History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 6: You’re Going to Get Screwed

Celeritas is apparently the latin word for speed and is what the “c” for the constant of the speed of light stands for. The name of the sword sect here translates to something like flowing light or the quick passage of time so yeah. Oh, and you guys have probably already noticed that the grammar here is considerably worse. Yeah, I have difficulties translating this but I’m working things out.

The young girl’s facial features are very outstanding and incredibly elegant, her entire body exudes a refined, cold and beautiful extraordinary aura.

On her tender ears there hangs green coloured jade pendants, while they shook they released a crisp jade ring, unexpectedly displaying a hint of delicacy…

From appearances Lin Feng looked like a simple young boy being taken away by the young girl’s beauty, slightly lowering his head in shame.

Actually he just doesn’t want people to see that his two eyes are both glowing.

Marriage annulment, this is the legendary marriage annulment that created countless overpowered people!

Beside the girl is a teenager with the same white robed clothing as her. He has a tall body and his face is handsome, the mana fluctuations circling around his body show that he possesses Qi Disciple level 10 strength.

The white-robed teen swept Lin Feng with his gaze and then did not look at him anymore, turning his eyes towards the rock that had been destroyed by Lin Feng using the Norther Aurora Sword and wrinkling his forehead: “We already rushed over as soon as possible, logically speaking the person shouldn’t have been able to leave on time.”

The girl shook her head: “If the person’s gone then that’s that.”

The white-robed youth suddenly used his mana to wrap his voice, speaking to the girl: “Yanran-shimei, they say that Xiao Yan is also a cultivating genius, only afterwards for some unknown reason he fell over becoming a piece of trash now?”

Murong Yanran was a bit unhappy, her eyebrows slightly wrinkling: “There’s an outsider here, let’s stop talking about this.” (TL: Mu (Moo) Rong (Roe-ng, yeah I don’t know what to put for that.), Yan (Yen), Ran (Ran). 慕容嫣然 click for google translate and press the speaker button for pronunciation.)

The white-robed youth lightly smiled: “It’s just a country boy, I’m using mana sound transmission, how could he possibly hear?”

Lin Feng stood on the spot unmoving blinking his eyes. He didn’t have the time to change into those taoist clothes and is still wearing a body of rough cloth clothes, he does indeed look like a mountain villager.

Hearing his words Murong Yanran shook her head: “Regardless if he is a genius or a loser I still have to go break off this engagement. Even grandfather cannot force me to marry a person that I’ve never seen before.”

Lin Feng’s expression became increasingly simple and honest, but his heart was already bursting with joy: “Awesome job woman! Just like this, not being moved by the outside world, steadfastly go and break off the marriage, I’ve got high hopes for you!”

Once a genius, now a loser, also a fiance coming over to break off the marriage and humiliate him… Holy crap, this is definitely xuanhuan main character level treatment.

Right now Lin Feng wanted to go look for that Xiao Yan right away. He’s finally understood, the system’s demands for disciples is absurdly high, probably only those legendary people blessed by the world, story protagonist level characters can enter its eyes.

Even though right now he is unable to prove it, but deducing from Xiao Budian, Lin Feng is 80% confident that Xiao Yan should match the system’s standards for approving disciples.

“Wait a sec, this kind of main character level OP little monster…”

Lin Feng suddenly thought, following Murong Yanran going over to break off the engagement, that Xiao Yan who is seemingly incredibly unlucky right now, he should most likely explode his inner cosmos after the marriage annulment.

Even though Lin Feng doesn’t know whether he is carrying an old grandpa around with him, or picked up a super god item outside, or maybe found a godly manual from the crappy books in his parents’ belongings…

Anyhow, as soon as Murong Yanren arrives and breaks off the engagement and Xiao Yan ignites his fighting spirit, it should then be time for him to turn things around.

Fish of the pond the golden carp they are not, dragons they do become when encounter they do a storm.

Only requiring a tiny little opportunity to help Xiao Yan get on the right track, using an old saying is having the wheels of fate start turning, and that kid will immediately become an unstoppable beast.

Lin Feng didn’t plan to change the final result of Xiao Yan becoming a beast, he just wants to change the process of him become a beast, making himself become that storm that spurs Xiao Yan to change from a golden carp to a dragon.

In other words, going to be the old grandpa for Xiao Yan.

But at the moment Xiao Budian’s matter still hasn’t been solved, Lin Feng can’t leave.

If I allow Murong Yanran to go break off the marriage right now and in the end let Xiao Yan call out a different old grandpa, then won’t it be none of my business anymore?

This marriage has to be cancelled, but it definitely can’t be now.

Thinking here, a thought appeared in his mind, a warm smile like the sun naturally appeared on his face.

The white-robed youth smiled saying: “If we can’t find the source of the mana fluctuation just now then forget it. We should rush over to the Xiao family in Wuzhou City as fast as possible, it’s still a long journey from here to Wuzhou City.

The white-robe old man that hadn’t spoken the entire time opened his mouth at this time saying: “Yanran, your talent is outstanding and your future cannot be measured. You are a core disciple of the Celeritas Sword Sect, you cannot waste time on a mundane human. But going over and breaking off a marriage is after all a disrespectful affair, remember to give that Xiao Yan some compensation.”

Murong Yanran and the white-robed youth nodded their heads saying: “In compliance with Elder Ye’s teachings.”

The white-robed old man Ye Ge nodded his head in satisfaction and then prepared to carry the two juniors on their journey, from beginning to end he treated Lin Feng like empty air.

Under the effect of the system, even Ye Ge who is at the Foundation Establishment level also did not see that Lin Feng is a cultivator.

At this time Lin Feng went over on his own, looking at the three people slightly in fear: “Three… These three masters, are you guys legendary sword celestials?” His expression was a just perfect 70% admiration and worship and 30% fear and timidness.

Murong Yanran slightly frowned, she did not speak.

The white-robed youth’s face revealed a haughty expression, lightly nodding his head: “What do you want?”

Lin Feng’s face revealed an expression of great joy, hurriedly saying: “In the village that I live in a demon has appeared. Please help us get rid of it, our entire village’s people will all be extremely grateful, please save us!”

The white-robed revealed a dismissive expression. Deserted wild mountains have lots of legends of demons and spirits, it cannot be taken seriously.

Lin Feng continued saying: “I saw it myself, the old peach tree that had originally been turn into charcoal by lightning suddenly grew out new branches and even blossomed beautiful peach blossoms…”

The white-robed youth waved his hands cutting him off: “Being rejuvenated during the spring isn’t really a rare thing.”

Lin Feng repeatedly nodded his head: “Right, right, you are correct, but those peach blossoms will kill people, they killed a lot of people!”

Murong Yanran and the white-robed youth looked at each other, finally becoming interested: “Tell me, how did the peach blossoms kill a lot of people?”

Lin Feng hurriedly explained the course of how the peach blossoms flew down from the tree sticking on the foreheads of people and then how the flower petals flew back to the tree after sucking people dry.

The white-robed youth’s eyebrows lifted up high. Hearing what Lin Feng described it does indeed seem like a peach tree becoming a demon and causing trouble. Being able to use flying flowers to kill people, this old peach tree has clearly already gained intelligence and grasped its own gifts and abilities.

This kind of demon has usually already formed a demon core, having value to kill it.

Murong Yanran’s eyebrows wrinkled, looking towards the white-robed elder Ye Ge: “Elder Ye, let’s just go, or else that tree demon could still kill even more people.”

Ye Ge stroked his long beard, and then consulted Lin Feng in detail about the general course of how the old peach tree killed people, patiently confirming every detail.

With a simple and honest face, Lin Feng patiently answered each of Ye Ge’s questions.

He wasn’t afraid of Ye Ge questioning because everything he said was true.

It’s just he left out a little tiny detail.

Lin Feng did not tell them that for the old peach tree, killing a Qi Disciple level 4 truth cultivator is also the same as killing an ant.

Ye Ge specially repeatedly asked about certain problems. After confirming that there were no mistakes to Lin Feng’s responses, he finally nodded his head: “In the first place destroying evil and protecting justice is the duty of we Celeritas Sword Sect’s cultivators. Encountering this tree demon today causing trouble we cannot leave it alone. Young man, lead the way.”

Lin Feng’s face was rejoiceful, profusely thanking them, in his heart he silently laughed: “Excellent!”

You three could not have come at a better time, just on time to help me go save my eldest disciple.

As the adversaries of my future second disciple, if I don’t screw you guys over then who would I?

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