History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 11: Master Must Strive to Strengthen Himself

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Dropping from the eldest disciple of the head of the sect straight down to the youngest disciple, Xiao Budian himself laughed heartlessly, like he’d picked up a huge bargain.

Lin Feng secretly let out a breath of relief in his heart. Regardless if it’s intentional or unintentional Xiao Budian solved a big problem for him by doing this.

Or else if he takes in more disciples later and they know that above their heads there is a little 4 year old kid as their senior, it’s inevitable that there will be concerns.

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Budian smilingly, saying in his heart: “Atta boy, just for you being so understanding master will also cover you.”

Regardless if he’s the eldest disciple or the youngest disciple right now Lin Feng only has Xiao Budian this one disciple, he is only able to experience the pleasure of being a teacher from him.

But very quickly Lin Feng was secretly depressed, because he discovered that Xiao Budian’s comprehension in cultivation is extremely high, he is able to see how things will develop from one small clue and is able to infer other things from one fact. Even the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique this kind of high-end dao technique Xiao Budian is able to learn it effortlessly.

The escape technique Cloud Dragon Escape is even more effortless for him.

Compared to his max level bone root of 10, Xiao Budian’s comprehension of 8 didn’t seem to be that eye-catching.

But in reality?

A comprehension of 8 is still super genius level, one in a million.

Lin Feng didn’t even need to guide him. Teaching everything to Xiao Budian like stuffing a duck and and then letting him figure it out on his own was enough.

Facing this kind of disciple, while Lin Feng sighed about the extraordinariness of the main character aura he also felt pressure as big as a mountain.

He needs to quickly increase his own strength, or else if in the end any one of his disciples are all even stronger than him this master, that would be too shameful.

Lin Feng clearly understands that regardless if it’s Xiao Budian in front of him or that Xiao Yan in Wuzhou City, in the future these main characters are destined to step on a path of the strong filled with thorns and fire.

They will be like giant magnets of infinite magnetism, attracting all kinds of savage, cunning, powerful, or sinister enemies from all over the world in all directions like moths flying into a fire, crying and shouting and jumping at them.

Of course, after these chains of soul-stirring, earth shaking epic battles, Xiao Budian and co. are destined to obtain victory, writing their own legend. The problem is, what role will he, Lin Feng, play in the story?

Just looking at the current situation, he can only be considered a mentor of initiation.

And this kind of mentor of initiation, usually only has two types of results.

One, they are an important figure, life teacher or even spiritual pillar towards the main character on a spiritual level. Once they die it will usually ignite the main character’s inner cosmos driving them to wreak hell.

Old grandpas aren’t omnipotent, on the contrary old grandpas are usually in a downed state which is why they are able to meet the main character when he is still insignificant and yet to rise up. Even if old grandpas don’t die they could also be captured by the main character’s arch-enemy, being tortured, suffering hardships, waiting for the main character to go save them.

Two, as their mentor of initiation, they only play the role of a guide, responsible for bring the main character into the world of the strong. Afterwards it’s none of the mentor’s business, there will naturally be higher-levelled masters or big sects to take over the main character. They are the true characters responsible for teaching the main character.

One is cannon fodder, the other is just a bystander.

Evidently no matter which one they are all not what Lin Feng can accept.

To avoid these two circumstances there is only one path, that is to get stronger himself.

Even though they are hurrying towards Wuzhou, but while they are travelling Lin Feng is also grabbing hold of every possible moment to train and increase his strength.

For the current Lin Feng the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade is a priceless treasure that he wouldn’t trade for anything. Through absorbing the pure thunder energy inside Lin Feng’s training speed is many times faster than under his normal condition.

If not for the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade acting as the Northern Aurora Sword’s energy source, Lin Feng would continue to suck clean all of the thunder energy within.

Xiao Budian is also training diligently, although while training Xiao Budian also has some other thoughts.

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Budian who was blushing, unable to help but being a bit dazed: “Are you sure?”

Xiao Budian lowered his head in embarrassment: “Eyah, it’s not like I have to drink it, I just like to drink it, like… Just like how grandpa elder likes to drink alcohol!”

Seemingly thinking of a pretty good reason Xiao Budian immediately became energetic, a pair of black shining eyes glowing and looking at Lin Feng with a face of hope.

But Lin Feng had a throbbing headache, no matter what he didn’t think that Xiao Budian who is a main character level figure, actually still hasn’t cut off milk at three and a half years old.

Although thinking of how there were still some adults in his previous life on Earth who drank milk, Lin Feng felt at ease: “Fine then, drinking milk is beneficial to the body’s health.”

The difficulty of hunting instantly rose up a lot, it has to be a female beast at the lactation period and it has to be caught alive.

After searching for several days Lin Feng finally captured a five-pawed violet gold leopard.

This is an abnormal species, compared to regular leopards it has an extra paw below its stomach. It runs like the wind and can travel on cliffs like walking on flat land. It can also spit out fire and lightning from its mouth, its nature is extremely aggressive.

It isn’t hard for Lin Feng to kill this mother leopard, but wanting to subdue her and have her obediently provide animal milk for Xiao Budian, that is a technical skill.

In the end, Lin Feng was tired of its dawdling and directly held its cub hostage. Under Lin Feng’s despicable blackmailing the mother leopard finally submitted.

And so Lin Feng and Xiao Budian also gained a mount, when travelling they sat on the five-pawed violet gold leopard, when resting Xiao Budian delightfully muzzled over below the mother leopard’s belly.

After a couple of days the five-pawed violet gold leopard was finally released, it was not Lin Feng showing mercy but instead Xiao Budian wanting to change flavours.

Xiao Budian spoke plausibly: “Hundred animal milk is actually the most delicious, it’s a lot better than the taste of a single animal’s milk.”

Lin Feng knocked on his little head: “You brat, this mouth of yours is not only gluttonous, it’s also very picky. Right now there’s no hundred animal milk, we’ll switch around the single ones.” Unable to help but sigh, not only does he have to be a master, he also has to be a milk dad. (TL: Milk dad is what the Chinese call fathers that take care of the child instead of the mother… But it’s pretty literal in this case.)

Master and disciple travelled through the mountains, very quickly going through the mountain range. Outside of the mountain range Wuzhou City is already very close.

In a month’s time, with the help of the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade Lin Feng already advanced from Qi Disciple level 4 to the peak of Qi Disciple level 6. He can already attack the level of Qi Disciple level 7.

But comparisons are odious, also in one month’s time, also practising the the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique, Xiao Budian also advanced from Qi Disciple level 2 to Qi Disciple level 4.

Lin Feng was a bit speechless, I’ve got the help of the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade dammit…

“We’ve already reached the outer circle of the mountain range, we’ll probably get out of the mountains in just a few days.” Lin Feng gathered his thoughts, his mind slowly immersed in training: “I’ll strive to reach Qi Disciple level 7 before we leave the mountains.”

Lin Feng quietly did breathing exercises, constantly drawing energy from the outside world and bringing it into his body.

The energy stored in his dantian was constantly being refined and purified, and then flowing in the veins of his entire body, nourishing his soul and altering his body.

After the energy circulated throughout his entire body 36 times Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly opened, all of the energy was gathered together and then charging at the seventh nerve point under the drive of the mana in the first six nerve points.

Following the constant passage of time Lin Feng gradually felt a slight feeling of exhaustion and the seventh nerve point still had no movement. This is a very dangerous signal, it means that Lin Feng’s attempt this time could very likely end in failure.

If he fails this time everything he will need to start over from the beginning again. (TL: Start over as in he’ll need to retrain for a while to be able to try to get to Qi Disciple level 7 again.)

“Success or failure it’s a one shot deal!” Even though a layer of fine sweat had already slowly appeared on his head, Lin Feng’s expression was filled with determination. His mind linked with the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade absorbing thunder energy from within it to support himself to continue charging at the nerve point.

Lin Feng didn’t use brute force, instead turning the mana and energy in his body into a type of spiral manner to break through the nerve point.

While the spiral shaped energy acted as the main force and attacked from the front, Lin Feng carefully pulled out a few slivers of weak energy, adopting the method of going around from the side and slowly massaging the nerve point, bit by bit penetrating within causing it to constantly loosen.

Under the simultaneous methods of attacking from the front and penetrating from the sides, a change finally happened to the seventh nerve point right before Lin Feng was about to become exhausted again!

The invisible barrier that had originally been constantly obstructing the circulation of the mana and energy, like the dam blocking the river finally collapsed under the constant assault of the river water. The energy in Lin Feng’s body roared downwards, entering into the seventh nerve point.

An abundance of energy circled in the nerve point, as if it were a constantly revolving stardust universe. Here, energy was constantly being converted into Lin Feng’s own mana.

Qi Disciple level 7, complete.

Lin Feng’s face revealed a smile. He exhaled a long breath discharging all of the muddy air without any spiritual power out of his body.

Exhaling and inhaling a few more times and nourishing the newly opened nerve point for a moment, Lin Feng stood up and stretched: “It wasn’t easy this time! Hehe, although I still succeeded.”

Lin Feng just felt rejoiceful when he found that Xiao Budian had disappeared, he helplessly sighed. Xiao Budian who was not even four years old fully displayed the so called naughty child characteristic, jumping up and down not willing to calm down for an instant, who knows where he’s gone off to this time to go bananas.

After mastering Cloud Dragon Escape’s ability, all of the birds and beasts in the forest suffered a calamity.

This time while Lin Feng was in the middle of breaking through the seventh nerve point, Xiao Budian had his mind hooked away by a beautiful yellow coloured sparrow.

Xiao Budian pursued the yellow sparrow deep into the woods. The yellow sparrow doesn’t look big but it is an abnormal species, it’s flying speed is fast like lightning. The Qi Disciple level 4 Xiao Budian pounced at it a couple times and was unable to grab it.

Xiao Budian was not discouraged and thought of Lin Feng’s teachings: “Recklessness and impatience have no use, attentively figure out the details of the target and you’ll naturally have it in the bag.”

Thinking here Xiao Budian no longer blindly pounced, instead patiently observing the yellow sparrow’s flight pattern. After a moment Xiao Budian suddenly jumped up, Qi Disciple level 4 mana surging in his tiny body, arriving in front of the yellow bird in an instant.

It was too late for the yellow sparrow to run away again and it was grabbed by Xiao Budian.

Xiao Budian happily laughed, shaking the yellow sparrow’s feathers. He was in the middle of happily playing when he suddenly sensed something. Turning his head he saw a red robed youth underneath a tree looking at him with an expression of shock.

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