club room.

Part 7

Hmmmm. So how did it turn out like this?

I was standing at the place where we were practicing for the ball tournament. Kiba was standing a bit away from me. And Shidou Irina and Xenovia were standing in front of us. Enveloping us and our surroundings was a barrier made from red aura. The other members were looking at us from outside the barrier.

“Then let’s start.”

Irina and Xenovia took their white robe off and were wearing black battle purpose clothes. They weren’t showing their skins but it looked……erotic…… You could see the curves of their bodies. Ummmm, both of them have nice curves and tight hips! Xenovia took the cloth off her weapon and revealed her Excalibur. The Excalibur that Shidou Irina had also turned into the shape of a katana.

I will explain how it turned out like this.

While I was arguing with the two holy-sword wielders, Kiba came in and it got worse. Buchou also seemed troubled about keeping the situation under control because it was us, her servants who had started the fight. Then Xenovia made a suggestion.

“It might be interesting to test the strength of Rias Gremory's servants. Also, I’m interested in the strength of the so called senpai.”

Xenovia accepted Kiba’s challenge. She also added that this battle wouldn’t be reported to the Church. Apparently they understood our position a little bit, so they made it so that it wouldn’t be a problem if it was not a fight for life. The location was the place we practiced for the ball tournament near the old school building. To avoid unnecessary damage and getting noticed by others, Akeno-san put up a barrier for us. With this we could fight a bit more recklessly. And I was also participating in the battle…… Why? Is this the battle for the extra time after the quarrel? That’s absurd…… I was certainly pissed because they were talking shit about Asia. But I never thought that it would turn into a battle like this. I was actually going to stop when Buchou came in to stop me… It turned out like this because Kiba came into the argument……

“Even if it’s just a match, be cautious of the holy-swords!”

Buchou’s warning reached me.


I replied to her, but I was trembling because I remembered the video “The threat of the holy-swords collection” that we watched before the battle. It seemed like a record of battles between a person wielding a holy-sword and a high-class devil. The devil that was cut by the holy-sword had smoke coming out of the wounds made by the holy-sword. And did you know that the part where it was cut vanished? Just like the word means, it actually vanished. A devil would be eliminated if they were cut by a holy-sword. Their body will vanish. Scary. It’s really scary! I really don’t want to be cut by it! Kiba on the other hand had activated his Sacred gear and there were several demonic-swords around him.

“……Are you laughing?”

Kiba was laughing so much that it looked weird. A smile that made the atmosphere cold. There wasn’t any trace of the refreshing smile he usually has. That much…… Do you hate the Excalibur that much……?

“Yeah. The thing I wanted to defeat and destroy appeared right in front of me. I’m happy. Fufufu, I had even heard that by being close to a devil and a dragon, “powers” would gather. But for me to encounter it this early.”

Ddraig had said something similar as well. Lots of things will gather, being attracted to the power of a dragon. So this happened because of me………and Ddraig? No, it can’t be……

“……“Sword Birth”, huh. The possessor can create any demonic-sword they imagine in their head. It’s unique among the Demonic-sword related Sacred Gears……… I heard that there was a “subject” that avoided from being disposed by the “Holy-sword Project”……… Is that you?”

Kiba didn’t answer Xenovia’s question. He just directed his killing intent towards her. Hey, hey. Killing is prohibited, you know? Kiba, I beg you to make sure that it remains as a match. If it gets beyond that, wouldn’t it affect the relationship between devils and God? Maou Sirzechs-sama will also be troubled.

“Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

The one standing in front of me was Shidou Irina. The girl with a chestnut coloured hair. I thought she was a guy when I was little, but no matter how much I looked at her now she is a girl. I barely remember the time when I played with her. More like she’s a bishoujo. She has a nice body, so she’s my type.

“When I met the boy that I haven’t seen for so long, and he turned into a devil……… I was shocked.”

She seemed really depressed. Well, even I never thought that I would turn into a devil. But I’m enjoying my life.

“Ummmm Shidou Irina…… Can I call you Irina? Do we have to fight? I already said what I wanted to regarding what you said about Asia. I don’t think we have to battle.”

It was my opinion. There were things I wanted to say to the people from the church regarding Asia. There was a part of me that felt relieved saying it today. Well, if they said anything bad about Asia again then I would fight them. I don’t take other people talking ill about my family. But Irina looked at me with a pitiful face. More like there was a single drop of tear falling down her cheek.

“A pitiful Hyoudou Issei-kun. No, I will call you Ise-kun since I knew you since a long time ago. And what trick has destiny played on us! I went to England because I found out that I can use holy-swords, and I thought that I could be a representative of God! Aaah, this also must be a trial that God has given me! The land that I haven’t been back in for so long! A harsh destiny where my childhood friend has turned into a devil! The way time moves is harsh! But by moving forward, I will turn into someone with the true belief towards God! Now Ise-kun! I will give judgment to you with this Excalibur! Amen!”

Even though Irina was shedding tears, she seemed really eager to do it and pointed her sword at me. Huh!? Huuuuh!? Th…this girl kept on saying something hard to understand! Oooh! Her eyes were sparkling like a star! Did she get drunk with her beliefs? Was she enjoying this situation? Wow! This is a type of girl you should never get involved with!?

“I don’t actually know what you are on about. But! Activate Boosted Gear!”


It made a red glow and a gauntlet appeared on my left arm. It also made a sound at the same time and increased my power. My Sacred Gear has the ability to double my power every 10 seconds. It’s also possible to transfer the boosted power to someone or something. I just have to activate my Sacred Gear beforehand. If she did something before that then I couldn’t have done a thing. Irina and Xenovia seemed shocked after seeing my Sacred Gear.


“Is that a “Boosted Gear”? I never thought that I would meet the person possessed by the Welsh Dragon in a far eastern country like this……”

Both of them raised their eyebrows.

“You will hurt yourself if your attention is on Ise-kun!”


Kiba went on slashing towards Xenovia. The holy-sword and demonic-sword made sparks. Xenovia smirked after blocking Kiba’s strike.

“Sacred Gear “Sword Rebirth” and “Boosted Gear”. And also the “Twilight Healing” that Asia Argento has. All of them are Sacred Gear that are said to be a heresy to us. Maybe it was natural for you to turn into a devil.”

“My power is also the power made by my comrades' hatred, who were killed while filled with regret! I will beat those with Excalibur with this power, and I will destroy that Excalibur!”

So Kiba also vowed the revenge of the test subjects that were killed by that project.

“Here I come, Ise-kun!”

Irina rushed in slashing towards me. Dangerous! She came slashing at me seriously! If I get cut by that, a devil like me would receive a critical damage, wouldn’t it? A direct hit is bad. Seriously bad!

“I’m not done yet!”

I was increasing my power while evading her katana.


The power went through my body. Now my power was doubled again. But it seemed like I was still lacking power to fight her! How much should I boost? Shit! I don’t have much experience and it’s my first time fighting against a holy-sword! I will just keep on evading, and attack after I've boosted my power as much as I can! If it turns out like this, then I have to use it! If I don’t I can’t calm myself! No, if I don’t it will be a waste of this battle! I will use “Dress Break” if I see a chance. One of my ultimate techniques. A power to blow away clothes, girls limited, by using the magical power that I increased. Irina made a suspicious face.

“……What a lecherous face. What are you thinking?”

Fufufu. I will be seeing you naked soon.

“……Please be careful. Ise-senpai has the power to blow away the clothes of women he touches.”

Koneko-chan!? Why are you revealing my move to the enemy!? Koneko-chan said it while looking at me with rebellious eyes.

“……Enemy of all women. You are the worst.”

“Aaah! Those are harsh words Koneko-chan!”

“What a lowly technique! Aaah God. Please forgive this sinful pervert!”

Irina made a sad expression while praying.

“Don’t look at me with those pitiful eyes!”

“……You are the worst.”

I’m sorry Koneko-chan. Sorry for being horny!

“Ise-san! If you were craving for a woman’s body, then you could have said it to me……! I wouldn't mind sacrificing my body for Ise-san.”

Self sacrifice! Just to be expected from a former Christian, Asia-san! But aren’t you saying something bold out of the blue.

“I see. The mass of sexual desire. I think it’s a fitting action for a devil that has such strong greed.”

Xenovia said it while making a sigh. But she was looking at me with scornful eyes!

“I’m sorry.”

I don’t know why but Kiba apologised to her. There’s no need for you to apologise you dipshit! Why am I the only one being treated like this? Kiba created a demonic-sword where he stood and held it. He now had two swords and went towards Xenovia.

“Now back to where we were! Burn! And freeze! “Flare Brand” and “Freeze Mist”!”

One of the demonic-swords created a whirl of flames while the other one made a cold air and silver frost. Kiba is a “Knight”. “Knights” traits are their speed. He was attacking with God speed. But Xenovia was evading Kiba’s attack, which came from all directions, with the minimum movements.

“The “Knights” swift move. And flame and ice demonic swords. But you are too naïve!”


A single swing of Xenovia's turned Kiba’s two demonic swords to dust.


Kiba became speechless because his demonic-swords were destroyed with a single swing. What destructive power! So that’s the holy-sword!

“My sword is a mass of destruction. There’s nothing it can’t destroy.”

Xenovia swirled around her sword. She then pointed it upwards then thrust it into the ground.


Suddenly the place where I was standing shook and the ground was rumbling! I lost my balance and kneeled on the ground. I couldn’t stand! There were clouds of dust in the surroundings! There was even dirt flying towards me. And it went onto my face. SPIT! SPIT! I wiped the dirt off my face while spitting out the dirt inside my mouth.

……! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the practice grounds. A crater!? There was a big hole at the place where Xenovia had placed her sword! Don’t tell me that it made a crater with one hit!? Just with one slash of the sword!? When Xenovia stabbed the ground with her sword, it didn’t seem like she had used too much power.

“This is my Excalibur. It can destroy anything that comes its way. It’s not called “Excalibur” for nothing.”

……“Excalibur Destruction”. So the destructive power was on a different level! Even if it wasn’t Kiba’s demonic sword, it would get shattered! Kiba made a bitter expression when he saw that.

“……Such a destructive power when it isn’t a real Excalibur. So destroying all 7 swords will be a difficult path.”

His eyes hadn’t lost the colour of hatred yet. Kiba was trying to break all 7 of them! A single sword is that strong you know. I think breaking it would be hard even for Kiba. Seriously, I was getting sick of this world because there are so many people stronger than us.


The third boost!

“Geez! I’m all covered in dirt because you destroyed the ground, Xenovia!”

Irina wiped the dirt off her clothes while complaining.

“But. It’s about time to settle this now!

She pointed her sword at me and dashed towards me! Fast! She closed our distance instantly! Even if she wasn’t as fast as Kiba, she was definitely faster than me! What should I do? Should I stop my boost here and start attacking? Even if she doesn’t have the intent to kill me, I will just keep on losing my stamina just by evading her attacks! I at least have the power to react to my opponent’s movement! But I’m still not sure if it’s enough to defeat her! I can’t activate my Sacred Gear for the second time! Because she won’t give me any time for it! I should be vigilant of that Excalibur, and attack her who is a normal human! Even if her weapon is deadly, she herself isn’t! It might be a bad way of thinking, but I have to bet on this!

“You are doing well! You are good at dodging! Seems like your master trained you well!”

“Yeah! My master is strict with my training! That’s why I can even keep up with those stronger than me! Just like this!”


“Let’s go Boosted Gear!”


I stopped my boost and made it so that I could fight with the power I had increased till now! If I don’t stop like this, then the power will get unbalanced and the power might start from zero.


There was power surging throughout my body. It was my fourth boost, but I could probably take her on with this! If that was the case then I would blow her clothes away! Yeah, I don’t care if it’s a lowly technique! I haven’t gone through the training of hell and battles against Phoenix for nothing! I mean I am definitely going to strip her down! I think that I definitely need to use “Dress Break”. I went towards Irina while having enough magic power to strip her clothes.

“Sorry for stripping you.”


Irina avoided my tackle as if she just protected herself from a molester. Chi! She’s fast! But I’m not giving up! I don’t care even if I am a pervert! I’m going to live strong!

“It’s not over yet!”

I started to keep up with Irina’s movement. Right! No left! I could somehow see where she would escape to because of my desire of wanting to use my technique!

“Ise-kun is moving much better than usual.”

“……For the lecherous power inside him to increase his stats this much.”

Akeno-san and Koneko-chan’s comments. They both became amazed at my “power of lecher”, and were also shocked. I’m sorry for being a lecher! But no one can stop me once I get turned on to strip the girls! And finally I moved to the part where Irina escaped to!

“What! You caught up with me!?”

Irina looked surprised. Fufufu. Don’t look down on my power of lecher! I caught you now! I’m going to strip you down now! I’m going to have a look at your oppai! I shortened the distance while moving all my fingers and by putting on a lecherous face. I jumped towards her as if I were diving! Itadakimasu!

But… Before I reached Irina she ducked down. Wh…what… I couldn’t stop my body and I went passed Irina, and went through the barrier heading towards where Asia and Koneko-chan were…

Here, touch. My hand touched both of their shoulders. Then…


Asia and Koneko-chan’s uniform blew off. Yes, even their underwear. They both became fully naked. Dress Break was a success. Asia’s breasts that were still growing and Koneko-chan’s loli breasts became fully exposed in front of me.


There was blood coming out of my nose. Thank you very much! No, that’s not what I mean! This is…!


Asia hid her body because she became too embarrassed. I’m sorry Asia! But you have nice proportions like always. Onii-chan is looking forward to it because your oppai looks like it's still growing! Koneko-chan on the other hand… She still looked emotionless but her body started to shake and then she thrust her fist. Oh crap…

“Ko…Koneko-chan! You have it wrong! This is a mistake! Well it did work! But I still think that even small oppai are important! Huh? What am I saying? That’s not it! It’s because Shidou Irina dodged it! I wasn’t aiming for you and Asia! B…But thank you very much! I will just thank you just in case……”

“…You super lecher!”



I received a heavy blow to my stomach and my body felt weird. Uwaaaaa! My body was flying! When I violently landed on the ground, I continued to roll on the ground……… Cough! It’s a critical damage… I’m so hurt that I can't get up.


Irina poked me.

“Ise-kun, are you still alive? I think that it was divine punishment for creating such a move. With this you should have learned that you have to seal lecherous techniques like that. Okay?”

“……No……It’s the technique I created by putting all of my talents at magic into it…… I’m going to continue blowing away girls clothes… I seriously had a hard time choosing between this move and a move that lets me see through girls’ clothes……”

I made a stance against Irina while slowly getting up.

“I’m going to continue fighting until I blow away girls clothes just by looking at them!”

I raised my spirit and went towards her!

“To be able to fight just for those motives! Something is definitely wrong with you!”

“Shidou Irina! Sexual desires are a source of power! It’s justice!!”

“Amen! God, lend me the strength to cut down this lecherous devil!”

Irina held the grip of her holy-sword and came rushing towards me. I lowered myself so I could kick Irina to make her fall from below as she was slashing towards me. Irina noticed it and did a small jump. I kicked the ground so I could get up fast! Here’s my uppercut!


My uppercut missed Irina’s chin. Irina made sharp eyes. She swung her katana to the side, but I avoided it by jumping backwards. Irina looked at me with a shocked face.

“……I’m sorry. Looks like I was taking you a bit lightly. You have good movements.”

Irina made a serious face. Oh, can I win this? That’s what I thought, but……… I fell down onto the ground…… What the…… I felt power leaving out of my body. I can still move while enduring certain pains. But this was different. I seriously have no strength left…… Shit…what’s happening……

When I looked at my stomach, there was smoke emitting from it! Is this the damage caused by the holy-sword!? When on earth!? Did I get cut from the attack just now!? It just grazed me and I turn out like this……

“It’s the damage caused by the holy-sword. Devils and fallen-angels get their power and existence erased by receiving damage from the holy-sword to their body. If it were a bit deeper, then it would have been critical.”

It was just a graze! Does it take that much power from me that I get down on my knees!?


The time for the Boosted Gear activation was finished. I also lost the boosted power within my body. My power returned to normal. How could this be!

“If you had another boost, then you could have definitely evaded that attack. We could have had a proper match. You lost because you used your Sacred Gear while not knowing the power difference between yourself and your opponent. A simple mistake can become critical in a serious fight.”

……Damn it. It was no use. My body couldn’t move at all…… I lost? Did I make a fool of myself in front of Buchou and Asia? Miserable!


Kiba raised his spirit up and tried to make something in his hand. It turned into the shape of a sword, but……

“The destructive power of that holy-sword or the destructive power of my demonic-sword! We will see which one is stronger!”

What appeared in Kiba’s hand was a gigantic sword. Kiba held it with both hands while releasing an ominous aura. It’s big. It’s way longer than Kiba’s height. It definitely was more than two meters. Kiba then swung it with force! The slash reached Xenovia, but she made a sigh as if she was really disappointed.

“It’s a shame. You made the wrong decision.”


A violent sound of metal! A large fragment of the sword went up in the air. It was Kiba’s sword that broke. Xenovia’s Excalibur easily destroyed Kiba’s demonic sword.

“Your weapon is the variety of the sword you can create and your speed. You would need a lot of strength to swing a gigantic sword like that, and you will lose the speed that you are proud of. Are you seeking a destructive power? From your fighting style, it’s something unnecessary. Don’t you even know that?”


The pommel of the holy-sword hit deep into Kiba’s stomach. It was a simple move like that yet it created a shockwave. It meant that even a single attack with a pommel has destructive power.


Kiba fell onto the ground after he vomited from his mouth.

“Even if it’s not a hit with the blade, that hit just now will be enough to stop you from standing for a while.”

Xenovia glared at Kiba once, and turned around.


Kiba reached his hands towards her, but everyone here knew that the match was over. Akeno-san unsealed the barrier. The red aura that covered the area disappeared. The battle was over.

“Senpai, I suggest you fight with coolness the next time we fight. Rias Gremory, I trust you with the talk from earlier. Also, you should train your servants a bit more. There’s a limit for polishing their battling style.”

Kiba glared at Xenovia with hatred. Xenovia then looked at me.

“I will tell you one thing. “Vanishing dragon” has already awakened.”

……What did she just say?

“You will meet him eventually, but in your current state you can never win.”

Xenovia just said that and left after picking her stuff.

“Wait for me Xenovia. Then it’s like that Ise-kun. Tell me whenever you want to get judged. Amen.”

Shidou Irina held her cross and winked at me. She then left the scene. Buchou closed her eyes. I’m sure that she didn’t feel good. Kiba and I were ultimately defeated.

Part 8

“Are you okay?”

Asia put her hand on my stomach and healed my wound with her Sacred Gear. Asia was wearing the spare uniform she had in the old school building. She was wearing it because I blew her clothes away earlier. The warm green coloured light that was made from her hand surrounded me and healed my wound.

“I showed you an uncool side of me, Asia.”

I said it to Asia while laughing. But Asia shook her head.

“I’m glad that your wound was minimal after getting hit by a holy-sword. I was really scared thinking Ise-san might have vanished.”

Aaah. Did I make Asia worry again? I’m making this girl worry a lot.

“I’m sorry for blowing your clothes off.”

I apologised sincerely. No matter how you think about it, it was my fault. But Asia just smiled at me.

“There was a plan that you were thinking about, right Ise-san? I am fine with anything Ise-san does for me.”

……Sob. My eyes got warm. Asia, you believe in me that much! But you know Asia, I wasn’t thinking about anything except blowing girls clothes away. Aaaah. Asia’s smile is too bright……

“……You might have won if you did another boost with the Sacred Gear.”

Koneko-chan said it while massaging my shoulders. It hurts. It hurts Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan was also wearing a spare uniform just like Asia. But it was the first time Koneko-chan said something like that to me! I was a bit moved!

“………Not knowing it means you lack practice and real battle experience.”

Aaau! You sure hit the spot! I’m sorry for being a lecher!

“Hold on! Yuuto!”

I heard Buchou’s voice. When I looked, there was Kiba who seemed like he was trying to leave and an angry Buchou. What the? Is Kiba going somewhere?

“I won’t forgive you if you leave me! You are the “Knight” of the Gremory group. I will also be troubled if you turn into an “exiled”. Wait this instant!”

“……I was able to run away from there, thanks to my comrades. That’s why I have to put their regrets into my demonic-swords…”

After saying that Kiba disappeared.


I couldn’t look at Buchou’s sad face. At the same time I made up my determination.

Part 9

“Aaaaa. And? What was the reason for calling me?”

The next day off.

I called Kaichou’s “Pawn”, Saji, in front of the train station. Saji seemed listless. I somehow managed to get in contact with Saji thanks to Buchou.

“…………He’s right. What were you two trying to do?”

The one who was holding onto my shirt and wasn’t letting go was Koneko-chan. I met her by coincidence when I was on my way to meet Saji in front of the train station. I tried to run away, but I was caught easily. I’m inferior in terms of physical build against a loli shoujo like always. Well it couldn’t be helped. She didn’t seem to like the fact that I tried to run away after I saw her face. So she was not leaving in terms of observation. I think she's holding a grudge against me because I stripped her naked a few days ago. The reason why I called Saji. That is… I coughed once, and told both of them.

“I’m going to ask Shidou Irina and Xenovia to give me permission to destroy the holy-sword Excaliburs.”

Not only Saji, but Koneko-chan also became really shocked that they had circle eyes.

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