History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 9: Hurry Up and Come Into Master’s Bowl

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The old elder’s gaze hesitantly shifted between Lin Feng and Xiao Budian.

“Xiao Budian you little guy, hurry up and come in master’s bowl.” Lin Feng loudly cried in his heart, but on the appearance he still indifferently looked at Xiao Budian, calmly asking: “The talisman master left with you, you used it?”

Xiao Budian scratched his head in embarrassment, his face slightly red: “Eyah, I used it, I also looked for it later but I couldn’t find it.”

Lin Feng cooly laughed: “No harm, it was originally left for you to protect yourself, master also sensed the change in the talisman which is why I returned again.”

Xiao Budian smiled saying: “Thank you daozhang for getting rid of the old peach tree and saving everybody.”

Lin Feng lightly smiled, taking out another talisman and handing it to Xiao Budian: “Keep it safe and be careful in the future, master still has things to do so we’ll split here, we’ll meet again if fate wills it.”

The exchanged thunder crystals have already been exhausted, just this talisman alone cannot activate the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning, but this didn’t stop Lin Feng from pretending.

Finishing speaking Lin Feng straightened his body and got up. He put away the Northern Aurora Sword and headed towards the door.

Xiao Budian nodded his head innocently, but the old elders stared blankly on the spot. He thought Lin Feng would revisit the issue and take in Xiao Budian as his disciple.

The old man wants Lin Feng to take Xiao Budian as his disciple, but is also afraid of Xiao Budian’s background being leaked and is in the middle of wrestling with himself, who knew Lin Feng is actually directly leaving.

Lin Feng’s face was flat, walking towards the outside of the yard. The surrounding Stone Village villagers all made way for him with faces of reverence and gratitude.

“1, 2, 3…” Lin Feng walked while silently counting in his heart. Of course he couldn’t just walk away like this or else what has he been working all day for?

It’s just that you’ve gotta go all the way when acting, since he’s playing the part of a sage-like master, then he needs to have the airs of a sage-like master.

Often times people will not value things that are obtained too easily, between masters and disciples it is also like so. If I am too aggressive then the old elder and Xiao Budian would instead have doubts. If I am not that enthusiastic, then they will actively come over.

Sure enough, when Lin Feng counted to “10” in his heart, from behind him came the elder’s voice: “Xianzhang please wait!” (TL: Xianzhang, 仙长, a more venerable way of referring to daoist priests when people think they’re special, magical, godly.)

“Excellent.” Lin Feng laughed in his heart, the expression on his face not changing. He turned around but didn’t speak, just calmly looking at the old elder.

It’s clear that the old man made up his mind. He held Xiao Budian’s hand walking over, humbly but solemnly saying: “This child has had many hardships since he was born, being able to gain xianzhang’s favour is his good fortune. May xianzhang have mercy and take in this child.”

Lin Feng knew he had to display his magnanimity at this time, and so he didn’t create any difficulties, only calmly saying: “It’s not favouring and taking mercy, being able to continue our master-disciple relationship from last life I am also very happy. But whether or not he is willing to return as my disciple still requires this child to make up his own mind.”

After the old elder thought for a bit, he said towards the surrounding people: “Go home guys, in the past few days a chain of major events has happened, everyone’s family is a mess, why don’t you all go home first.”

Even though the villagers found it odd, but since the elder has spoken they all left one by one. Before leaving they profusely thanked Lin Feng again.

After a moment, only Lin Feng, the old elder and Xiao Budian remained in the yard. The old elder bowed saying: “I still have some secrets, if xianzhang allows it please enter into the house to speak.”

Lin Feng nodded his head not minding. The three people went into the stone house together and sat down, the old elder looked at Xiao Budian affectionately: “Xiao Budian, are you willing to take this xianzhang as your master?”

Xiao Budian’s dark eyes lit up like they were glowing, looking at Lin Feng: “Can I learn great skills like xianzhang?”

Lin Feng lightly smiled: “There’s even greater ones.”

Xiao Budian repeatedly nodded his head, a face of anticipation: “Ah, I’m willing, I’m willing.”

Lin Feng put away his smile, slowly saying: “Although, if you want to be my disciple you’ll have to leave the village with master, master will not stay here long.”

Hearing this Xiao Budian immediately started hesitating, anxiously looking at Lin Feng and then looking towards the old elder.

The old elder gave a dry cough, saying with a serious face: “Xiao Budian, aren’t you always asking me where your father and mother went?”

Xiao Budian blinked his eyes, saying: “I have a slight impression in my mind but I’m always unable to remember it. Grandpa you’re finally willing to tell me?”

The elder nodded his head and then looked towards Lin Feng: “Allow me to tell Xian Zhang, this child… His background is very special, it might bring you trouble in the future. He… He comes from the royal family of the Great Qin dynasty and is also related to the Yu family of the great Qin dynasty.

Lin Feng’s heart slightly jumped, the dynasties of this Heaven Primal world are different from the dynasties of Earth’s history, the ones that can be crowned as kings to rule a country are all powerful truth cultivators.

The so-called royal family of a dynasty, it’s better to call them extremely powerful cultivator families, enough to compete with great sects.

Lin Feng knows this is the last test of the old man, but he will absolutely not give up on Xiao Budian this disciple.

Are you joking, in front of Xiao Budian this kind of MC level character, who cares if you’re a 10 thousand year sect or a thousand year dynasty, they’re all just backgrounds and stepping stones. The path may be bumpy, but the future is destined to be bright.

Not to mention, if you take a step back the ultimate goal of Lin Feng’s Super Founder System is to establish history’s number 1 sect. To complete this task he’ll naturally have to collide with the current forces of the world.

Lin Feng’s eyes became a bit serious, the corners of his lips drawing up a light smile but not speaking.

The change in his expression already clearly told the old elder, he knows the weight of the opponent but is still confident and not afraid.

Sure enough, the old elder let out a breath of relief, saying with a smile: “It’s I that was not knowledgable, do not be offended xianzhang.” Speaking he let out a sigh, looking towards Xiao Budian: “This child’s origin is incredibly precious, but he has had many hardships…”

Xiao Budian naturally has a name, his true name is Shi Tianhao, born in the line of the Great Qin dynasty’s royal family. Even though he is not part of the main branch, he is still of nobility.

Shi Tianhao’s grandfather and father are all great cultivators with very high levels. Shi Tianhao is especially extraordinary, a natural-born Foundation Establishment rank. Just being born he’d already crossed a threshold that the myriad of living beings might not be able to pass even if they try for their entire lives.

Mundane martial artists being able to guide qi into their bodies are Qi Disciple cultivators, Qi Disciple cultivators advance to Foundation Establishment rank cultivators when they forge their dao root.

There is also a distinction between dao roots. The rank of the practised dao technique and the cultivator’s own talent will also affect the dao root’s grade. Usually they are classified as mortal class, spirit class, earth class and heaven class these four ranks.

The quality of one’s dao root not only causes a difference in strength of same level cultivators, but also determines the future prospect of one’s cultivation path.

And Shi Tianhao this little guy, was not only born with a dao root, his dao root was also the incredibly rare sovereign dao root that is above heaven class dao roots.

While listening the expression on Lin Feng’s face didn’t change, but he was actually bursting with joy in secret, constantly muttering in his heart: “a bone root of 10, a bone root of 10…”

Listening to here Lin Feng was also a bit confused. With such amazing talent Xiao Budian should be treated like a treasure no matter where you put him. Afraid to drop him while holding him and afraid that he’ll melt in the mouth, how come he suffered disaster?

The old elder’s following explanation solved Lin Feng’s question.

It turns out that even though Xiao Budian had a natural born dao root it was not exhibited at the first moment. But when his parents discovered it, it was just when his grandfather had gone missing in a dangerous place. Xiao Budian’s parents were anxious to look for and save his grandfather so they were forced to place Xiao Budian who was not even half-a-year old in a different family.

With this a problem occurred. This family also had a little prodigy, his name was Shi Tianyi and he was a few years older than Xiao Budian. He was born with two pupils in each eye and saw through Xiao Budian possessing a sovereign dao root. (TL: In Chinese ancient legends, those with two pupils are usually saints, in this case having special powers.)

In the end Shi Tianyi’s mother plotted against Xiao Budian, finding a person to use a spell and robbing Xiao Budian’s sovereign dao root, transplanting it onto her son Shi Tianyi.

When Xiao Budian’s parents returned everything was already too late. The sovereign dao root had already completely fused with Shi Tianyi, to take it back they would need to kill Shi Tianyi. This is something that the imperial family the Shi family could not accept.

As a result Xiao Budian’s parents created a big uproar, fighting their way out of Great Qin’s imperial capital. In the end to save Xiao Budian who was dying they were forced to go to a dangerous place to look for medicine.

When the old elder was young he once adventured in the outer world and learned some basic dao techniques. He also befriended Xiao Budian’s father. Even though today the level between the two people is already the difference between the sky and the earth, their friendship still exists. Thus Xiao Budian was temporarily placed at the old elder’s house.

Only they haven’t heard a word from Xiao Budian’s parents for 3 years since they went out to look for medicine.

The old elder let out a sigh: “Before the old tree demon causeed trouble, there were already Yu family’s people that found this place. The Yu family is the family of Shi Tianyi’s maternal grandfather. Who knew that they are actually so cruel, not stopping after robbing Xiao Budian’s sovereign dao root and actually also wanting to finish him off.

The Yu family is ranked as the Great Qin dynasty’s 4 great clans and is also a powerful cultivator family. Strong people appear in the clan every generation, the two people that arrived in this mountain this time were just the lowest grade servants.

Finishing speaking the old elder fell into silence, anxiously looking at Lin Feng, Lin Feng in turn was observing Xiao Budian.

In the process of the old elder’s explanation, Xiao Budian was first shocked, but then after a moment his entire body shook. His gaze was filled with confusion, in the end it was filled with sadness, tears flowed down without stop.

“Grandpa, I remember now, I remember…” Xiao Budian’s face was filled with tears. He was born with a dao root and developed his intelligence far earlier than normal children. He knew everything about his bitter childhood experience, but exactly because it was too miserable so a lot of things were actually purposely forgotten by him.

The old elder repeatedly sighed, Lin Feng himself was calmly staring at Xiao Budian, asking: “You’ve remember the matters from before, what do you think right now?”

“I am very pained, father mother, where are you guys now?” Xiao Budian continuously shed tears.

Lin Feng nodded his head: “A kind child.” Following he opened his mouth saying: “You have lost your sovereign dao root, don’t you hate that clan brother called Shi Tianyi. He himself was already born with dual pupils and has also obtained your sovereign dao root, now even other prodigies probably also have difficulty approaching his greatness.”

Xiao Budian gradually calmed down, wiping his tears and saying: “Isn’t it just a dao root. A sovereign is not appointed, it is carved by one’s own footsteps step by step, I will wait for him at Primordial Soul!” (TL: Primordial Soul is a rank.)

Lin Feng smiled, Xiao Budian was struck by a thought, getting down on his knees: “Please take me in master and teach me dao techniques.”

At this moment the system notification sound rang in his mind, like the voice of a goddess to Lin Feng.

“Congratulations on host taking in your first disciple Shi Tianhao.”

“Host has obtained reward of one lottery chance and 500 trading points.”

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