History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 23: Kid, Have You Messed Around Enough Yet?

From beginning to end the expression on Lin Feng’s face did not have any change, calmly and indifferently staring at the group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators in front.

A moment ago, this expression of his was considered by people as being scared dumb by Elder Li’s monstrous offensive.

But, after Elder Li’s menacing Meteor Ember Sword was dissolved into nothingness, everybody’s expression changed.

Elder Li’s crimson hair flew in the air, swinging his arms he threw Xiao Budian towards the Blaze Sword Sect cultivators behind him and then silently took great strides forward, walking towards Lin Feng.

Flipping his hand, endless flames spewed out from the red-haired elder’s palm. The next instant it then rapidly condensed, forming a dark red light sword in his palm.

The light sword looked plain and ordinary, only a dim luster circulated on the blade of the sword.

But the pressure that this light sword brought to Lin Feng was far greater than the Meteor Ember Sword before with its towering aura.

Because this time the old geezer has pulled out his trump card, his powerful mana was all gathered on this light sword, his power condensed to the extreme. The blazing fire mana did not have the slightest bit of leakage, instead it was still absorbing heat from from the air.

The originally hot and dry air cooled down at this moment. The group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators were all gathered together and naturally forming an endless heat, but right now it had also completely vanished.

It was not that they’d restrained their mana, but that even this heat was also absorbed by Elder Li’s light sword.

At this moment, the seemingly ordinary light sword faintly revealed a daunting power, an aura of destruction!

Lin Feng stared at the sword. He is certain that if he is struck once by the sword then he will not be enveloped by flames, there won’t even be a process of burning. He will be directly turned into ashes and dust, the instant that he is hit he will be vaporized by the violent heat.

If this sword lands in the little lake far-off, the tens of thousands of cubic meters of lake water will be instantly evaporated dry. If it lands on the walls of Wuzhou City, it can cut down half of Wuzhou City.

Elder Li who became serious did not say any more nonsense, the light sword in his hand heading straight for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood clearly that competing against reaction speed with this great aurous core stage cultivator is complete suicide, so when Elder Li pointed the sword towards him Lin Feng retracted back the right hand wearing the ring in front of his chest.

With the lesson of the Meteor Ember Sword before, the old geezer is definitely not going to disperse his power but will instead gather all of his strength and attack one point.

Lin Feng is gambling, gambling on Elder Li’s point of attack.

If he guesses wrong then even the ring cannot protect him, he will die for sure.

From the moment that Lin Feng decided not to retreat and resolutely confront the Blaze Sword Sect, he’d already known that he would be facing a near hopeless situation, but this instead stimulated his fighting spirit.

He wants to do his utmost best to plow open a path of survival.

At this moment Lin Feng’s heart had practically stopped beating.

At the same time, the red-haired elder had already vanished on the spot.

His speed was so fast that Elder Li had already arrived in front of him and Lin Feng could not even react, the dark red sword aura inches away.

Lin Feng roared wildly in his heart. He made the right bet, the sword aura is piercing straight towards his chest!

If he didn’t predict the enemy’s intention beforehand and take early action, Lin Feng would simply be unable to block this sure-kill sword.

But now everything is different, a powerful force of attraction exploded from within the ring, wildly devouring the mana contained in Elder Li’s sword aura.

Beside Lin Feng’s ears travelled over the furious roars of the taotie: “Maggot, you dare to use me? If I don’t die today I will definitely eat you!”

Right now Elder Li’s face was ghostly pale, he could feel that his mana was rapidly leaving him.

The taotie in the ring was going balls to the wall devouring Elder Li’s mana. On one side it was the the taotie itself being gluttonous, rather willing to be stuffed to death than to let go of the delicacy already at its mouth.

On the other side it’s that right now the taotie is already on thin ice. If it gives up at this moment then it will take the bullet for Lin Feng and will be the first to be eliminated by Elder Li’s light sword.

Elder Li’s speed is too fast, so much so that when everybody around could clearly see his movements, the light sword had already arrived at Lin Feng’s chest.

Right now the light sword is like a black hole, all light that goes into it disappears out of sight. When people look over they immediately feel mentally unstable, like their entire soul is about to be sucked within.

The Blaze Sword Sect cultivators all released a cheer of joy.

“How are you gonna survive this time?” The group of people ecstatically looked at Elder Li succeed, excited to the point that their eyes were red.

But after a moment their cheers of joy came to a screeching halt, all that remained was a faint echo that trembled in the air.

Because they shockingly discovered that Lin Feng who had been struck by the sword was actually still standing there perfectly fine, safe and sound.

On the contrary it was Elder Li’s light sword the was rapidly waning at a discernable rate.

Lin Feng still did not make any movements, calmly and casually standing on the spot. His entire body did not have the slightest mana fluctuations. His calm gaze looking at Elder Li was like looking at an entertaining clown.

The next instant Elder Li’s light sword disappeared, his forward thrusting arm still blankly stretching towards Lin Feng.

The elder’s face was full of shock, his head of red-hair that was originally dancing in the air like blazing flames had also lost its energy, dropping on his two shoulders.

He used all of his strength but it was as if the opponent did not care at all. At this moment Elder Li finally felt fear: “I screwed up, the height of this person’s level is completely out of my realm, it’s practically… Practically like a child facing a grown man.”

“Run, I have to run, everybody has to run, or else if we wait until he makes his move then we’ll all die!”

Right when Elder Li wanted to retreat, Lin Feng who did not say anything this whole time finally opened his mouth.”

“Kid, have you messed around enough yet?”

Lin Feng retracted his right hand at his chest and then re-extended it, his index and middle fingers also straightening together like a sword, forming a sword sign and thrusting towards Elder Li.

Only Lin Feng could hear the howling cries of the taotie within the ring: “I can’t take it, can’t take it!”

The crimson red sword aura that was devoured by the taotie is a condensation of an aurous core stage cultivator’s purest energy. At the moment the taotie is just a remnant soul, ultimately its appetite has its limits. Not only was it unable to devour this sword aura, it was instead seriously injured by the sword aura.

Without any other choice the taotie could only spit back out the sword aura.

“Since you’ve messed around enough then I have something to return to you.” Red light surged at Lin Feng’s fingertips and dark red sword aura identical to Elder Li’s from before appeared at his fingertips, shooting towards Elder Li!


Elder Li had an expression of disbelief, he had not time to evade it and was pierced straight through by Lin Feng.

The sword aura exploded in Elder Li’s body, violent fire mana wildly raged. Blazing flames spit out from Elder Li’s face, large amounts of fire essence poured out from the pores around his body, instantly burning away the clothes on his body.

The completely naked old geezer was ashamed and angry, but he did not dare to make any movements. Just like that he stood upright on the spot, circulating his mana and difficulty resisting the raging fire in his body. The slightest bit of carelessness and he will be burnt into charcoal.

Even Xiao Budian who had the most confidence in Lin Feng was currently staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of him. Only after a long while did he finally squeeze out a couple of words from his teeth: “Master is so strong!”

At this moment the group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators around him were all dumb as wooden chickens. Hearing his words they all couldn’t help but nod their heads. When they reacted over they all felt incredibly awkward, but they all stood there gazing at each other with nothing to say.

What did they see?

In this battle, from beginning to end Lin Feng never actually made a single move. Just standing on the spot unmoving, not blocking and not dodging, letting Elder Li play all of his cards and attack freely.

He did not use any abilities or skills and did fight using martial arts, just you hitting me and me not moving. When I become irritated I casually throw back your attack and directly put you on the ground!

Far-away Xiao Yan was also shocked speechless. The red-haired elder is a genuine aurous core stage cultivator and is moreover an aurous core stage cultivator of the Blaze Sword Sect this kind of big sect.

Before now the highest levelled cultivator that Xiao Yan had seen before was the leader of Wuzhou City, and he is also just at the aurous core level. Moreover he cannot compare to this Elder Li in front of him.

And yet it is precisely this kind of great cultivator who did not have any strength to fight back in front of Lin Feng.

If I am able to become his disciple…

Thinking there Xiao Yan felt a fire in his heart. He thought of three years later, the Celeritas Sword Sect and Murong Yanran, thought of the enemy that caused his father to be seriously injured and die.

Xiao Zhener also looked with a shocked expression at Lin Feng who still had an indifferent expression, a radiant light flashing in her eyes: “I also committed the fault of underestimating the people of the world, in this world the sky is truly not the limit.”

“Too bad my clan will not accept Xiao ge-ge, but if he can become this senior’s disciple then his future will also be very promising.”

Right now everybody at the scene was so shocked that they could not speak, only Lin Feng was as calm as usual. Lifting his eyes he looked towards the group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators, his gaze focusing on Xiao Budian in the crowd.

With this glance of his all of the Blaze Sword Sect cultivators felt a shudder, all of them retreating backwards. The surroundings around Xiao Budian instantly became an empty space.

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