History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 10: The Second Lottery Chance

Need help… dying… too many… instant noodles… so good…

Fighting the Yu family’s cultivators, screwing over Murong Yanran and co., the fierce battle with the old peach tree.

Working hard for so long Lin Feng finally reached harvest time. Looking at Xiao Budian who was following behind him Lin Feng’s mood was unprecedentedly happy.

Bidding farewell to the people of Stone Village and inquiring about the path towards Wuzhou city, Lin Feng brought Xiao Budian and hit the road.

At Wuzhou there is still a Xiao Yan who is suspected to be a main character waiting for him.

From Stone Village to Wuzhou one must go through the vast mountains and traverse the primitive jungles in the mountains.

The primitive jungles are definitely not the forests in human society, only people that have come before can understand this point.

Giant trees that shroud the sky and cover the sun, every year they create an astronomical number of fallen leaves. And in this damp and humid area the defoliation cannot turn into dry soil but will instead go through a very long decaying process, becoming a flat marsh together with the moist soil and turning into the scariest traps in the jungle.

And the bugs in the jungle are many times bigger than the regular ones seen outside. Swarms of hovering mosquitos are practically like flocks and flocks of birds!

The tree trunks on the side are covered with some old green tree vines, discreetly intertwined, layer after layer circle after circle. But one time when Lin Feng walked past, a dark green snake hiding in the tree vines suddenly sprang out!

Lin Feng had to admit, having him trek in this primitive jungle alone is a very dangerous matter. But now with Xiao Budian everything is different.

Despite him being not even 4 years old, Xiao Budian who has grown up in these mountains is already a veteran of jungle life.

With him leading in front, Lin Feng even had the time to check out his own Super Founder System while walking.

After Xiao Budian became his disciple, a new disciple system branch appeared in the system.

Right now in the disciple system’s name list there’s still only just Xiao Budian.

Name: Shi Tianhao

Age: 3 years 07 months

Current Level: Qi Disciple Level 2

Potential Attributes: Bone Root → 10; Comprehension → 8; Will → 8; Luck → 8

Note: A very strong body, far superior to regular Qi Disciple level 2 truth cultivators.

Recommended Teaching Plan: Recommended to practice thunder class dao techniques, in terms of abilities he can train in both spells and martial arts.

Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction, he can just perfectly pass onto Xiao Budian the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique.

He entered into the lottery system again. When he took in Xiao Budian as his disciple the system rewarded him with a lottery chance.

The dice system and the wheel system, Lin Feng looked at all of the randomly chosen lottery prizes and was slightly disappointed. There was nothing particularly good, he could only place his hopes on the mystery chest.

After the Northern Aurora Sword last time, Lin Feng already knows that this mystery chest is actually equivalent to a special big prize and can usually give a good item.

This time Lin Feng chose the wheel system.

In the void, 18 grids formed a round circle. 15 items were placed within plus a mystery chest with a question mark. There also remains two empty spaces.

“Chest, chest, chest… Start!”

With a thought, a dot of light appeared in the wheel and started rapidly spinning around the wheel.

Approximately after two rounds the dot of light’s speed slowed down. Lin Feng closely stared at the light spot, calculating where it will stop in his heart.

The further the dot of light went the slower it became, it was also increasingly closer to the mystery chest.

The three things are respectively the spell Flame Saber, the Evil Suppression Talisman and the mystery chest.

Flame Saber is a higher level spell compared to Fireball and Palm Thunder these kinds of common spells. For Lin Feng who is currently at Qi Disciple rank it is just perfect for use. Spells that are too high grade have high demands and are instead not so easy to use.

The Evil Suppression Talisman is a type of very versatile talisman, it specially destroys demons and spirits. Even though it’s just a one-time use item, if it’s used properly it is even more useful than Flame Saber.

These two item are both in the trading system, they both require a couple hundred trading points.

But their appeal evidently still cannot compete with the mystery chest.

The light dot arrived at Flame Saber, seemingly wanting to stop. Lin Feng held his breath, not daring to release any sounds but he was constantly yelling in his heart: “Past, past, past!”

As if hearing Lin Feng’s thoughts the dot of light slowly moved past Flame Saber arriving at the grid of the Evil Suppression Talisman.

“Past again, past again, past again!”

The dot of light did not disappoint, once more moving past the Evil Suppression Talisman as Lin Feng wished.

Lin Feng was delighted in his heart. My luck is pretty good, a total of two lotteries and I got the special prize each time.

“Could it be that my luck is also very high?” Lin Feng delightfully thought in his heart, the corners of his eyes glancing towards the wheel and almost being scared to death.

The light dot was actually still moving and was about to move past the mystery chest.

Lin Feng was immediately anxious: “Stop! Stop! Stop… Fuck!”

The dot of light finally shakily stopped, but it had already passed by the mystery chest landing on the grid after it.

Lin Feng looked over, becoming dazed.

Spirit Calming Grass.

Has the effect of calming and stabilizing one’s soul and is the main material of the Soul Anchoring Pill. Their numbers are very few and are hard to find.

Lin Feng frowned, his gazed freezing on the Spirit Calming Grass that had already fallen into his hands.

Just now he sensed a thought flash across his mind, this Spirit Calming Grass seems to have a great use towards him.

But this thought was very hazy, Lin Feng hastily entered the trading system and found the Soul Anchoring Pill, looking at the description.

Te Soul Anchoring Pill is useless to regular people but can allow spirits and ghosts that have lost their physical body to stabilize their spirit bodies. They can travel long distances during the day, wander for 10 thousand miles and not damage or break their souls.

Lin Feng pondered for a moment, gradually having an idea but it was still not clear enough. He still needs to plan things out for a long time, and so he put away the Spirit Calming Grass continuing to look through the trading system.

Taking in Xiao Budian as his disciple this time, besides the lottery chance he was also rewarded 500 trading point, even more than the initial capital the novice gift provided him.

Lin Feng prepared to trade for a spell or an ability.

For techniques he already has the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique, for magic items he has the Northern Aurora Sword so he isn’t in a urgent need of both. On the contrary in terms of spells, even though the power of Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning is extraordinary, it has too many restrictions and has many inconveniences when in actual combat.

Ultimately, Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning is actually a formation technique. The user plants the spell formation in advance and then draws on the power of the world with the aid of the formation.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The power of formations is great but planting the formation is not easy. Not talking about how spell formations are dead and cannot be moved, just setting up the spell formation requires many materials and time. When encountering sudden situations it is very easy to be taken by surprise.

So this time Lin Feng decided to trade for a spell or ability, he has his eyes on a spell called Cloud Dragon Escape.

Escape techniques are very important towards cultivators. If one is skillful in escape techniques, they can run away if they are no match for the opponent and chase after the opponent if they can beat the opponent and they escape.

Cloud Dragon Escape is actually a branch of a great escape technique. This great ability is called “Dragon Escape” which includes Cloud Dragon Escape, Shadow Dragon Escape, Water Dragon Escape and many other escape techniques with different uses.

Only the amount of trading points to trade for the entire Dragon Escape is too much, it is entirely not what Lin Feng can afford at the moment. He could only take a step back. After seriously thinking and screening, he chose Cloud Dragon Escape this branch.

The escape technique of the Cloud Dragon Escape Technique is mainly used in short distance movement and dodging in small areas. The practitioner’s feet move like a snake and dragon, like riding on a cloud making the opponent unable to touch the corner of your clothes. It has a very great value in practical combat.

His consciousness backed out of the system and discovered that Xiao Budian was staring at him in anticipation: “Master, when can I learn dao techniques with you?”

Lin Feng lightly smiled, patting his head: “Relax you are master’s senior disciple, how could master forget about you?”

Xiao Budian’s big black eyes turned: “Master, I don’t want to be the senior disciple. I… I want to be the youngest disciple.”

Lin Feng was a bit confused, looking at Xiao Budian in front of him who was like a porcelain doll with rosy red lips and pretty white teeth: “Don’t worry, even though you are still young you have entered the sect the longest, there is no problem in you being the eldest disciple. In the future when master takes in disciples they’ll all have to quietly be your juniors.

Xiao Budian grabbed Lin Feng’s hand and shook it: “But master, I really want to be the youngest disciple.”

Lin Feng said in wonder: “Why?”

The tips of Xiao Budian’s feet grinded the ground, lowering his head in embarrassment: “In the village it was like this, whoever’s family has multiple children, usually it’s always the youngest one that people dote on more… In the village I was the youngest child so everybody adored me the most…”

Lin Feng looked dumbfounded at Xiao Budian in front of him who was filled with mischief, after a long while Lin Feng said half-angrily half-laughingly: “You little imp, I don’t know if I should call you smart or foolish. That’s in your Stone Village, not every place is the same.”

“On the contrary, in some places the younger one is the more they are bullied.” Lin Feng looked at Xiao Budian with a faint smile: “Have you thought clearly, if you want to always be the smallest then there’s also no problem with that. Don’t regret it in the future when those seniors of yours tell you to go get washing water and scrub the toilet.

Xiao Budian’s eyes turned, holding onto Lin Feng’s hand and shaking it while grinning. He said smilingly: “I’ll get washing water, scrub the toilet and massage the shoulders for master. With master around and Xiao Budian being so good, surely my seniors won’t trouble me.”

Lin Feng looked at the little imp in front of his eyes, silently for a short while. In the end he let out a laugh, poking Xiao Budian’s forehead: “Oh you…”

Xiao Budian revealed an innocent smile, laughing with a smile.

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