History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 20: Lots of Surprises

His gaze looking at Lin Feng, Xiao Yan opened his mouth asking: “Since senior is saying this, are you indicating that you have a way to help me defeat Murong Yanran three years later?”

Lin Feng smiled cooly: “Naturally I have a way, but the final result still has to look at how determined you are and how much effort you are willing to give.”

“The master initiates the apprentice, but their skill depends on their own efforts. A rotten tree is in the end unable to achieve greatness.”

Xiao Yan’s twin brows rose up high: “I don’t know if in senior’s eyes I am a rotten tree or a rough diamond, but I dare to say that my determination will absolutely not falter, I will do my utter best.”

The black-clothed youth’s gaze was filled with resolution: “No matter how much pain, I am able to bear it. No matter how great the trouble I will overcome it!”

Lin Feng nodded his head: “If it’s like this then acknowledge me as your master, I will take you in.”

“I also have to acknowledge you as my master?” Xiao Yan was a bit hesitant.

Lin Feng said as a matter of factly: “Anyone who enters under my teaching I will definitely teach them my all. What I want is a successor, not a half-minded opportunist.”

Xiao Yan thought for a moment and then prepared to accept it.

Seeing him about to accept, Lin Feng’s heart instantly heated up. But closely afterwards he sensed a slightly familiar mana fluctuation approaching the lakeside.

Twisting his head and looking over, he saw petite, purple figure rapidly rushing over.

Yan Mingyue also discovered it, her gaze looking towards the purple figure together with Lin Feng. Xiao Yan followed their gazes and looked over, becoming slightly dazed: “It’s Zhener?

Lin Feng secretly frowned. At such a critical moment new problems unexpectedly cropping up is what he fears the most. Even if he covets Xiao Zhener’s talent, right now he doesn’t wish for her to get involved and bring about more variables to the matter of him taking in Xiao Yan as his disciple.

“I don’t wish to see other people. Go greet her and see what she wants, I will wait for you here.” Lin Feng said indisputably, directly ordering Xiao Yan to go and dismiss Xiao Zhener.

Xiao Yan looked at Lin Feng and then looked at Yan Mingyue at the side, in the end still nodding his head and heading towards Xiao Zhener, stopping her far away.

Lin Feng could feel Xiao Zhener’s surveying gaze sweeping towards him, but unsure of what excuse Xiao Yan used, he brought her and walked over towards a further area.

Yan Mingyue stared at Xiao Zhener’s back, her gaze filled with a radiant splendour: “The relationship between Xiao Yan and this Miss Zhener is extremely good, this could also be considered another fortuitous opportunity.”

Lin Feng knows that in these three years she’s been hiding in Xiao Yan’s ring the whole time, maybe she already discovered the abnormalities of Xiao Zhener.

“In this life, anybody that you meet is a type of opportunity, although whether or not it will affect your future is hard to say.” Lin Feng very casually said.

Yan Mingyue glanced at him: “Fellow daoist Lin’s opinion is somewhat similar to that of buddhism’s.”

Lin Feng smiled noncommittally, the majority of his concentration right now is all focused on the Heaven Cage Sigil in the ring.

He tried to use his own mana to grasp the principles of the Heaven Cage Sigil but was met with little success. Thinking of it it makes sense. if the Heaven Cage Sigil was so easy to see through then how could it become the Void Temple’s secret skill?

But for the current Lin Feng he has to crack and understand the principles of the Heaven Cage Sigil within a short period of time or else the remnant taotie spirit will reappear.

At that time Yan Mingyue will of course act to suppress it again, but Lin Feng will then have revealed his true situation. Naturally he won’t be able to continue acting like a sagely master and Xiao Yan this disciple already in his hands will also be lost.

While they were talking Xiao Budian was standing at the side the whole time well-behaved, but in the end he is still just child who is not even four years old yet. Very quickly his attention was attracted by a little red bird that flit over the lake.

The corner of Lin Feng’s eye swept over Xiao Budian who was restless, saying gruffly: “Go play by yourself, don’t run too far.”

“Thank you master!” Xiao Budian let out a cheer, stretching out his body and chasing after the little red bird.

Yan Mingyue’s eyes stared at Xiao Budian’s disappearing figure, exclaiming in a low voice: “And fellow daoist Lin says that it’s not easy finding disciples, the talent of this little disciple of yours is virtually unmatched in the world.”

“Besides one of my seniors I have never seen anyone able to reach the level of qi disciple level 4 at such a young age.”

Lin Feng smiled uncaringly: “Don’t say this in front of him, little kids cannot be praised. Once they start to get smug it’ll be difficult to scale them back.”

Lin Feng was secretly laughing in his heart. You the Void Temple may be filled with prodigious geniuses, but the current Xiao Budian has still yet to display his true talent.

If not for the fact that he was harmed by his clan brother, Xiao Budian is a person that was born at the foundation establishment stage.

Although the Void Temple’s mega pool of prodigies still makes Lin Feng incredibly red-eyed.

He used the talent probe in the system tools before to secretly test Yan Mingyue, but he only obtained one notice from the system.

“Target matches the criterion but already has a master, needs to abolish the current master-disciple relationship to be able to become the host’s disciple.”

Lin Feng said in his heart: “Looks like those already with a master cannot be taken as disciples, if I want to steal disciples than I first need to incite the person to betray their original school and then I can take them as a disciple.”

Yan Mingyue frowned slightly: “That seems to be a fire hummingbird, this kind of spiritual creature is very rare, before I’ve only seen them at the Blaze Sword Sect. I’ve never heard of fire hummingbirds in the Wuzhou region.”

Lin Feng was busy in the middle of studying the Heaven Cage Sigil, casually replying: “Maybe someone brought it over…”

Half way through his sentence Lin Feng’s voice abruptly stopped.

Dammit, it’s the Blaze Sword Sect!

……I am a dividing line……

“Little red birdy, don’t run!”

Xiao Budian chased after the little red bird from behind, passing though a little forest he saw the red little birdy land on the shoulder of a red-clothed person.

The person stood amongst a group of red-clothed people. A dozen people stood together, their mana surging and causing the area around them to be incredibly hot. Standing beside them was like standing beside the mouth of a volcano.

Amongst them two of the people had mana as deep as the sea, powerful and endless, they were foundation establishment stage cultivators.

And the red-haired old man with a fierce appearance at the very front, he looks calm but the pressure that he brings to Xiao Budian is even greater than all of the other people combined.

“Ah!” Even though Xiao Budian is little, he is a precocious child and his eyes are very sharp. With a glance he recognized one of the red-robed youths standing in the group of people, it was precisely that Blaze Sword Sect disciple that he left behind in the mountains.

This person was respectfully saying towards the red-haired old man: “Elder Li, this is this child that I saw.”

“You look everywhere but can’t find it, and then you turn around and it’s right there.” The red-haired old man sized up Xiao Budian, his gaze revealing a hint of astonishment, slowly nodding his head: “Excellent, excellent! Truly outstanding gift and talent.”

He walked over to Xiao Budian with big strides, bluntly saying: “Kid, come with me. From today onwards you are now a disciple of the Blaze Sword Sect!”

Xiao Budian blinked his eyes: “But old grandpa, I already have a master.”

Elder Li with his head of red-hair slightly cocked his eyebrows: “You don’t know how to behave kid, since I said you are a disciple of the Blaze Sword Sect, you are and can only be a disciple of the Blaze Sword Sect!”

“Old grandpa, I think it’s better if I go.” Xiao Budian retreated a few steps back, suddenly turning around and running away.

Elder Li let out a cold snort. A foundation establishment stage cultivator of the Blaze Sword Sect stood out beside him, extending his palm and opening it, his mana turned into boundless flames, directly detaining Xiao Budian below it like a massive cover.

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