History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 21: Enemy, Aurous Core Stage Cultivator

Boundless flames enveloped the entire area around Xiao Budian, leaving him without any path of retreat.

Xiao Budian shouted in anger: “You’re a bad person, I won’t go with you guys!”

The foundation establishment stage cultivator said with a frown: “A wild child from a mountain village, he doesn’t know what’s good for him. We the Blaze Sword Sect taking him in is his good fortune and he’s still here fooling around, it really is annoying.”

“Zhang Nan, just teach him a small lesson right now and teach him some manners, lest we return to the sect and he’s still making a fuss, it’s too shameful.”

The red-robed youth Zhang Nan that Xiao Budian first encountered responded and then walked over towards the fire barrier.

Looking at Xiao Budian Zhang Nan laughed coldly in his heart: “Little twerp, in the end you still land in my palms.” To begin with being ditched by Xiao Budian in the mountains made him extremely unhappy.

Right now seeing that Elder Li has decided to take in Xiao Budian as his disciple upon just meeting, Zhang Nan’s heart feels even more uncomfortable. In the past in his hometown he could be considered a renowned prodigy, but to enter into the Blaze Sword Sect he still had to go through great lengths.

And yet this little twerp that once screwed around with him was so easily taken in as a disciple, this made Zhang Nan who was originally narrow-minded envious and hateful.

The foundation establishment stage cultivator purposely opened a hole in the fire barrier in convenience for Zhang Nan to enter.

Seeing a gap finally appear in the fire barrier Xiao Budian immediately dashed forward, attempting to escape.

But Zhang Nan was waiting for this exact moment, taking a step forward he blocked Xiao Budian’s path. Xiao Budian yelled anxiously: “Move!”

“Stay inside like a good boy.” Zhang Nan let out a cold laugh, his palm pushing towards Xiao Budian’s chest.

The area of the gap is limited, Xiao Budian has no way to dodge and is forced to engage him, also thrusting his palm towards Zhang Nan.

Zhang Nan laughed coldly in his heart. He can see that even though Xiao Budian’s escape technique is refined, his level is after all only qi disciple level 4. Going head-on against him who is at qi disciple level 6 is asking to be burnt.

While thinking Zhang Nan suddenly saw Xiao Budian flip his palm, clasping his wrist. Turns out that Xiao Budian’s forward thrust was just feint, after grabbing hold of Zhang Nan his abnormal body strength fiercely exploded.

Before Zhang Nan even reacted he was thrown by Xiao Budian over his head, being heavily smashed into the ground like waving a hammer.

The group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators were all dazed, nobody thought that Xiao Budian was actually so fierce.

Seeing Xiao Budian about to escape out of the gap in the fire barrier after throwing over Zhang Nan, the foundation establishment stage cultivator that set up the fire barrier felt embarrassed. Letting out a cold snort his powerful mana instantly overwhelmed Xiao Budian.

Xiao Budian lay on the ground constantly struggling. He may be young but the strength of his body is incredibly powerful. Going nuts right now and letting out low roars he was like the cub of a savage beast.

The foundation establishment stage cultivator was blue in the face. He did not make a killing move and the result is that he actually has a slight feeling of being unable to suppress Xiao Budian.

At this time Zhang Nan came back around. Outside of the fire barrier the sound of laughter of his juniors and seniors travelled over, causing his face to turn red and his heart to be filled with a furious rage. Crawling back up he pounced onto Xiao Budian, slapping Xiao Budian in the head knocking Xiao Budian’s head into the ground.

Zhang Nan cursed in a low voice: “You little bastard, today I’ll teach you how to behave!” While speaking slap after slap landed on Xiao Budian’s body.

Xiao Budian felt the burning pain on his body but he did not cry and did not yell in pain, not letting out a single sound.

All because his master once told him: “When you are in a disadvantageous position, the more you submit the happier your enemy will be and the more intensely they will bully you. No matter what you lose in you cannot lose in vigour, you have to be strong and do everything possible to transform defeat into victory!”

Seeing Xiao Budian not only not surrender but instead struggle increasingly more, Zhang Nan’s ferociousness was aroused, his strength rising to the limit and chopping towards the back of Xiao Budian’s neck with his palm.


Just rushing over Lin Feng saw a scene in front of him that made his blood boil with anger, hurriedly letting out a loud shout like thunder exploding on the ground.

Accompanying the loud shout, a brilliant beam of Northern Aurora Mystic Light shot straight towards the fire barrier. Violent lightning directly shredded the fire barrier, causing it to turn into fiery meteors scattering all over the place.

The beam of lightning did not stop, striking towards Zhang Nan who was dumb as a wooden chicken.

Over at the side of the Blaze Sword Sect, a beam of light flashed in Elder Li’s eyes, he let out a cold snort: “You have the face to show off these parlour tricks?” Lifting up his hand and pointing with his finger, a beam of crimson red sword aura shot forward.

With just the least bit of difference from Zhang Nan, the crimson red sword aura stopped the Northern Aurora Mystic Light, shattering the lightning in mid-air.

Lin Feng’s pupils abruptly contracted: “Aurous core stage!”

The Northern Aurora Mystic Light is the strongest attack of the foundation establishment magic item the Northern Aurora Sword. Even with Lin Feng’s own level he is unable to use it and has to rely on the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade to be able to use it. It is equivalent to the full-powered attack of a peak foundation establishment stage cultivator and is Lin Feng’s strongest move.

From far away seeing the mana fluctuations of the fire barrier he knew that it was the ability of a foundation establishment stage cultivator. If he wants to save Xiao Budian he needs to first get rid of the fire barrier, which is why he let out a big move at the get go and sure enough he destroyed the fire barrier with one hit.

But now the Northern Aurora Mystic Light has been casually dispelled by that red-haired old man, Lin Feng’s heart also sank to the bottom with it.

Every stage of cultivation is a massive dividing line, a near insurmountable chasm for those of the mundane. Not mentioning that right now Lin Feng is only at qi disciple level 7, even if he successfully reaches foundation establishment, against Elder Li who is at the aurous core stage it would still be suicide for him.

There is simply no way to make up for such a great difference, the overwhelming difference in strength allows Elder Li to ignore all strategies and schemes, directly crushing Lin Feng.

Against a group of threatening Blaze Sword Sect cultivators, the cold sweat on Lin Feng’s back had already completely soaked his clothes.

“Master!” Lin Feng’s attack before was not entirely useless. The shockwaves of the collision between the crimson red sword aura and the Northern Aurora Mystic Light directly overturned Zhang Nan who was pressing on top of Xiao Budian. Xiao Budian struggled up, running over to Lin Feng.

But after taking just two steps his body abruptly paused, the next instant his body flew backwards landing in the hands of Elder Li, being held by the collar in mid-air by the red-haired old man.

Being grabbed by the old man Xiao Budian felt completely strengthless, he was unable to use any of his mana or strength.

Xiao Budian’s four limbs helplessly flailed in the air: “Let go of me, let go of me! You bad old geezer! Master, master, save me, master!”

Lin Feng was bitter in the mouth, forcing himself to become energetic and maintaining the appearance of his masterly demeanor. He stared coldly at the group of Blaze Sword Sect Cultivators: “The dignified Blaze Sword Sect, a member of the Nine Heavens Sword Alliance, actually bullying a little child?”

Elder Li laughed coldly: “You are but a mere wandering cultivator with a level of just peak foundation establishment, do you think you are qualified to parade your tongue in front of me?”

“This kid possesses outstanding talent, learning from you is practically like casting pearls before swine, a waste of his talent. Me taking him under the door of our sword sect is precisely to not waste his talent. It is his good fortune and luck, as for you…”

Elder Li curled his lips in disdain: “Today I’ve accepted a good disciple and am in a good mood, I’ll let you go, screw off as far as you can. From today onwards you’re not allowed to appear in front of me or else I’ll cut you down. I’d like to see who dares to speak wrong of me!”

He casually glanced at Lin Feng, and this is only because of Lin Feng’s Northern Aurora Mystic Light before or else he couldn’t even be bothered to take a look at Lin Feng.

But just this glance made Lin Feng feel like he had fallen through ice. An unprecedentedly strong sense of danger emerged in his heart.

He’d never felt himself to be so close to death, his life withering, his soul shattering.

An aurous core stage cultivator exerting his pressure on the body of a qi disciple level 7 cultivator, just this pressure alone is virtually enough to crush the entire body of the opponent.

Lin Feng’s finger moved, he had the impulse to clench his fists but he restrained himself at the first moment, becoming relaxed again.

Right now Lin Feng was having an internal battle with himself in his heart: “What should I do? Should I just endure it? The difference in strength is too great. If I fight I’ll definitely be killed by this old geezer.”

It’s true that he will be killed by the system if he does not complete the system task within one year and gather four disciples, but if he doesn’t step back today then he might be about to die right away.

“Ten years is not late for a gentleman’s revenge. I’ll first endure it for today and then in the future when my level is higher I’ll have this old geezer pay back twice as much. Knowing that you are no match and forcing yourself to fight is not bravery, it is stupidity…” Lin Feng constantly convinced himself in his heart, but when he came in contact with Xiao Budian’s clear eyes, he suddenly couldn’t keep on going.

The four year old child’s gaze did not have any fear or worry, only endless hope. It’s like he never worried that his master would be no match for the enemy and especially never thought that his master would abandon him.

Lin Feng’s two fists suddenly clenched tight, roaring in his heart: “Fuck it, if it’s an idiot than I’ll be one. I didn’t come over here to be someone’s bitch, why live if I live so worthlessly?”

Your birdy faces the sky if you die, if you don’t then long live forever, it’s just two words.

Do it!

Lin Feng’s action of clenching his fists was keenly sensed by Elder Li. He let out a cold laugh: “Looks like you’re suicidal, then I’ll fulfill your wish!”

One hand grabbing onto Xiao Budian, the fingers of his other hand came together like a sword. A dazzling fiery red sword aura started to gather and condense at the tip of his fingers.

Different from his juniors controlling flying swords, Elder Li had already completely refined his flying sword into a beam of blazing sword aura, human and sword as one. His strength is on an entirely different level.

The sword aura blazed like a flickering flame. He had yet to release it but it was already emitting waves of an incredibly terrifying aura.

In the surrounding hundreds of meters, all of the vegetation had already withered and the moisture was evaporated.

Lin Feng stood on the spot, the air the he breathed into his lungs was like it was about to burn up. Under the scorching environment he felt waves of dizziness, the sign of dehydration.

He could even see large amounts of steam like clouds and mist rise up from the little lake in the distance.

This is the terrifying strength of aurous core stage cultivators. Once Elder Li releases this attack it is enough to reduce to shambles the entire area around the little lake north of the city.

Lin Feng licked his chapped lips, right now he is the direct target of this sword.

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