History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 22: Start Up: New System Tool!

Against Elder Li’s upcoming terrifying offensive, Lin Feng took in a deep breath, completely fearless.

Since he’s already made his decision then there’s nothing to be afraid about.

Lin Feng took back the mana he was using to probe the Heaven Cage Sigil. Even if he’s gonna do it he’s not going to do it by brute force, but instead by taking advantage of everything that can be used. He already has a plan, that is to simply destroy the already crumbling Heaven Cage Sigil and release that remnant taotie soul.

What Yan Mingyue will do is very hard to judge. To face a terrifying aurous core stage cultivator alone, Lin Feng’s only option is to muddle the waters. Only under a situation of chaos does Lin Feng have a chance to fish in troubled waters with little risk.

Right after Lin Feng took back the mana from within the Heaven Cage Sigil, the long-forgotten system notification sound suddenly sounded in his head.

“Host failed self-analysis, does host wish to start up the system tool, the ability analyzer?”

Lin Feng subconsciously pressed “Yes”, the system immediately reacted: “System tool ability analyzer starting up.”

Up until right now, the Super Founder System has a total of three subsystems, the trading system, the lottery system and the disciple system.

Besides these there is also one system tool, the talent prober, specially used to probe the cultivating talent of the target using classifications of bone root, comprehension, will and blessing, creating a digitized summary.

And the effect of the newly unlocked ability analyzer is to help Lin Feng analyze a certain ability and resolve the principles of its structure. Its goal is to help Lin Feng grasp an ability within the shortest amount of time.

The ability analyzer also has its limits, the analysis requires a certain amount of time. For example the attack right now from the Blaze Sword Sect’s Elder Li, after his power releases the attack will be finished, in such a short period of time the ability analyzer is unable to analyze the ability that he is using.

Thus this system tool is mainly targeted towards formations and sigils these kinds of abilities that have a long-term effect and where the mana circulation exists for a long time.

Such as the Heaven Cage Sigil.

Without hesitation Lin Feng started up the ability analyzer and started analyzing the Heaven Cage Sigil.

At the same time a thought flashed across in his mind and he had a bold plan.

Making preparations in secret, on the appearance Lin Feng still looked as steady as a mountain, standing on the spot expressionless and calmly facing Elder Li’s attack that is part of the Blaze Sword Sect’s esoteric sword path “Meteor Ember Sword”.

… In appearance, his appearance right now could also be said to being scared out of his mind.

Zhang Nan laughed coldly, saying towards Xiao Budian: “Look closely, in front of we the Blaze Sword Sect that master of yours is just trash.”

Xiao Budian didn’t pay heed to Zhang Nan, his big eyes nervously staring at Lin Feng. With the mighty appearance of Elder Li’s sword skill the Meteor Ember Sword, Xiao Budian’s confidence was not so full.

Compared to the great momentum on Elder Li’s side, there isn’t the least bit of movement on Lin Feng’s side, making it hard for people to have confidence in him.

The opponent’s power increasingly grew and had already gradually reached its peak. Lin Feng was well aware that this Meteor Ember Sword of Elder Li’s in actuality does not require such a long charging time.

The reason that he is putting on such airs is not to frighten Lin Feng, in his eyes Lin Feng is already a dead man, the one he wants to frighten is Xiao Budian.

Elder Li wants to completely subdue Xiao Budian and let Xiao Budian recognize the massive gap between Lin Feng and the Blaze Sword Sect, making him experience the strength of the Blaze Sword Sect, thus causing him to willingly become his disciple.

Finally, Elder Li’s aura reached its peak, his index and middle fingers straightening together like a sword and pointing straight towards Lin Feng.

The burning fire at his fingertips exploded, turning into thousands of blazing sword aura, their long tails of fire flickering in the air like thousands of fire dragon roaring and charging forth, blotting out the sky and rushing towards Lin Feng.

For sword aura flying near the ground, the powerful force brought up in the process of flying directly plowed out deep grooves dozens of meters deep.

What kind of power is this?

Every beam of sword aura can destroy a small hill, every beam of sword aura is the same as the full powered attack of a foundation establishment stage cultivator, every beam is something that the current Lin Feng cannot withstand.

And right now there are hundreds of thousands of this kind of sword aura, blotting out the sky!

The areas that the sword aura passed through became scorched earth, at this moment the violent power shook all of Wuzhou City.

Xiao Budian opened his eyes wide: “Master, show them who’s boss!”

Elder Li who was grabbing on to him let out a cold snort: “Kid, open your eyes wide and look closely, this is the true ability of an immortal!”

Xiao Zhener and Xiao Yan were also startled and rushed over. Seeing the scenery of these thousands of sword aura shooting forward Xiao Yan’s expression changed greatly: “Aurous core stage cultivator!”

“Xiao ge-ge, this master of yours is probably a complete sham…” Xiao Zhener frowned while staring at Lin Feng who still did not have any reaction as if he was scared dumb, hesitating in her heart: “Should I save him?” (TL: Ge-ge, brother, but the way she says it is like how the Koreans say oppa, so I didn’t translate it and left it as ge-ge.)

Yan Mingyue was actually hiding at the side the whole time, all of her concentration was focused on Lin Feng: “If you’ve got any cards up your sleeves then it’s time to use them or else it’ll be too late.”

Everybody was looking with their breaths held, but right now Lin Feng who was at the heart of the storm only had one feeling, and that was hot.

Incomparable heat, like he was within a furnace and was about to be completely burnt into ashes.

His vision was a sea of fiery red, the dazzling crimson red sword aura caused him unable to keep his eyes open.

Lin Feng could already smell the scent of death.


Right when Elder Li released his sword Lin Feng’s mana surged, attacking from the inside and the outside with the taotie and forcefully smashing apart the Heaven Cage Sigil in the ring.

“I’m out! I’m finally out!”

“Yan Mingyue, if I don’t eat you my hatred cannot be quelled!”

“Eat! Eat! Eat!”

A piercing voice sounded non-stop in Lin Feng’s mind.

The ring in his palm was like a black hole, releasing a massive force of suction wanting to devour everything in the vicinity that it can come in contact with.

Lin Feng immediately felt his mana uncontrollably gush into the ring, rushing downwards like the flooding water after the dam breaks.

The hundreds of thousands of beams of sword aura in front were already near at hand, in addition there was also a black hole constantly devouring his mana. Beset by external and internal troubles Lin Feng’s face instead revealed a smile, quietly putting the ring on his finger.

Lin Feng flatly pushed his right arm forward, as if wanting to block the blazing fire rushing towards him.


All of the Blaze Sword Sect cultivators revealed an expression of disdain. A foundation establishment stage cultivator wanting to block an aurous core stage cultivator’s sword skill like this is practically inviting humiliation.

His only result is being burnt to ashes.

The group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators could virtually already see the first beam of sword aura attacking Lin Feng and slicing off his extended right hand, following is the second beam, the third beam…

Hundreds of thousands of beams of sword aura will shred him to pieces, and the sword aura will turn into blazing flames, turning to dust this tiny wandering cultivator that does not know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is.

What a perfect scene!

Elder Li and co. watched grinningly, but as time progressed all of their smiles froze on their faces.

What did they see?

Upon coming in contact with Lin Feng’s extended hand, Elder Li’s incomparably violent sword aura suddenly vanished out of sight.

That’s right, vanished, without any sound or trace.

There was no violent collision, no awe-inspiring aura, just silently vanishing out of sight like that.

Following, the second beam, the third beam… At this moment Lin Feng’s palm was like a bottomless abyss, silently and decisively devouring the hundreds of thousands of sword aura released by Elder Li’s Meteor Ember Sword.

The next instant, the lakeside was utterly silent. Both sides were still standing face to face, it was as if the Meteor Ember Sword that was enough to flatten the surrounding area for miles around had never appeared before.

Only the hot atmosphere that still remained in the air and the black, messy ground proved that it really did exist before.

In the deathly silent crowd a loud, crisp child’s voice suddenly rose up: “Master is amazing!”

It was precisely Xiao Budian, even though he’s being held in the air by the collar by Elder Li, the little guy was still gleefully cheering for Lin Feng.

“This is impossible!”

At this time the group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators finally reacted, bursting out in an uproar.

Elder Li especially had his bull eyes wide open staring at Lin Feng, his throat released heavy sounds of panting but he was unable to say any words.

Only until this moment did Lin Feng let out a breath of relief, his back was already completely soaked.

The force of attraction from within the ring on his finger became extremely weak, beside his ears the sound of the taotie’s whispers travelled over: “Delicious, so good! I’ve made back all of my losses these past few years… But I still want to keep eating!”

While speaking, Lin Feng felt the force of attraction within the ring become stronger again!

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